Teamwork, participation, community, a sense of unity and of family are essential elements of the Bayside House system. All staff members and all students are allocated to one of our four Houses – Burrows, Chisolm, Johnson, or Stace … and these become an extended family for their time at our College.

The Bayside Christian College House system:

  • Supports students by creating a community within a community;
  • A sense of unity;
  • Provides opportunities for closer relationships between students in the Junior and Senior School and allows for the mentoring of Junior students by their House Leaders;
  • Provides leadership opportunities for students; and
  • Encourages healthy competition and avenues for personal challenge.

All staff and students wear their House colours on each Wednesday of the school year in a display of support for their House.

The Houses compete against each other in a variety of activities including Athletics, Swimming, X-Country, Academic activities and in The Arts. Through active participation, students gain valuable points for their House throughout the year towards the prestigious House Shield, which is presented at the Final Presentation Ceremony of the year.

The Bayside Christian College Houses take their patrons from prominent Christians in Australian history. Each patron carried strong values and character traits prominent and important to the identity of each House. Click on the following buttons to learn more about each House: