Research has shown that the most significant factor influencing the educational outcomes of a young person is the quality and effectiveness of the classroom teacher. We all know this… and can most likely those teachers who had a positive impact in our life more so than what subject or curriculum, area they taught. This is the impact of a teacher.

The College is highly selective in the staff appointed and is dedicated to their care, support and development. All staff participated in a Professional Growth and Development Plan, designed to encourage improved performance and new learning.

In addition to this program, many staff undertake further studies in specialist areas such as educational leadership, gifted and talented programs, differentiation, ICT integration, contemporary learning skills, the effective use of data and assessment strategies. These courses are designed to further the knowledge and skillsets of staff to enable them to be more effective in their roles.

Bayside Christian College is not only committed to be the school of choice for families and staff within the beautiful Hervey Bay region, but rather to be a school renowned for excellence in educational outcomes, a school with leading and most dedicated staff, and one in which our Christian character leads our actions and our purpose.

While our College aims to retain a smaller and more personal campus, we aim to be a truly outstanding Australian Christian School, and one that adds substance and learning to the National Education Agenda. Our journey has begun, and we hope that you will join us as we make our school a truly special place for everyone – a place where we all can belong!