We do not need research to know that people learn differently, at different rates, have different strengths and interests, and need different approaches to maximise learning opportunities.

Educational research however is important in describing in great detail what we already know and in making recommendations to educators about how to support learners and catering for individual differences.

Individual student differences are a result of a multitude of factors that impact upon their preferred learning style and the manner in which they evaluate their current understandings, incorporate new ideas and construct new learnings. We do not learn through a singular approach and need educators who are skilled at identifying techniques, methodologies and approaches to maximise the engagement of every learner, thereby making learning both visible and accessible to all.

This approach and understanding is necessary for every student, regardless of their current skills, if they are to continue to improve and develop. At Bayside Christian College, our staff are well-skilled in such approaches and look to maximise the learning of every student.

To support our classroom teachers, we also have a dedicated team of staff specifically appointed to enhance the learning of individual students by catering for individual needs. These staff assist classroom teachers to differentiate learning and provide structured advice to support the learning of individuals from those who struggle to understand the curriculum to those who need to be extended far beyond the reach of the current curriculum.

It is our care for every child that ensures that every child is known, and their needs met!