There is a growing body of research that participation in The Arts can have enormous positive impacts on a young person’s self-esteem, creativity, and both their academic and personal success. It is for this reason that an Arts-rich education from an early age into adolescence is most important for development and self-expression.

Due to the content-laden nature of the Australian Curriculum, students do not often get the time in the study of The Arts to develop the many skills that enable high level achievement. Further, some students due to the nature of the academic subjects they wish to pursue cannot include some of the many wonderful offerings of The Arts into their course program.

Bayside Christian College aims to promote The Arts as a vital vehicle for self-expression, personal narrative, cultural awareness and storytelling, fitness, resilience and teamwork. Students are therefore given broad opportunities to participate in a variety of Co-curricular Arts programs including Instrumental, Band, Choir, Visual Arts and Dance.

The College offers Scholarships for both The Arts and our Marching Drumline!

Download the full range of co-curricular activities below: