Never before have we needed so much from our education system. Young people are growing up in a period of unprecedented change, of such rapid increases in technology, of significant environmental challenges as a result of human activity, enormous financial challenges, and in a time of declining social values. In short, there has never been a greater need for holistic, Christ-centred education and for parents and schools to be in genuine partnership.

Show me the school a child attended, the teachers who cared for them, and the friends they made, and I will show you their future!

Our Junior School commences in Prep and continues through to Year 6. In these formative years, young people need direction, much support, guidance, care and opportunity for growth. They experience new situations, encounter new challenges, learn the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy, study all areas of the Australian curriculum, and then learn to apply their thinking to new settings, situations and areas of study.

This growth develops through a number of key phases:

Prep – Year 3:

A key period in which we aim to develop a sense of wonderment and curiosity in the world around them. Learning is engaging and fun. Through our Bible-informed emphasis, we help young people deal with conflict and build stronger friendships through understanding and acceptance. This approach builds personal skills and enable young people to navigate the complexity of the relationships they encounter.

Year 4 – 6

Young people seek independence and greater choice in what they do. Supporting their growth and identity, acknowledging and recognising their God given gifts, promotes a sense of achievement, of purpose and promotes a flourishing independence and responsibility. Our students are encouraged to apply their thinking to new situations, and to have confidence in themselves. This is an important time in which young people develop the capacity for greater responsibility, independent thought and leadership in a collaborative, Christ-centred environment.

While all schools are required to provide all the elements of the Australian Curriculum, it is their approach, their ability to cater for individual differences and the environment within the school that makes the difference. Simply put, not all schools are the same. Young people will never achieve their potential in an environment of disruption, low aspiration, poor behaviour, nor one of poor values or low behavioural expectations. This is where Bayside is different – we create the environment not only for exceptional learning possibilities, but for personal growth, personal development, and an awareness of sound morals, based on Christian principles to help young people make better choices.

It is the Bayside difference that will enable your child to not only thrive academically, but to grow with purpose, understanding, and with like-minded friends and families who will be there for them for life. Our school is truly the first step on a journey with Christ, a journey with meaning, a journey with genuine and lasting friendship, and one in which while they are prepared for all they will face beyond our gates, a journey in which they will never walk alone.