Bayside Christian College has a wonderful reputation and history of outstanding commitment to the education and development of young people in Hervey Bay. The College is focused on meeting the contemporary needs of our current and future students, preparing them for the world they live in, providing our society with the leaders of tomorrow, whilst developing a strong basis in faith and the appreciation of Christian Ministry.

We aim to provide opportunities throughout the College, for inspiring Christian character and developing leadership in our young men and women through their active participation in a wide range of educational experiences.

These opportunities are provided by a committed and professionally focused staff, who model the College Motto and espouse the Values so fundamental to our existence. Our College is truly one in which the concepts of excellence, care commitment and faith are not merely words, but rather a promise we make to each other. It is this reality and our belief in Christ that calls us to our purpose for each other in His service.

The Strategic Intent has at its very foundation our desire and dedication to fulfil the need for holistic (K-12) education in the Bible-informed, Christ-centred tradition of servant leadership, in a way that encourages, enables and supports our students to be the best possible version of themselves. From this foundation, stems our aspiration to ‘uncover the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge in a community of life-long learning’. We maintain our foundational belief of ‘One College, One Focus’ to ensure whole school strategies deliver a seamless transition and development throughout the College.

Our Strategic Intent document aims to celebrate our history and articulates our future directions in Teaching and Learning and Student Wellbeing, which are supported by our Goals for our Staff, our Community and our Assets and Resources. We welcome you on this journey and together look forward to an exciting future together in genuine community.

We believe in every student, every staff member and every parent sharing in those special moments that will forever remain a cherished memory of their time at Bayside Christian College. From our distinctive and beautiful grounds to our Christian Ministry and the welcome we share with each other, ours is a truly special community. One in which we genuinely care for all; one in which we welcome each other as brothers and sisters; and one in which our motto is so much more than mere words on a page.

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