Principal’s Message

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12: 2

Arrogance and self-righteousness are returning to our world, and at a most alarming pace. We see people claiming achievements as their own, and totally ignoring God’s hand in their work through his gifting and provision. Far worse than this, is the cruelty, the attacks, conflicts, and wars now in place in so many regions of our world. It is hard to truly connect with these atrocities, unless we have loved ones suffering there, as their reality is far from our shores. Nevertheless, we feel the pain, and can only imagine the disappointment God must have for so many of His creation.

While I make clear that the behaviours I will address in this article are not the same in their destructive powers as the conflicts noted, they are precursors to such a path.

There are people who have told me that my faith must be significant to believe in God given there is no proof of His existence. Their approach is not one of acknowledgement but rather of mocking. My response is that the proof of God’s existence is everywhere, it is in front of our very eyes, it enters our ears, and is within our beating heart. In fact, it takes a far greater faith to believe in evolution than in God!

The human body is made up of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All of these elements are found within the soil, our atmosphere or in both. To believe in evolution, proponents are stating (and often without realising it), that all of those elements, through random movements and collisions, formed the millions of different molecules that make up our body, and that they did so in such a way to form our blood, bone, skin, hair, heart, liver, bowel …  and then that these various body parts formed at the same time and then that these body parts were connected in such a way to enable connectivity, and ultimately life. Evolutionists then believe that we formed conscious thought, emotions, problem solving abilities — how? How did we form the electrical signals to enable any of this? I could go on and on. My training was in both industrial chemistry and biochemistry, and as such I understand the leap of faith that evolutionists are indeed making, but that they do so, without truly understanding what they are saying.

The reality is that those who believe in evolution, take a far greater leap of faith!!!

Our bodies are so complex that we could only have formed from an act of creation — any other argument is truly beyond any comprehension. When I have offered such thoughts to people, I have never had a single person defend evolution and the random development of molecules as a defence for our existence. So I am not convinced that people truly believe in evolution, but rather that it is the only argument that enables them to explain life without admitting and acknowledge that there is an all-powerful God who created us. More on this at another time!

We were designed and created with an order, a pre-ordained order that was given to all life. It had a purpose and a reason for existence. All that we had and could do was given to us, we did nothing of our own abilities but rather through the abilities we were given. Yet now we seem to believe that our achievements are ours alone, and that God had no place in what we do and achieve. This ignorance and position truly astounds me.

In defiance of the order so created, we choose to make our own rules. Some of these are inconsequential to that ordained, and some stand in direct opposition to it.

Our society is damaging children through our communication that they need to decide who they are. We are all, who we have been created to be. Our challenge should be in discovering the person we are and what purpose we have in front of us.

Childhood, adolescence and growing up was hard enough when I went through that phase, but now we ask children to decide whether they are male, female, non-binary, agender, aliagender, aporagender, bigender, dysphoric, demigender, gender apathetic and the list goes on and on and on and on. No wonder childhood is confusing, no wonder we see the challenges we do at these crucial ages, no wonder we see so much confusion, depression, and frustration in our children.

I think God’s plan — man and woman was just a little more eloquent!

The more we entertain such variations, the more we ask our children to examine these various ‘possibilities’ the more damage we do to them. God’s plan was male and female — simple, eloquent, and purposeful. What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? How we dress? How we view man and woman — this has been man’s creation and we must ask why do we need so many boxes?

Why is being a man or a woman so stereotyped that we now have the opportunity to say I am not a man because I do not fit in this box? It is also interesting that many forms of dysphoria reference the “sex or gender” assigned at birth. Is it not interesting to see the word “assigned” in this definition? If assigned, then by who? Also if “at birth” what changes magically occurred at that time that were not present at conception?

The more we develop new ways of attempting to define our world beyond creation, the more confusion and disorder we create, the more differences we allow to develop, the greater the number of conflicts we can now have, and the greater the focus we place on ourselves and not God.

There is a need for people to go back to basics … do you believe that the random movement of molecules and elements could form the millions of different molecules in our bodies, that they would randomly form such specific and different tissues and organs and that somehow all of these would connect in such a way that life was created? Or do you see the incredible complexity of our own bodies such that we could only exist through deliberate Creation?

If Creation, then one must agree that creation came with purpose and through this purpose Order. If Order was created and planned, then our attempts to ‘re-classify’ order is not in line with that intended, and only serves to disrupt that planned, and if so, then what damage are we doing?

We are falling victim to the further disruption of our world, personal rights as opposed to responsibilities, and ultimately our own wishes and the glorifying of ourselves, as opposed to our Creator. Consider the rapid decline in societal values and the corresponding increase in crime, the increase in segregation and individuality and the ignorance of acceptance, creation, and community. Our plan or God’s ? We need to choose and it really is that simple!

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12: 2

Brian Grimes

Deputy Principal’s Message

It has been wonderful to welcome all our students back for Term Two. I sincerely hope you had a fantastic break, enjoying time with family and your children. Term One brought us numerous blessings, including new students and families, along with various opportunities to come together as a community through our College events. Term Two will be just as busy and eventful, and we look forward to seeing you all throughout the term.

As we start a new term, I would like to highlight some important reminders. Recently, Mrs Emily Taylor, our Senior School Coordinator, and Mrs Amanda Mulder, our Head of Junior School, shared a reminder with our families regarding our Uniform Expectations at Bayside. We encourage you to review the Acceptable Standards of College Uniform by visiting the link: Thank you for your support in upholding these standards.

The significance of consistent school attendance is something I would like to emphasise with all our families. Parents are encouraged to promptly notify the school of any absences and provide the reason for absence. For students and families planning leave during term time, particularly if you are anticipating an absence of 5 consecutive days or more from the College, an application for an exemption must be submitted to our Principal/CEO, Mr Brian Grimes. The decision regarding your requested exemption will be based on the reason for absence and other relevant factors.

Missing school can result in missed assignments, social interactions, important lessons, or opportunities in co-curricular activities. In Australia, all school-age children are legally obliged to attend school daily. Bayside aims to work closely with parents to promote and support regular attendance for all our students.

If your child is facing challenges with regular school attendance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for additional support. We commit ourselves to assisting every child and addressing any obstacles that may affect their attendance. We appreciate you working with us to minimise disruptions to your child’s learning.

Easter Chapel & Grandparents and Special Friends Day

The Easter Chapel Service, Grandparents and Special Friends Day was a truly wonderful occasion to conclude Term One. Welcoming our Grandparents and Special Friends was made even more special as we gathered to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice during the Easter Chapel. The significant attendance and presence of all our guests were sincerely appreciated, not only by the Bayside staff but also for the students who were truly very happy to share this moment with their cherished guests. From classroom visits to the morning tea and ending the day with the lively Easter Hat Parade, every moment was a blessing. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet the individuals who hold such special place in our students’ lives.

Click here to scroll down and see photos.

Barracudas: Bronco’s Challenge Update

We could not be prouder of our boy’s and girl’s teams over the past fortnight. Both on and off the field, they have left us impressed, not just by their undefeated wins, but also their outstanding composure, maturity, teamwork and resilience through anything that comes their way. Last week, the boys won against Xavier Catholic College with a score of 46-4, while the girls took the lead, winning with a score of 16-4. Yesterday, our teams faced off against Aldridge State High School, with our boys securing a victory of 20-10 and our girls also taking the win with a score of 12-8. These results are evidence of the dedication and hard work of our players, coaches, and the support from our staff and parents. We send our thanks to all the parents and community members who continue to come out and cheer our teams on. Your support makes a world of difference and fuels our teams’ passion and determination.

Save the date for the next game scheduled for Week 3, Wednesday 1st May, at Stafford Park. Kick-off is at 4:15pm for the boys. Our girls get a well-deserved rest and have a bye week. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cheer Squad – The ‘BAYSIDE BELIEVERS’!

Exciting news! The Bayside Cheer Squad team is officially taking shape. After much thought, we have settled on a name for our group, the Bayside Believers! As ambassadors of our Christian values, our Bayside Believers will promote a positive light on our College, uplift and spread their message of unity, positivity and love for one another as God’s will for us. We are delighted to report that we have received an overwhelming response, with over 30 students expressing interest in joining our Cheer Squad. It is truly wonderful to see such enthusiasm and support from our students, both male and female. Mrs Sneath, Ms Petty and I are working closely together to organise the team. This week we are running auditions to form two teams. We appreciate your patience as we finalise groupings and logistics to ensure a smooth start. Our Bayside Believers Cheer Squad will engage students with a background or interest in dance and gymnastics, an opportunity to develop gross motor skills along with flexibility, coordination, agility and strength. In the meantime, our Barracudas are planning some exciting fundraisers to help us purchase our Cheer Squad uniforms and Poms. Stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved and support our Believers! We are incredibly excited to see what we will accomplish together as a team.


This week, we honour the memory of our Servicemen and Women who made the ultimate sacrifice. On Wednesday, the College will participate in an ANZAC Day Assembly. On Thursday, Bayside Christian College students from all year levels are invited to represent our school at the local ANZAC Day march and service, organised by the RSL. This invitation extends to all students from Prep to Year 12. Students are requested to meet staff no later than 8:30am on Thursday 25th April at the Hervey Bay RSL car park, where staff members will accompany them for the march. The schedule provided by the RSL is as follows: assemble in the RSL car park at 8:45am, stepping off to Freedom Park via Main Street at 9:15am, and the main service commencing in Freedom Park around 9:45am, concluding at approximately 11:00am. Students are required to wear their formal school uniform and hat, bring their own water bottle, and they may wear family medals to honour their involvement in serving our nation. During the service, two Senior Leaders will lay a wreath on behalf of our College, and our Drum Corps will lead our march. Parents can collect their child at the end of the service from Freedom Park, expected to conclude around 11:00am. All are encouraged to participate in this meaningful event. To help us prepare, please complete the Events invitation on Parent Lounge.

More information here.

JC Action Sports

We are excited to announce that JC Action Sports will be performing at our school on Friday 26 April. The performance will take place on the Basketball Court at 8:45 AM. Established in 2004, JC Action Sports is an extreme sports ministry specialising in Freestyle Motocross, Freestyle BMX, and skateboarding.

Their shows are heart-stopping and guaranteed to grab the attention of all students. JC Action Sports believes in the power of extreme sports to capture the attention of young people. They aim to use this platform to share the love, mercy, and salvation of Jesus Christ, bringing the good news of the gospel to our students.

More information and photos here.

School Photo Day

Next Tuesday 30 April, MSP Photography will be visiting Bayside to capture our school photos. Students should have already received an envelope containing information on how to order online as well as instructions for cash orders. It is important to adhere to our uniform expectations on this day, paying particular attention to jewellery, hair, and no makeup rules.

Deuteronomy 31:6Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid or scared of them, for the Lord your God himself is who goes with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you.

May we always be thankful for the enduring presence of God alongside us in every challenge we face. May He continue to guide our hearts and minds to support and comfort others in their time of need. May we be encouraged this fortnight to trust in God’s love for us, that He will protect us through all the obstacles we may encounter.

May God continue to bless you and your families abundantly.

Edelle Broadhurst
Deputy Principal

Head of Junior School Message

Welcome back, Junior School families! As we start another exciting term here at Bayside Christian College, I am thrilled to share some highlights and upcoming events with you all.

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to our incredible students, dedicated staff, and supportive parents for making the first term of the year a tremendous success. Together, we have navigated challenges, celebrated achievements, and laid the foundation for an enriching learning journey.

As we step into Term 2, our focus remains on providing a nurturing and dynamic environment where every child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Our dedicated teachers have been hard at work planning engaging lessons, attending a PD on the latest trends in the Mathematical world through a Firefly presentation, fostering a love for learning, and creating meaningful experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

This term promises to be filled with exciting opportunities for our students to explore, discover, and grow. From special events like the upcoming JC Action Sports performance, participating in the annual Anzac Day March where our school will be laying a wreath, celebrating Mothers with a Mother’s Day Assembly and high tea on May 10, entertaining the older generation at Care Haven and an action-packed camp at QCCC Mapleton with our Year 5 and 6 students. Add our continued emphasis on student well-being and character development and there is much to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

I encourage parents to stay connected and involved in their child’s education journey. Whether it’s through attending parent-teacher interviews, encouraging your child to do their best in the classroom, or participating in school events, your support plays a vital role in our school community.

A letter about uniform expectations was sent out in the first week of school. Thank you for adhering to the high uniform standards at our school. Please also refer to the uniform rules which can be found on the inside of your child’s diary.

As always, open communication is key, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me, teachers or any staff member if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback. We are here to support you every step of the way.

I am confident that Term 2 will be filled with growth, learning, and memorable experiences for our Junior School students. Together, let’s make it a term to remember!

In the words of Malcolm X – “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Wishing you all a fantastic start to Term 2!

Amanda Mulder
Head of Junior School

Senior School Coordinator’s Message

It has been so lovely to welcome our students back to Bayside for Term 2. Although the holidays provide a welcomed slower pace at times, it doesn’t feel quite right without the company of our students here at the College.

There is undoubtedly a feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air this term with the many events and programs that the students are looking forward to. Our Barracuda’s are eagerly awaiting their final games, our Cheer Squad auditions are nearly upon us, our Drum Corps are making their final preparations for ANZAC Day and our Year 10 are busy finalising their Work Experience plans.
I strongly believe that your experience at school is what you make it. If you take advantage of any opportunity provided to you and seek new challenges, you’ll amaze yourself with what you can achieve. You just have to be willing to have a go. In Term 2, I encourage all students to challenge themselves to try something new, whether embracing a new elective, competing in a new event at the athletics carnival or trying a new co-curricular club; put yourself out there, you may surprise yourself.

To ensure that students feel connected at school and with their peers, consistent attendance provides a foundation for this. We do ask that our parent body support our students by ensuring that our students are at school each day unless there is a legitimate medical or unavoidable reason. This is not only essential for ensuring that students can receive continuous education but also instills life skills such as punctuality, conflict resolution and resilience. If you do have an upcoming expected absence of 5 consecutive school days or more, a friendly reminder that an application for principal approval is required, and we ask that you complete this in a timely manner, prior to the absence. Remember that the Homeroom teacher is there to assist you with matters such as attendance so please reach out if you require assistance or support.

We are blessed to be part of the Bayside community and I am excited to celebrate our student’s achievements as the term progresses.

Emily Taylor
Senior School Coordinator

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Bayside Christian College

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to all mothers and mother figures to join us for a special assembly and morning tea at Bayside Christian College on Friday, May 10th. This event is dedicated to celebrating the invaluable role that mothers play in the lives of our children.

Mothers are the essential pillars of support and love as our children grow, and it is important to honour and appreciate them for their tireless devotion. The morning will commence with a whole school assembly on the basketball court at 8:45am, where we will gather to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable contributions of mothers. Following the assembly, we invite you to join us for a delightful morning tea near the school café. This will be a lovely opportunity for students to accompany their mothers and enjoy light refreshments together.

Please RSVP by Thursday 2 May via this link:

This gathering provides a wonderful occasion for our community of mothers to come together and celebrate their unique and cherished roles in the lives of their children. As it is beautifully written in Proverbs 31:28, “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” Let us come together to honour and praise the mothers among us who embody these words of wisdom.

We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the extraordinary mothers of our Bayside Christian College community.

ANZAC Day Service – Thursday 25 April 2024

ANZAC Day is nationally recognised as a day to pay respect to and acknowledge those Australian and New Zealand service men and women who served at war. There’s no greater way to honour our ANZACs – and all who followed in their footsteps than by attending an ANZAC Day service and keeping the ANZAC spirit alive.

Bayside Christian College students from all year levels are invited to represent Bayside Christian College at our local ANZAC Day march and service, organised by the local RSL. This invitation extends to all Bayside students from Prep to Year 12. Students will meet staff at 8:30am at the latest on Thursday 25 April 2024 at the RSL carpark. Staff members will meet students at the RSL car park and march with them.

The schedule provided by the RSL is as follows:

0845 Assemble in the RSL car parks, Pialba
0915 Step off to Freedom Park, Pialba via Main Street
0945 Approximately – Main service commences in Freedom Park
1100 Approximately – Main service concluded

Students are to wear their formal school uniform and hat, carrying their own water bottle. They may wear any medals that their family has to show their family involvement in protecting and serving our great nation.

Two of our Senior Leaders will be laying a wreath on behalf of the College. Our Drum Corps will also be in attendance. Parents may collect their child at the end of the service from Freedom Park, which we estimate may end around 11 am. Please note that the RSL has requested that parents do not “interfere with the marchers until after the service is completed”. Even though it is not mandatory for students attending the march and service to take part, but all are most welcome to support fellow students and remember our ANZACs at this special event.

Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day

3T had lots of lovely visitors this morning for Grandparents Day. We had grandparents visiting from the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Perth and even India. It was a truly special way to start the Easter weekend.

Book Fair is coming to Bayside!!!

What is Book Fair? Book Fair is a pop-up book shop from the Scholastic Book Company. It is a chance for students and parents to purchase affordable books from a range of different genres including picture books, graphic novels, non-fiction books, teen fiction books and the ever-popular diaries, posters, and stationery.

Every dollar spent at Book Fair gives the school Scholastic dollars to buy new books for our library. There will be lots of fun games, competitions and prizes leading up to book fair. Catch the Reading Bug at Book Fair. Hope to see you there!

Next Week Week 3 — Monday 29th April to Friday 3rd May
Mornings — 8:00—8:30am
Afternoons — 3:00—4:00pm
Where — School Library

Cash and EFTPOS will be available.

Collect a Container Competition Winners

A huge congrats to Year 4Q for taking out the top spot in the ‘Collect a Container Competition’ by collecting a whopping 1456 containers over four weeks. We’d like to extend a massive shoutout to Dominoes for generously supplying the pizza for our celebratory pizza party.

The students from Year 7 and 8 Service Learning have raised a total of $561.40 for charity. This money will be going to their chosen causes, making a real difference in our community. We’re incredibly proud of our students’ hard work and dedication, and we’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed and got involved in this worthy cause.

Explore Exciting Co-curricular Activities!

We are thrilled to present our vibrant co-curricular timetable, brimming with engaging activities for our students to participate in and enjoy! From arts and sports to academic clubs, there’s something for everyone.

To view and sign up for these exciting opportunities, please log in to the parent and student portal and navigate to the “Extra-curricular Sign-Up” section. We encourage all students to explore these programs, as they provide enriching experiences beyond the classroom.

It is essential for students to attend the activities they sign up for. In the event of unavoidable absence, please ensure they notify the respective teacher in charge. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your child’s school experience through our diverse co-curricular offerings. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.

Let’s make this semester full of exploration, growth, and fun through our co-curricular activities!

JC Action Sports to perform at the school

We are excited to announce that JC Action Sports will be performing at our school on April 26th. The performance will take place on the Basketball Court at 8:45 AM. Established in 2004, JC Action Sports is an extreme sports ministry specialising in Freestyle Motocross, Freestyle BMX, and skateboarding.

Their shows are heart-stopping, and guaranteed to grab the attention of all students. JC Action Sports believes in the power of extreme sports to capture the attention of young people. They aim to use this platform to share the love, mercy, and salvation of Jesus Christ, bringing the good news of the gospel to our students.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

7:30 — 8:30 AM: JC Action Sports setup on Basketball Courts
8:45 — 9:20 AM: Combined performance for Junior and Senior students
10:00 AM — 1:00 PM: JC Action Sports departure for Glendyne and return to Bayside at 1:00 PM
1:15 — 1:45 PM: JC Action Sports on the basketball court
1:45 — 2:25 PM: Session with Years 7, 8, and 9
2:25 — 3:10 PM: Session with Years 10, 11, and 12

We encourage all students to attend and experience this thrilling performance.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Bayside Christian College offer students over the age of 14 (Years 9-12), the opportunity to engage with the international Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Award is a self-development program, is non-competitive and encourages young people to set and achieve goals at a level appropriate to their needs and aspirations.

This international award program has a focus on the development of personal skills, knowledge, and character, as well as challenging students to set and meet goals while forging qualities of strength, resolve and commitment. The Duke of Edinburgh program teaches life-long skills of organisation and time management. Students are challenged and often participate outside of their comfort zone, but this in turn develops character and instils in them a sense of adventure and the knowledge that they can achieve if they take the first step.

The program is run in over 130 countries and is available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Each level has four sections for students to complete, including: Skill, Service, Physical Recreation, and an Adventurous Journey. Additionally, the Gold has a fifth section of a residential project.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is entirely voluntary and is structured so that the participants can design their own unique program centred on their interests and passions.

It is an exciting self-development program available to young people, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their community and the world.

For more information visit

Download the brochure: Duke of Ed Brochure

Download the consent form: Duke of Ed Consent Form

Athletics is Off and Running again!!!

Jack and Dylan Mitchell travelled to Brisbane during the holidays and competed in the LAQ State Championships. Dylan ran his first 200m under lights, managing to smash his PB with a 30.34 sec run. He then competed in the 100m, and even though he ran a great time of 14 sec, he just missed out on the finals due to a reoccurring knee injury.

Jack’s weekend started out with trepidation after sustaining a hamstring tear in his first race, the 200m, but somehow he still managed to follow up with a cracking PB of 12.12 sec in the 100m, jumped an extra 35 cm on his previous best in the long jump, and also came home with a silver medal for the 400m.

Congratulations must go to both boys for their incredible achievements and pushing through adversity to come out the other side victorious. Bayside is very proud.

District Soccer

Congratulations must go to Malakai Yeatman for making it to the Hervey Bay Soccer team. He will be training hard for the Wide Bay trials. Good luck to him.

Basketballer selected for the Hurricanes team

Matthew Collings in 7T was recently selected to represent the Hervey Bay Basketball Association as part of the U14 Division 1 Hurricanes team. On the 22-24th March they travelled to Rockhampton to compete in Round 1 of the Central Queensland Junior Basketball Competition. Over the course of the three day tournament the boys convincingly won all of their games against teams from Bundaberg, Gladstone and Rockhampton. The team will now compete in two more rounds of the competition in Bundaberg and Gladstone before heading to the State Championships in Cairns in June.

Elizabeth Carpenter Shines at Australian Age Nationals Championships

We are thrilled to share exciting news from our talented swimmer, Elizabeth Carpenter, who recently participated in the 2024 Australian Age Nationals Championships. Elizabeth’s performance at this prestigious event was nothing short of outstanding!

Competing against Australia’s top 15-year-old girls from across the nation, Elizabeth demonstrated remarkable skill and determination. She achieved a higher ranking than last year’s Nationals, securing a place in the top 40 swimmers nationwide in both the 50M Breaststroke and the 100M Breaststroke events.

Despite challenging conditions, including a headwind in the open-air pool at Southport, Elizabeth remained focused and determined. Her dedication paid off as she swam personal best times, surpassing expectations and showcasing her immense talent and resilience.

Elizabeth’s achievement is a testament to her hard work, commitment, and passion for swimming. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments and look forward to cheering her on as she continues to excel in her swimming journey.

Congratulations, Elizabeth, on this remarkable achievement! Your school community celebrates your success and is inspired by your determination and excellence in the pool. Keep shining bright!

Celebrating Dyshart’s Success at the National Swim Meet

We are thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of Dyshart from the recent National Swim meet, where he represented the Isis District Swim Club with remarkable dedication and skill.

Over the course of three days, Dyshart competed in five challenging events: the 50m and 100m breaststroke, and the 50m, 100m, and 200m freestyle. Impressively, he achieved personal bests in every heat and qualified for all five A Finals. Ultimately, he decided to compete in three finals: the 50m freestyle and breaststroke, and the 100m breaststroke.

In the finals, Dyshart demonstrated exceptional talent, securing 4th place in both the 50m and 100m breaststroke events. Notably, he narrowly missed out on 3rd place in the 50m breaststroke by just 7 Multiclass points. Additionally, he achieved another personal best in the 50m freestyle final.

Dyshart’s individual success also had a positive impact on the Isis District Swim Club’s standings nationally. Despite being the sole representative from Isis, he helped the club secure 70th place out of 105 clubs overall. When combining results from able-bodied athletes and Multiclass athletes, Isis ranked an impressive 155th out of 239 clubs.

In recognition of his outstanding performance, Dyshart has now set 8 Swimming Queensland records for both Open and 15-year-old boys in his S19 classification.

We commend Dyshart not only for his remarkable athletic achievements but also for his resilience and sportsmanship throughout the competition. Despite facing the disappointment of narrowly missing podium positions, Dyshart remained focused and determined, continuously improving his personal bests. It is worth noting that he accomplished this feat without his coach physically present at the meet, relying on remote support via text messages—a testament to his dedication and self-motivation.

Join us in celebrating Dyshart’s accomplishments and the positive impact he has had on our swimming community. We look forward to witnessing his continued success and growth in the pool!

Turning set backs into strides — Cross Country Update

It was unfortunate that this year’s 10-18 Years Cross Country Carnival was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Despite this setback, our resilient students participated in a modified format right here at school, aiming to qualify for the upcoming district carnival in May.

It was inspiring to witness our students’ determination as they competed for coveted positions on the Bayside Team. The reduced-distance races saw impressive sprint finishes and showcased the commitment of those who braved the elements.

We are proud of the students who have been selected to represent our school at the district carnival on Tuesday, May 7th. They will vie for a spot on the Wide Bay team, competing against peers in schools from across the region.

We extend our best wishes to all students participating in the district carnival and offer a heartfelt congratulations to those who competed in our school selection races. Your dedication and sportsmanship are commendable!

Cross Country Champions 2024

10yrs Girls
Imogine Derbyshire
10yrs Girls
Lilly Hamilton
10yrs Girls
Aisha Townsend
10yrs Boys
Jax Glassick
10yrs Boys
Seth Ruhle
10yrs Boys
Noah Crocker
11yrs Girls
Alira Mahoney
11yrs Girls
Rhani Heremia-Green
11yrs Girls
Bethany Neumann
11yrs Boys
Antonio Firouzfar
11yrs Boys
Lincoln Hope
11yrs Boys
Hunter Hartley
12yrs Girls
Sophie France
12yrs Girls
Bella Ryan
12yrs Girls
Anika Webster
12yrs Boys
Dylan Mitchell
12yrs Boys
Ben Barkley
12yrs Boys
Hunter Bush
13yrs Boys
Dezsyre Mackey
13yrs Boys
Chase Richardson
13yrs Boys
Harry Saunders
14yrs Girls
Lilly Sloan
14yrs Boys
Sam Wheeler
15yrs Girls
Violet Atkinson
15yrs Girls
Isabelle Wyld
15yrs Boys
Cale Sneath
15yrs Boys
Tyler Mulhall
15yrs Boys
Athan Bekos
16yrs Girls
Ruby Burge
16yrs Boys
Rory Sloan
16yrs Boys
Fletcher Cox
16yrs Boys
Jaxon Richardson
17yrs Boys
Jack Mitchell
17yrs Boys
Caleb Castle

Food Technology Grades 7/8 and 9/10

As we step into the new elective subjects in Grades 7 — 10 I am excited to introduce our budding chefs to the world of culinary delights through our Food Technology program. Cooking and designing delicious dishes isn’t just about mixing ingredients; it’s also about understanding the importance of safety in the kitchen. Therefore, before our students delve into the realm of flavours and textures, they will undergo comprehensive safety training to ensure a secure and enjoyable cooking experience. Through safety training, they will learn about proper handling of kitchen equipment, safe food preparation techniques, and the importance of hygiene in a culinary environment. This knowledge not only ensures their well-being but also sets the stage for successful experimentation and innovation in the kitchen.

I understand that each student has their own unique strengths and interests. Therefore, our Food Technology program offers a diverse range of activities to cater to individual preferences. Our Year 7 and 8 Food Technology program will be looking into healthy take away food and students will be designing a healthy “Fake” away item. Our Year 9 and 10 students will be exploring foods with an Italian theme, including making pasta, designing pizza, and creating an Italian Banquet.

I am thrilled to embark on this culinary journey with our students and look forward to witnessing their growth and achievements in the kitchen.

Music to the Ears

Many students from schools across this region went on to study music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. If your family has a student learning an instrument or enjoys singing in the school choir, we are excited to announce that The Queensland Conservatorium of Music has chosen this region for a 3-year partnership with the Maryborough Regional Arts Council and the Brolga Theatre.

The Arts Council approached the QLD Conservatorium to make their concerts accessible to this region as well as to provide workshops and masterclasses in the future for schools, music teachers, community musicians and singers.

The 2024 Queensland Conservatorium program includes:

Sunday 5th May (3pm) – Val Machin Opera Scenes with 40 young classically trained singers and a chamber orchestra of 20 musicians, this performance brings to life the operatic works of Mozart, Rossini and Leoncavallo, including scenes from The Magic Flute, An Italian Girl in Algiers and Pagliacci. There will be a presentation before the concert by the Opera Director explaining opera and the performance. Afterwards tickets holders can mingle with the Conservatorium performers and staff.

Sunday 8th September – Conservatorium Brass Band conducted by the nationally renowned Howard Taylor.

Sunday 20th October – Queensland Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra, conducted by world-famous Maestro Johannes Fritzsch.

Tickets for the Opera are now on sale at the Brolga Theatre website  ($20 – students, $40 – adults, $30 Arts Council Members).

Come and give the Queensland Conservatorium students and staff a big warm welcome and be amazed by the talent of our future music performers and teachers. The Arts Council will also be gauging interest in future planned workshops and masterclasses.

Contact Information:

Gillian French
President – Maryborough Regional Arts Council Inc.
Tel: 0478 316 814

“Plane” English in 4Q

This term in English, Year 4 are learning about writing procedural texts. In class, we followed a verbal procedural text to create our very own paper aeroplanes. The students had lots of fun comparing the results of following the same procedure, discussing improvements to the procedure that would create further clarity in the instructions, and testing their plane’s flying abilities!