Principal’s Message

Words are powerful, and have the power to unite or divide, to promote communication or indeed deter from it, to share the stories and narratives of our past, and our hopes for the days  to come. I am often intrigued by our use of certain words and like to reflect on the words we choose to use. Do we offer these words after much consideration and thought? Do we truly mean them in the manner spoken? Or do we use specific terms loosely and not necessarily with their collectively accepted meaning?

The Oxford dictionary defines Community as follows:

  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common;
  2. a group of people living together and practising common ownership
  3. a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants;
  4. a body of nations or states unified by common interests;
  5. the people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities;
  6. denoting a worker or resource designed to serve the people of a particular area;
  7. the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common; or
  8. a similarity or identity.

Why do we seek community? Centuries ago, the development of the organised village (or community) allowed specialisation. No longer did we need to fend completely for ourselves, but we had those who defended the village, those who grew crops, those who managed the flocks, those who built homes, tended to specific trades such as pottery, carpentry, black-smithery  and since then, this specialisation has continued to extend. Just imagine how each one of us as individuals would cope if all cars stopped working tomorrow, or we no longer had power. We truly depend on so many others to get through our days in a modern society.

Education is an interesting service. We can choose to deliver this ourselves … homeschooling; we can choose to manage the provision and yet seek someone else to prepare the curriculum … distance education; we can choose to educate our children in an environment in which little parental interaction is sought or needed … State-based education; or we can choose to attend an independent school that has the values and beliefs we share, one that has the autonomy of governance to mandate and ensure high standards or behaviour, and one that seeks our engagement as partners in the education of our child—choice, choice, and choice!

To join the community of Bayside Christian College, it is not enough to do so because of the lower fees we offer; it is not enough to join us because we are closer to your home; it is not enough to join us because we are a smaller school than others. While these attributes may indeed be positives (and I believe they are) but attending here must be because you seek to join our community—a place where we share something in common. This commonality must be threefold:

  • to educate your child in a school in which all people are welcomed and respected; one in which a genuine partnership is sought with parents;
  • a willingness to explore your faith in Christ and have your child raised in an environment in which Christ’s teachings are the basis for a wholesome life;
  • a place in which we seek to promote and support all people – children and adults alike.

Sadly, there are times when I need to end the enrolment contract of a child, not because the child has behaved in a manner that prevents them from learning and growing, but rather the behaviour of the parent/guardian has been offensive or has behaved in a way intended to intimidate another person. There is no room in our College for anyone (staff, student, or parent) who behaves poorly. It is also interesting that it is often the presence of our high standards and expectations that bring people to our community, which is the very aspect of community they cannot live up to.

We welcome all families and potential staff members who seek these common beliefs and wants, but in doing so, hold them to account for their behaviour. Truth be told, the stance taken is the very one all should expect and want.

We do not want to be a College where you drop your kids off and leave, we seek the involvement of every parent. To this end, I encourage you to please get involved in some of the following social occasions:

Saturday March 2:
Family BBQ and Games Day, 2pm–5pm
Come along and meet other families.

Monday March 4:
Community Chapel, 6.30pm–7.30pm at Hervey Bay Baptist Church
Join us in prayer; encourage each other in our relationship with God; start a relationship with God.

Saturday March 9:
Men’s Breakfast 7.30am at the College
As men we sometimes struggle to connect with other men in a meaningful way. Come along to our first ever Men’s Breakfast—meet other men and form friendships to support each other.

Wednesday March 13:
Pizza and Plane Night (Mums and Children only)
6pm—come along and enjoy a fun night with your kids.

Wednesday March 20:
Pizza and Plane Night (Dads and Children only)
6pm—come along and enjoy a fun night with your kids.

The Community Chapel on March 4, is one that EVERY family should attend. If we seek community and that community is founded in our shared Christian beliefs, then to come together a few times a year to worship, sing hymns of praise, and pray together should not be a chore but truly desirable. It is an expectation that all students attend this evening and do so in their school uniform.

I encourage all to attend this Chapel and remind us that we must help create that which we seek. If you want our school to have strong values and beliefs then you must be a part of developing these values. This is found in communal worship and celebration, and so I hope to see you there.

Brian Grimes

Deputy Principal’s Message

Welcome to Week 6 of the school year! A busy time both in the classrooms and with upcoming events. Behind every event lies the hard work and dedication of our staff members, who strive tirelessly to ensure smooth operations and memorable experiences for our students. Numerous events await us in the upcoming fortnight, and your support contributes to its success. Without our parents and community members in attendance, how can we be united in the eyes of our children? After all, a thriving school relies on the collaboration and solid partnership between parents, the wider community and of course, the staff. It is through these events where we can come together to celebrate our shared love for the children in our care. Your support truly means a great deal to us, and I look forward to catching up with familiar faces and to meet our new families at these gatherings.

Class Merit Awards

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our Class Merit Awards at both our Junior and Senior School Assemblies. It is pleasing to see our teachers recognise the achievements of our students, not only academically but also in their personal growth and adherence to the values of our College. These awards serve as a celebration to the hard work and dedication displayed by our students each day. We invite parents to join us during our assemblies to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful students. The implementation of these awards also encourages community engagement, offering parents the opportunity to join us during these gatherings. We were delighted by the strong parental presence at our recent Junior School assembly and aspire to replicate this engagement in our Senior School Assemblies.

Drum Corps

Our Drum Corps group have been working hard during rehearsals over the past two weeks, and we are thrilled to welcome new members into our co-curricular group. To support our beginners’ practice at school and at home, we have invested in new drum pads and drumsticks. Not only are our students dedicated to rehearsing diligently at school, but they are also committed to working on their drumming skills at home. Their perseverance and efforts are commendable, and I am very proud of how they have started. We are certainly grateful and appreciative of Mr Len and Mr Graham, our dedicated drum coaches, for generously dedicating their time to nurture the growth and development of our students. If your child is interested in joining our growing Drum Corps group, please come and see me!

Bayside Barracudas

I had the privilege of observing some of our team members during their recent training session. Following various drills with the ball, they moved to the back oval for a rigorous run up and down ‘Carter Hill,’ a name they attribute to their coach, Brett Carter. During this exercise, they demonstrated unity and friendship by linking arms and running up for every ball they dropped, showcasing their commitment to teamwork and improvement.

We are thrilled to announce their upcoming game in the Bronco’s Cup, where our Barracudas will compete against Urangan at Stafford Park, Hervey Bay, on Wednesday 6th March. The Year 7/8 Boys will kick off their game at 4:15pm, followed by the Year 7/8 Girls at 5pm. Our Barracudas invest their time and effort wholeheartedly, training tirelessly before, during, and after school.

Your support and presence at their game would be immensely appreciated as we cheer on our Bayside Barracudas. Let us come together to rally behind our students, uplift our team and reinforce the bonds within our Bayside Community. I look forward to cheering on our Barracudas in unity and solidarity with you all!

Family BBQ and Games Afternoon: This Saturday March 2!

Our much-anticipated Family BBQ & Games Afternoon is only a few sleeps away on Saturday March 2, from 2-5pm. This event promises to have engaging activities and opportunities for our families to connect and create lasting memories together. And yes—our mischievous students and staff are still going ahead with the proposed activity called ‘Dunk the Principal and the Deputy!’ Will Mr Grimes and I rise to the challenge? You will have to be there to find out!

Community Chapel Service Monday  March 4, starting at 6:30 pm.

Our Community Chapel Service will be held at the Hervey Bay Baptist Church, located at 20 Nikenbah Dundowran Rd, Nikenbah. This gathering serves as a wonderful opportunity for our Bayside Family to assemble, engage in worship, and offer heartfelt gratitude to God for the continuous blessings gifted upon us.

As believers in Christ, we are called to worship God passionately and share the gospel with the world. It is my hope that we can come together and prioritise our shared faith by honouring God during our Community Chapel Service. It is through our efforts that the teachings of truth to many individuals will grow, and the increase of praises are offered to God. Let us fulfil our divine calling in God’s kingdom.

I look forward to coming together in worship and faith during this evening.

Men’s Breakfast: Celebrating Brotherhood on Saturday, 9 March, at 7:30am

Calling all gentlemen of Bayside Christian College! Save the date for the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 9th March, at 7:30am. A time to build connections and celebrate the bonds of brotherhood as fathers and men within our community.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore exhort one another, and build each other up, even as you also do.”

In a world that surrounds us with much negativity, this verse reminds us of the importance to encourage the disheartened and to build each other up. May our Lord help us to be vessels of encouragement in the lives of those around us; to fill hope into the hearts of others and reflect God’s love and grace in all we do. May our words and actions lift and support others up. When we come alongside each other as a community with intentional words of encouragement and love, we strengthen the body of Christ, drawing us closer to Him.

May God bless you and your families abundantly.

Edelle Broadhurst
Deputy Principal

Curriculum News

It is wonderful to see the teaching and learning that occurred on a daily basis during Weeks 1 to 5 at Bayside Christian College. Our teachers have been diligent following the Australian Curriculum and QCE systems, ensuring a strong academic foundation for all students. We are proud not only to impart knowledge but also instil Christian values in our ever-day lessons, creating a holistic learning environment.

Throughout these weeks, teachers of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 have been embedding NAPLAN style questions in their teaching to adequately prepare students for the upcoming assessment. On Tuesday 27th February, students participated in an online practice and preparation will continue for the tests that will occur on the 13th, 14th, 15th and 18th March as per the following schedule.

At the end of Term One, Prep to Year 10 will be issued with an interim report indicating their progress in each subject thus far. We encourage you to engage in discussion with your child about their achievements and challenges. Parents are invited to book a parent-teacher interview at the beginning of Term Two to discuss your child’s report with their teacher.

For our senior students in Years 11 and 12, the culmination of Units One and Three respectively, will result in the issuing of a full semester report at the end of Term One.

We are delighted to share the success of our 2023 Year 12 cohort. Each students has been awarded the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), a testament to the hard work of both the students and staff. Additionally, several students have achieved a pleasing ATAR and were offered their first of second QTAC choices for further studies in 2024.

As we progress through the academic year, we look forward to continued collaboration between teachers, students and parents to foster an environment of growth and achievement.

Noela Ensbey
(Director of Curriculum)

Message from the Head of Junior School

The beginning of a new term is always filled with anticipation, excitement, and perhaps a bit of nervousness for what lies ahead. Whether your child is starting their journey with us for the first time or returning to familiar classes, I want to assure you that our dedicated team of teachers are committed to providing an enriching and supportive learning environment where every child can thrive.

This term, we have a whole range of engaging activities, events, and educational opportunities planned to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and promote holistic development. From exciting classroom lessons to enriching co-curricular activities, there is something for every student to explore and enjoy. Our Junior School is a dynamic place full of happy children who are not only learning their academic subjects but are also busy with sport, art and music.

Curriculum in the Junior School is designed to meet the needs of all our students who have the potential, creativity and imagination. We have a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy in the Junior School and we pride ourselves therein.

Our children learn in a well-resourced and technology-rich environment that aims to satisfy the variety of different learning styles. Teachers are supported with programs designed for extending the gifted and consolidation for those that need extra help. Students who excel in their academic subjects are catered for in our Spinnaker Program.

The relationship between home and school are extremely important so we seek to create open lines of communication between parents and teachers via newsletters, Seesaw, our recent Open Doors evening, student diaries, email access and regular parent interviews. I invite parents and guardians to actively engage with us throughout the term. Whether you have questions, feedback, or simply want to stay informed about your child’s progress, our doors are always open, and we welcome your input and involvement.

Our talented teachers work tremendously hard to create dynamic units of work that immerse our students in their learning. They are supported by specialist teachers in a variety of areas that cater for their physical, emotional and creative needs. The overall feedback from parents and students suggests that Bayside Christian College is where students love coming to school.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to our incredible team of teachers, teacher aides and staff for their unwavering dedication and commitment to our students’ success. Together, we will make this term a memorable and rewarding experience for all.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. Here’s to a fantastic term filled with growth, learning, and endless possibilities!

Mrs Amanda Mulder
Head of Junior School

Year 1Q

In Year 1, we’ve been busy exploring the fascinating changes that happen in the sky during the day and night. Our young scientists have made some exciting discoveries! They’ve learned that clouds can look different, the sun lights up our day, and the moon graces our nights.

One of the highlights of our learning journey was discovering that the moon changes its appearance throughout the month. To visualize this, we used Oreo cookies and carefully carved out the phases of the moon using the cream. This hands-on activity not only engaged our students but also helped them understand the concept in a fun way! We’re looking forward to more exciting discoveries as we continue to explore the wonders of the sky.

Kyleigh Christiansen
Teacher 1Q

Year 1T

This term in class we have been having fun doing some hands on learning by playing Jenga with sight words, learning sounds and words by playing UNO, and reading words to see if they are real or non-sense words by using the sounds that we have learnt this term.

The children have settled in well and have progressed so much over the last few weeks. It has been fun getting to know them and share some laughs together.

Year 4T Science

This term in science the year 4s have been learning about forces. We have really enjoyed experimenting with push, pull and gravity in the last few weeks especially as we got to play ‘Keepy Uppy’ as part of our learning. We have increased our understanding of the effect different forces have on our lives. Over the next few weeks, as we continue to explore forces, we will also look back at our Week 1 thoughts and see how they have changed.

Suzanne Vallance
Teacher 4T

Lead Head of Faculty and Head of Sport

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.”

Alexandra K. Trenfor

Teaching is an ever-changing journey filled with joy and challenges. No student is the same, and no lesson is ever identical. Embarking on my 17th year brings, if not more passion than my very first years. The challenges continue to enable me to grow and respond to change. While sport is an integral part of life, the thrill of hosting sporting carnivals throughout the year brings such joy to witness the many achievements and goals attained by our young people. This week brings our first sporting carnival, the Secondary Swimming Carnival, and with it, more opportunities to grow and develop, and hopefully, create lifelong memories for students in the years to come.

This marks my seventh year at Bayside Christian College, a transformative journey that has nurtured my development in fundraising, organising sporting events, facilitating adventure camps, implementing significant curriculum changes, and providing leadership to others. I am thrilled to consistently keep you informed through our newsletters, highlighting significant updates, events, and positive changes within the secondary school. This communication will showcase the collaborative efforts of the Heads of Departments and improvements that contribute to the overall enhancement of our school.

Our Year 7 students are enjoying the addition of innovative and space-friendly furniture in their E block classrooms. The new setup, featuring desks and couches arranged in a semi-circle, ensures an inclusive learning environment where every student has an unobstructed view of the board. To enhance interactive learning, we will be installing new interactive whiteboards, fostering an engaging space that captures students’ interest. Breakout spaces, including a booth ideal for group activities, provide additional opportunities for collaborative learning. These improvements in our senior classrooms not only create a more engaging and educational atmosphere but also instill a sense of belonging among our students.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, students in Years 5-12 will receive feedback forms to anonymously share their insights with teachers. This valuable feedback loop allows students to communicate areas of teaching that could be enhanced or tailored to better suit their learning preferences. We highly value this process as a dynamic tool for growth and improvement in the realm of teaching and learning.

Teacher feedback from students is the compass guiding the educational journey. It not only illuminates the path to effective teaching but also empowers educators to create a transformative and student-centered learning environment. The invaluable insights gleaned from student feedback serve as a roadmap for continuous improvement, ensuring that teaching practices resonate with and positively impact every learner.

Belinda France

Lucas Mills – Football Achievement

It is with great joy that we extend our warmest congratulations to Lucas Mills for his exceptional achievement in securing a spot in the U16s Football squad, set to trial for Wide Bay in Bundaberg on March 1st. This is an extraordinary accomplishment, especially considering Lucas’s young age of just 12 years old.

Lucas’s talent and dedication to football have earned him this well-deserved opportunity, and we couldn’t be prouder of his success. Making it into the U16’s squad at such a young age speaks volumes about his skill and passion for the sport.

As Lucas gears up for the upcoming trials, we want to wish him the very best of luck.

Elizabeth Carpenter – Swimming Sensation

This Saturday, our talented swimmer, Elizabeth, showcased her dedication and skill at the Sunshine Coast Grammar competition. Eager to secure her third Australian Age Nationals qualifying time, she had already achieved remarkable results in the 50M and 200M Breaststroke events. The elusive 100M Breaststroke time was the final piece of the puzzle, and Elizabeth not only met but surpassed expectations with a personal best, shaving off an impressive 1.34 seconds.

Elizabeth’s outstanding performance has earned her a well-deserved spot at the Australian Age National Swimming Championships in April on the Gold Coast. She will compete against the country’s top swimmers, representing our school with pride and determination. Join us in congratulating Elizabeth on her remarkable achievements and wishing her continued success in the upcoming national championships!

Spotlight on VET – Australian Maritime College Visits Bayside Christian College

The Australian Maritime College (AMC) held a 30-minute information session on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024. They offered an engaging presentation to students showcasing Engineering, Logistics, and Seafaring university study and careers. Perfect for students in Years 9-12 interested in Maths, Science, Engineering, or Business-related subjects. They highlighted innovative projects like autonomous submarines and renewable energy, as well as lucrative career paths with high starting salaries and global opportunities.

During the session, students had the opportunity to hear about current AMC students who shared their experiences and insights into the industry. They also learned about the various pathways available at AMC, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees.

The AMC is known for its world-class facilities and industry connections, making it a top choice for those interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry. The session provided valuable information for students looking to explore their options and consider a future in engineering, logistics, or seafaring.

Overall, the session was a success in promoting the exciting opportunities available at the Australian Maritime College and inspiring students to consider a career in this dynamic and rewarding field.

Jenny Baker
Head of VET & Industry

Fraser Coast University Showcase Visits Bayside Christian College

Last week, the Fraser Coast University Showcase made a special visit to the senior students of Year 10, 11, and 12 at Bayside Christian College. The Showcase, designed for all 12 students, brought representatives from Queensland universities, TAFE Queensland, and the Australian Defence Force right to the school’s doorstep.

The purpose of the Showcase is to deliver course information, answer student questions, and provide a career market experience. This unique opportunity allows students to access a wide range of tertiary education providers in one place, giving them valuable preparation for life after high school.

During the hour-long visit, students were treated to a 30-minute engaging presentation on all aspects of going to university. They learned about tertiary pathways, how to apply, costs, accommodation options, and how to adapt to university life.

Following the presentation, students had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with each Showcase representative in a career market environment. This allowed them to gain further insight into their desired fields of study and future career prospects.

Overall, the Fraser Coast University Showcase provided valuable information and guidance to our senior students, helping to shape their ambitions for higher education and beyond.

Jenny Baker
Head of VET & Industry

Message from the Head of Mathematics

Greetings and we hope this newsletter finds you well and filled with the joy of the Lord. In this edition, we’re excited to share some highlights and insights from our department.

Update on AC9 in Maths

This year we have implemented the Australian Curriculum version 9 in Mathematics. The main change for our subject is that the strands have been split into 6 categories: Number, Algebra, Measurement, Space, Statistics and Probability. New content has been added, and there is a stronger focus on mastering modern technologies with new content including:

  • 3D coordinate systems in Year 8
  • Logarithmic scales in Year 10
  • “Networks” in Year 10
  • Creating probability simulations using computers in Years 8 through 10

Some topics have been removed, integrated, or relocated to different year levels. Our department worked diligently last year to prepare for this implementation, which includes providing new textbooks for the students.


As we approach the NAPLAN assessments, we have focused on preparing our Year 7 and 9 students for success. Through targeted review questions, practice exams, and support, we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills and confidence to do their best in the upcoming national assessment.

Problem-Solving Skills in Action

Our students have actively engaged in problem-solving activities both inside and outside the classroom. As they explore real-world applications of mathematics, our students continue to demonstrate creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking skills.

We encourage parents to actively engage with us in their child’s mathematical journey. Whether it’s discussing progress, exploring resources for additional support, or sharing insights, we believe that strong parent-teacher collaboration plays a crucial role in the academic success of our students.

As we continue to journey through the academic year, we are excited to see our students grow in their mathematical understanding and spiritual maturity.

Mrs Tarryn McKendrick
Head of Mathematics

News from 8T Mathematics – Mr Harry Monteith

Our Year 8T students are diving into the intricacies of calculating percentages of amounts and mastering the skill of expressing one quantity as a percentage of another. Through this lesson, they are developing essential mathematical skills and gaining a deeper understanding of how percentages play a vital role in everyday life. It’s an exciting journey of discovery for our young mathematicians!

News from 11 Math Method – Mrs Noela Ensbey

Term One in the 11 Maths Methods class has been action, action, action as students have discovered the graphs and characteristics of numerous polynomials and applied them to the real world. For their FIA1 assessment, they were required to choose a bridge and, using Desmos, Geogebra and Graphics Calculators, create a piecewise function to model their choice. Some of the results have been amazing.

Message from the Head of Science, ICT & Digital Technology

Greetings from the realm of Science, ICT, and Digital Technology! It’s been a whirlwind of excitement and discovery this term, and we’re thrilled to share some highlights with you.

Year 7 Science: Igniting the Spark of Scientific Curiosity

Our youngest scientists have taken their first steps into the world of laboratory science and experiments. Witnessing the awe and wonder on their faces as they acquire new skills, including earning their Bunsen burner licenses, has been a joy. We’re laying the foundation for a future filled with scientific inquiry and exploration.

Year 8 Science: Dive into Biological Marvels

Year 8 students have immersed themselves in the wonders of biological science. From mastering microscopes to exploring the human body systems, their hands-on learning has been remarkable. Creating working models of the lungs and engaging in organ dissections, they’re gaining a profound understanding of the intricate workings of biology.

Year 9 Science: Unveiling the Secrets of Life

Building on their biological science journey, Year 9 students have explored processes like photosynthesis, cellular respiration, fermentation, and homeostasis. It’s inspiring to see them unravel the mysteries of living organisms, fostering a deep appreciation for the complexities of the natural world.

Year 10 Science: Decoding Genetics and Evolution

Our Year 10 students are on a captivating journey into genetics and evolution. From extracting DNA to modelling Darwin’s theory of natural selection, they’re unravelling the threads that weave the tapestry of life’s diversity. It’s a thrilling exploration of the forces shaping our world.

Senior Science Endeavours

Our senior science students have been busy working on their student experiment assessments. From exploring pendulums in Physics, to investigating reaction rates in Chemistry, and examining the effects of ocean acidification on coral in Marine Science, each project reflects their dedication to scientific inquiry. Psychology students explored how meditation influences sleep patterns, while Biology enthusiasts delved into the impact of acidification on soil bacteria.

STEAM Elective: Unleashing Creativity and Innovation

Our STEAM elective is a hub of inspiration, challenging students to think critically and use technology and engineering in creative ways to tackle real-world problems. This term, the students have been set the exciting task of creating a working vending machine. As we speak, they are diligently working on their prototypes, showcasing some truly innovative designs. The anticipation is palpable, and we cannot wait to witness the results of their hard work and ingenuity.

Digital Technology Adventures

In the digital realm, our Year 7 and 8 Digital Technology students are exploring the fascinating world of virtual robotics. Through programming, they are learning to create virtual robots that can detect and interact with their environment, showcasing their emerging skills in coding and problem-solving.

Meanwhile, our Year 9 and 10 students have embarked on the creative journey of designing their own web-based interactive games. This endeavour not only hones their programming skills but also allows them to express their creativity in designing engaging and interactive digital experiences.

As we witness the progress of these projects, it’s evident that our students are not just learning about technology; they are becoming creators and innovators in their own right.

Forensic Science Adventures

In the world of Forensic Science, our students have delved into captivating studies, from arson investigation to crime scene processing and DNA analysis. They were also granted a firsthand look into the world of crime scene processing through a visit from Detective Acting Sergeant Daniel France. These hands-on experiences provide valuable insights into the intricacies of forensic investigation, cultivating critical thinking skills.

Year 9/10 Forensic Science: A Visit from Detective Acting Sergeant Daniel France

This week marked an exciting and educational experience for students enrolled in our Forensic Science course, as they had the privilege of hosting Detective Acting Sergeant Daniel France and Constable Holly Marriott. The visit provided a unique opportunity for students to delve into the intricacies of crime scene processing, gaining insights from an expert with years of valuable experience in the Major Crime Unit.

Detective France, known for his expertise in crime scene processing, shared his wealth of knowledge and practical insights with the eager students. The session covered various aspects of forensic science, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous work undertaken by professionals in the field. Helping students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, enhancing their understanding of the complexities involved in forensic investigations.

As our commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience, we are grateful for the willingness of Detective Acting Sergeant Daniel France and Constable Holly Marriott to contribute to the learning journey of our students. Their expertise and practical insights have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our Forensic Science course, empowering our students with a deeper understanding of the critical role forensic science plays in solving crimes.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Detective Acting Sergeant Daniel France and Constable Holly Marriott for their time, knowledge, and dedication to advancing the education of future forensic scientists. We look forward to more enriching experiences and collaborations that further enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

Oh No! The Chips!

Our Year 9/10 Forensic Science students were arson investigators this week. They watched as the curtains in their house caught fire from a lit candle. They then analysed the burn patterns to see if they could determine the site of ignition.

Year 7 Science

Year 7 Science students are building their inquiry skills this term. Here they are investigating the effects of adding salt to the boiling temperature of water.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our students, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth and exploration that lies ahead. Our commitment to fostering a passion for science and technology remains steadfast, and we can’t wait to see the discoveries our students will make in the coming months.

Mrs Bronwyn Ashton
Head of Science and Technology

Valentine’s Day Stall

Bayside’s Annual Valentines Day Stall was a huge success this year! Collectively, we raised almost $950 for our sponsor child, Arnik.

Thank you to the community for your support. We hope you got spoilt!

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Bayside Christian College offer students over the age of 14 (Years 9-12), the opportunity to engage with the international Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Award is a self-development program, is non-competitive and encourages young people to set and achieve goals at a level appropriate to their needs and aspirations.

This international award program has a focus on the development of personal skills, knowledge, and character, as well as challenging students to set and meet goals while forging qualities of strength, resolve and commitment. The Duke of Edinburgh program teaches life-long skills of organisation and time management. Students are challenged and often participate outside of their comfort zone, but this in turn develops character and instils in them a sense of adventure and the knowledge that they can achieve if they take the first step.

The program is run in over 130 countries and is available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Each level has four sections for students to complete, including: Skill, Service, Physical Recreation, and an Adventurous Journey. Additionally, the Gold has a fifth section of a residential project.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is entirely voluntary and is structured so that the participants can design their own unique program centred on their interests and passions.

It is an exciting self-development program available to young people, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their community and the world.

For more information visit

Download the brochure: Duke of Ed Brochure

Download the consent form: Duke of Ed Consent Form

Chess Champions

On Tuesday 20th February, 10 students travelled to St Mary’s Primary School in Maryborough to compete in the Wide Bay South Interschool Term 1 Chess Tournament, with Pastor Tim Eyschen and Mrs Wallace. They played eight rounds and had a wonderful time. Our senior team came 4th out of 9 teams, and our junior team came 12th out of 20 teams. Tayo Adelakun won 5 out of his 8 games and received a ribbon of merit. Other players came very close and hope to win one next time. Stay tuned for details about the Term 2 tournament if you would like to join us!