We are delighted to be part of the Bayside Christian College School community and have been with the school for the past 3 years. Our children both started prep with Bayside and are now in grade 1 and 2. We initially chose the school because of our son’s medical condition and allergies. The school has gone above and beyond the duty of care with him and continue to work with us to create an even safer environment for all with allergies. With our second son, he experienced difficulties with his separation and again the school showed kindness, compassion, and dedication to work with him and continue to do so. Both my husband and myself feel heard and supported at the school and encourage anyone looking for a caring school environment to book an appointment.

Tina S

My daughter started her Bayside journey at Sunshine Kindy (located on Bayside Christian College Premises) in 2019. I loved the small numbers as you got to know the educators which made my daughter feel more relaxed and supported.

This flowed into her prep year at Bayside Christian College, which was seamless and welcoming.  The small class sizes and lovely classrooms personally decorated to the teacher’s individual style, was a very welcomed change to standard classroom settings.

We made the anxious and reluctant move to another college at the end of Prep ( due to the fact it was closer to home, and I thought they were more established to support my daughter’s thirst for knowledge).

This only lasted one term and then we went knocking back on Bayside’s door asking the new principal if there was a vacancy to return.  The new principal made us feel very welcome.

My daughter missed her friends, the lovely teachers, and gardens, and I missed the small class sizes and personalised care that came with that, and the free extracurricular activities after school.

As soon as I saw her friends run up to her on her first day back and hug her and any teacher/staff member that walked past knew her name, I couldn’t get the smile off my face, or her face. It will sound cheesy, but I really felt like I had come back home.

Recently my daughter said “I feel loved and like I belong there”. What more can a parent ask for? My daughter is in year 1 and loves the college and skips to class when I drop her off.

There are positive changes happening in the college under the direction of the new principal, who has made amazing progress since he started this year. I highly recommend a tour and you may just love the environment and atmosphere like we did.

Joanne M

The first thing that stood out to me about Bayside was that everybody was smiling, whether it was the Principal, Admin Staff or Teachers. My son hated school, arguing and making up excuses almost on a daily basis as to why he can’t go, stating he was dropping out at the end of Year 10! We arranged an interview with the Principal of Bayside Christian College and during that interview my son immediately stated he wanted to move to Bayside. This amazed me as he hated school yet was adamant he wanted to attend Bayside.

I have never experienced the care and support from any school, let alone a Principal, which I had attended or which my children have attended. He took my son under his wing and made what seemed impossible, possible. The care my son receives from all the staff is incredible. He loves going to school and has even said “Mum, I think I may stay on until the end of Year 12 or at least until halfway through Year 11.” In a very short 5 weeks of intensive support, my son has achieved a growth of approximately 18 months in Maths and English. Bayside goes out of their way with support, accommodating what my son is hoping to achieve, making so many opportunities and possibilities realistic to accomplish. I have said it before but wish to say it again, thank you Mr Grimes, thank you Bayside, for changing my son’s life, for your care and support and believing in him.

Marjo H

Our two daughters attend Bayside Christian College. One in year 11 the other year 7.

We have a very positive experience of the school. The principal is approachable and welcoming. We have found all the staff to be friendly and go above and beyond to support our daughters.

Bayside is a small school which for us was important. Our girls are getting a very good education and receive extra help with subjects they are struggling with through the Learning development team.

We are very impressed with Bayside Christian College, Queensland Education.

Jacqueline B