Message From the Principal

Dear Parents

The end of the Term is almost upon us, and I am truly amazed about how quick this Term has gone. Every day we have 1440 min available to us, the same time every day, the same time we had last year and the year before that, but our life seems to be moving at an increasingly hectic space. There is a far greater need for us all to say “stop” and take a breath to be with family, to be by ourselves, and to be with God.

We are all different and not all experiences are the same, but when I go to Church, I feel more connected to God. Not that I need to go to Church to do this, but when there, I listen to the preacher, I am challenged, they make me reflect on the choices I make, my behaviour and my thinking, but more importantly, I feel connected and encouraged by others who likewise attend to worship. This is truly a wonderful experience, and it is heartwarming to feel so connected to fellow believers.

Attendance can however, also be a source of confusion, as I see people who seem far more at peace in their heart than I am. There is one lady who gets so much joy in our worship that she dances during the hymns, others who just look like they are so strong in their faith that they have this unbelievable level of peace and love in their heart. I look at these people and ask myself am I failing in my relationship with God, because I do not feel the same?

Like our own academic journey or the development of any skill, or indeed the relationship we have with others, our relationship with God, develops over time and requires that we put effort into and commit to the relationship. The difference in our relationship with God, is that it does not require two people to both commit, as God has already done this, He is only waiting on us.

Easter is a time for us to recognise this extraordinary love. Christ died for all of us, not some of us, but for all of us, and all we are asked to do is to accept him as our Saviour. When we think of how people often treat us, even those close to us, it is hard to come to grips with this extraordinary love, and I believe that our ability to come to terms with this, prevents some in believing in Christ.

Christ did die for us. He loves us in a way we cannot truly fathom. With Easter only days away, there is great sadness as we remember how he was victimised, and then put to death by the very people He came to save, but then great joy as He overcame death and with this, He offers each of us eternal life with Him.

I hope that this Easter will be a time in which faith will be renewed, but I pray that for the many families who do not attend Church, that they will consider attending an Easter Service at a local Church. How can we judge something if we have not attended? How can we deny the existence of something we have not truly talked about or considered deeply? How can we deny the existence of God when we look at the complexity and beauty of life all around us?

Our world is broken, wars abound, cruelty and evil exist everywhere, families suffer from the lack of money, food, and the basics, and we see selfishness and greed all around us. These are extraordinary times and hope may seem an elusive concept. But there is hope, and it is found in the little things, the kindness we show each other, the word of thanks or appreciation, that letter of kindness — goodness does exist, and in the communion of believers.

In all we do, I pray that at this time of renewal, this time of encouragement, that we can keep our hearts open for signs of hope, understanding, joy, peace, and love, and that we may be all these to another. I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter.

Brian Grimes

Message from the Deputy Principal

It is incredible to think that we are already in Week 10 and how quickly these weeks have flown by. As we find ourselves in the final stretch of Term One, I reflect on the blessings we received in our College. I am thankful for the numerous community events that have provided opportunities for us to come together and support one another. Your presence and participation have truly made a difference, and I am sincerely thankful for your continued support.

At the beginning of the term, we set an important goal — to build a sense of unity and belonging within our Bayside family through improved community engagement. We prayed earnestly for our community to grow stronger. Our hope was for our students to witness the united partnership between parents and staff through our attendance at community events and gatherings. Through patience, perseverance, and the power of prayer, I am delighted to say that with your support, we have made wonderful progress towards achieving this goal.

Pizza and Plane Nights

Pizza and Plane Night was a first for Bayside, thanks to our Chaplain, Chappy Karl’s great idea. It aimed to strengthen the bonds between parents and children through the simple joy of making paper planes together. Chappy imagined a gathering where mothers could build connections with other mothers and fathers could come together and bond with fellow fathers. I am truly grateful for Chappy’s event, as it prompted me to set aside time to make paper planes with my son. Though my plane-making skills may not have been top-notch, and despite not winning the trophy, the event brought us closer together, creating memories that I will forever treasure. A sincere thank you to everyone who joined us and played a part in making the night a success. Your presence is appreciated, and I hope you had as much fun with your children as I did. Chappy Karl, your commitment to uniting our community is truly wonderful. Who could have imagined that Pizza and Paper Planes would be such a hit?

Barracudas: Bronco’s Challenge Update

We could not be prouder of our boy’s and girl’s teams over the past fortnight. Both on and off the field, they have left us impressed, not just by their wins, but also their outstanding teamwork, leadership, maturity, and spirit. The boys won against Xavier Catholic College with a score of 32-0, while the girls versed Hervey Bay High School winning with a score of 32-12. These results are evidence of the dedication and hard work of our players, coaches, and the support from our staff and parents. We send our thanks to all the parents and community members who continue to come out and cheer our teams on. Your support makes a world of difference and fuels our teams’ passion and determination.

Save the date for the next game scheduled for Week 1, Wednesday 17th April, at Stafford Park. Kick-off is at 4:15pm for the boys and 5:00pm for the girls. We look forward to seeing you there!

Boys Game 2 photos HERE!

Many thanks to the Barracudas Platinum Sponsor

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Barracudas: Hopgood Cup

Our youngest Barracudas, alongside other students from Year 5 and 6, showcased exceptional talent during the Hopgood Cup held at Stafford Park last week. Their performances were outstanding, securing convincing wins in all their matches. The final showdown against Sandy Straits saw our students leave with a score of 22-4, bringing home the Cup!

Here are the results: 28-0 vs Star of The Sea; 22-10 vs Sandy Straits. In the final, they walked away with a 22-4 win against Kawungan. Congratulations to all our players for their incredible achievement!


We are proud of the efforts and resilience shown by our students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 as they completed their NAPLAN assessments. A sincere thank you to Mrs Ensbey and Mrs Mulder for their work in ensuring smooth administration of NAPLAN this term. Mrs Mulder went above and beyond by preparing a delightful spread of fruits, muffins, and other sweet treats for our students to enjoy before their assessments. It is gestures like these that truly highlight the care and consideration our teachers have for our students’ well-being. In addition to providing delicious treats, Mrs Mulder also distributed special gifts to the students, reminding them to “show what they know, and they will glow.” These meaningful gestures show the genuine care and support our staff have for our students. We are very grateful for the dedication and thoughtfulness of our teachers, and we hope it leave a lasting impression on our students, reinforcing how much we value and care for them.

Drum Corps

Over the past two weeks, we have welcomed two new members, Johnny and Jonah, to our Drum Corps group. We are thrilled to have them join us and proud to see our team growing. Our beginners’ group have been putting in a tremendous amount of effort during rehearsals, and it has been incredible to see how far they have come since they first started. Meanwhile, our senior Drum Corps members have been hard at work rehearsing for the upcoming ANZAC Day march. We are eagerly anticipating their performance and we cannot wait to see what they achieve.

Cheer Squad

Exciting news! The Bayside Cheer Squad team is officially taking shape. After much thought, we have settled on a name for our group, and we are excited to share it with you soon! We are delighted to report that we have received an overwhelming response, with over 30 students expressing interest in joining our Cheer Squad. It is truly wonderful to see such enthusiasm and support from our students, both male and female. Mrs Sneath and I are working closely together to organise the team and kick off rehearsals in Term 2. We appreciate your patience as we finalise groupings and logistics to ensure a smooth start. In the meantime, we are planning some exciting fundraisers to help us purchase our Cheer Squad uniforms. Stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved and support our team! Our Cheer Squad will not only showcase our school spirit but also promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and a positive school culture. We are incredibly excited to see what we will accomplish together as a team.

Register your interest HERE!

Easter Chapel + Grandparents and Special Friends Day

This is a friendly reminder that this Thursday 28th March (last day of Term 1), we invite all Grandparents and Special Friends to join us for our event, ‘Grandparents and Special Friends Day’. This special occasion allows us to celebrate the role that grandparents play in the lives of our students. Our Easter Chapel Service will coincide with the event. We will come together to sing hymns and to hear Chappy Karl’s Easter message as he shares the Gospel and helps us to further strengthen our Christian focus and our understanding of Easter. Our Easter Chapel Service will begin at approximately 8:45am on the Basketball Court.

The day with our Grandparents and Special friends will be as follows with the approximate times:

8:45am–9:30am — Prep–Year 12: Easter Chapel Service
Location: Basketball Court

9:40am–10:20am — Prep-Year 12: Classroom Visits
Junior School — Classrooms
Senior School — Period 2 and Period 3 Classrooms

10:30am–11:15am — Morning Tea for Students, Grandparents and Special Friends
Location: Castaway Café (Coffee and Refreshments will be provided)

1:15am–11:45am — Prep-Year 6 (Junior School) Easter Hat Parade
Location: Basketball Court

Please be sure to save the date, spread the word to our wonderful Grandparents and Special Friends, and join us for what will be a heart-warming occasion for all.

Isaiah 53:5 “But he was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought our peace was on him; and by his wounds we are healed.

As we all enjoy the Easter break with our loved ones, may we reflect on the true meaning of Easter. May we always remember Jesus’ sacrifice and love for us and the forgiveness and healing it brings. Let us all take the time to thank God for the depth of His love and grace in sending his Son to pay the ultimate sacrifice on the cross for our sins. May we never take for granted the healing and peace that comes from His suffering. Wishing you all a safe and blessed Easter break.

Term 2 resumes for students on Tuesday 16th April.

May God continue to bless you and your families abundantly.

Edelle Broadhurst
Deputy Principal

Message from the Head of Junior School

Our Junior School students have embarked upon an incredible journey over the past few months. From our Preppies and new students fighting back the tears and uncertainty on their first day to witnessing their joyful bounces and eager runs to all the different classes; we have seen tremendous growth and development in every one of them. The enthusiasm and commitment shown during NAPLAN assessments were truly commendable, with our students tackling the challenges with determination and resilience. To ensure they were well-supported, we provided nourishing fruit platters, muffins, glowsticks with a message and other treats to add to their success.

Our assemblies were a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, filled with joy and pride as we celebrated their accomplishments. Awards were presented as a small token of recognition, honouring their efforts and achievements throughout the term, our classes performed, and we got to know our teachers and TAs better through interviews.

Our Year 2 and 3 students were privileged to showcase their talents during our Community Chapel led by Pastor Karl at the Hervey Bay Baptist Church. Grace and Peyton from Year 2 recited beautiful poems about kindness at Fair Haven, while the Year 2T class spread joy with a beautiful song dedicated to the older members of our community.

Term 1 also saw successful events such as our Open Doors invitation to our parents where they could visit their children’s classrooms and get more information about the specific year level. We build community through events such as paper planes pizza nights, and a family BBQ where we grew closer as a community. Together, we’ve strengthened our bonds as a school community, laying a solid foundation for the exciting adventures that await us in Term 2.

We anticipate a joyous Grandparents Day and an Easter Chapel in Week 10, promising moments of love, reflection, and togetherness. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities and blessings that Term 2 holds. I would also like to thank our parents with gratitude for their ongoing support and partnership. Together, we will continue to nurture, inspire, and care for our young learners, knowing that the best is yet to come.

Amanda Mulder
Head of Junior School

What’s Been Happening in 2Q?

Wow, what a fantastic start we’ve had to Year 2 in 2Q! As I look back on the past term, it’s been packed with adventures, new friends, and tons of learning.

We were thrilled to welcome new faces to our school and class. Watching our school community grow is always a delight, and we’re so happy to have new friends joining us on this learning journey.

In English, we took an exciting trip around Australia with Grandma Poss and Hush from “Possum Magic.” We learned all about the different parts of our beautiful country, from states to territories. We didn’t stop there! We also explored the seven continents of the world, discovering everything from icy Antarctica to busy cities in Asia. Our young explorers now have a better understanding of how diverse our planet is.

Even with our busy days, we found time to relax with mindful drawing sessions. These peaceful breaks let our students get creative and recharge their minds for more learning. Music was a big part of our term too! We learned new songs and showed off our skills at the Community Chapel service.

2Q is bursting with creativity! We made Rainbow Fish, learned origami with help from Year 6 buddies, and had fun with all sorts of crafts.

In math, we’ve been working hard. Tally marks became easy for us, and we got good at making picture graphs to show information. Our investigation into birthdays was a blast!

As Term One comes to a close and we head into a well deserved break, I am thankful for the amazing journey we’ve had as a class so far. We’re excited to see what Term Two brings and to keep learning and growing together.

Happy Holidays from Mrs Davis and 2Q!

6Q Science

This term in Science, Year six has been exploring circuits and switches.  We built circuits connecting light bulbs, motors, and buzzers.  We explored how to use the Arduino and reflected on our success.

Diving into Creativity: Year 3’s Aquatic Musical Adventure

In the bustling world of music, our Year 3 students embarked on an exciting journey into the depths of an aquarium’s soundscape. Intrigued by the idea of capturing the essence of underwater life, they eagerly brainstormed the sounds they might encounter – rippling water, playful fish and adventurous divers. With boundless enthusiasm, they set out to compose their own musical masterpiece, each note a brushstroke in the vibrant canvas of their imagination. Their aquatic composition not only showcased their musical talents but also exemplified the endless possibilities that await within the realms of their imagination and sound.

Food Technology

In case you have missed the mouthwatering aromas coming from the kitchen this term, Asian cuisine has taken centre stage. The year 7/8 and 9/10 Food technology classes have been experimenting with the fantastic flavours of Asian foods and using the knowledge they have been learning about these flavours. They have been designing their own Asian inspired dish. From stir-fries to sushi rolls, these young chefs are bringing global tastes to their dinner tables, embracing cultural diversity one dish at a time. Bringing school flavours home, it has been inspiring to see Abhijoy Sengupta cooking at home for his family. You are such a great chef Abhijoy.

What’s been happening in Year 9/10 Service Learning this term

The students in this service-learning class have been driven by a passion for making a positive impact and to help others in their community. They have shown initiative and embarked on several projects designed to help areas of the community that they have learnt about. One of the activities these dedicated students have developed is a series of games designed specifically for interaction with the elderly, and they’ve even taken the innovative step of trying out these games with prep students. The games devised by these students are not only entertaining but also tailored to address the unique needs and interests of the elderly. From memory games designed to stimulate cognitive function to physical activities, such as bowling, promoting mobility and coordination. I would like to celebrate the efforts of these students and it has been heartwarming to watch the kindness and compassion they have shown.

Year 8 Health and Physical Education- Beach Games

We’re thrilled to announce our latest adventure with our Year 8 Physical Education students — an exciting exploration of beach games! Our students are currently delving into a collaborative journey, working together in groups to conquer exciting challenges like building the tallest sandcastle, forming human towers, and enjoying spirited games of beach volleyball. Through these engaging activities, our students are gaining invaluable insights into the dynamic beach environment and its impact on sports and recreation. This hands-on experience is not only fostering teamwork and cooperation but also deepening our students’ appreciation for the interplay between nature and play.

Senior School and Science

As we enter the final week of Term 1, there is already much to reflect on and celebrate in the senior school at Bayside Christian College.

The beginning of this term marked the commencement of a new journey for our Year 7 students. We are very proud of how well the students have adapted to navigating timetables, having multiple teachers, new classrooms, surroundings, and devices, and forming new friendships along the way. Our Year 7s have adapted to secondary school remarkably well and we thank their homeroom teachers Mrs Woods and Miss Warne for supporting our Year 7s.

Our Year 9–11 students have been treated to a revamped S Block, featuring larger lockers and freshly painted floors, breathing new life into the learning environment.

While many of our students wrap up their first assessment block of the year, our Year 12 students have already completed their IA1 tasks and are well on their way to finishing their IA2 assessments by the term’s end. This signifies that, for general subjects, students will only have one remaining internal assessment task for the year, leading to external exam preparation. Year 12 has approached these tasks with focused determination, and we pray for their continued good health and endurance as they continue to demonstrate their level of understanding.

The commencement of the co-curricular program this year has been a delight, witnessing our secondary students engaging wholeheartedly in activities ranging from gym sessions to sewing club, and worship band to homework club. We thank our staff for offering a program with diverse opportunities for our students and I am excited for new opportunities to come to life in Term 2.

It has been such a blessing to watch and cheer on our Barracuda teams on Wednesday afternoons this term. I’m blown away by how the teams are improving each week and to witness their sportsmanship towards each other, and to the other teams is simply beautiful to see. I cannot wait to see what is in store for these teams in 2024.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the school day, it’s easy to overlook the chance to pause, reflect, and celebrate our students’ achievements. This inspired the introduction of our new homeroom awards, presented during assemblies. It has been uplifting to witness the diverse reasons students are recognised, from demonstrating our school values and academic excellence to displaying commendable effort in class and maintaining high standards in uniform.

Bayside Christian College remains a hub of activity, particularly in our senior school, and it is gratifying to take a moment to reflect on the events of Term 1. We express our gratitude for our exceptional students and dedicated teachers, praying that our secondary school continues to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Digital Technologies

In Digital Technology classes this Term, Years 7 and 8 have been hard at work programming virtual robots to complete a variety of tasks, from following lines to escaping from prison, and approaching cliff edges without toppling over the edge!

Years 9 and 10 have been working on a whole-class computer game, where each student makes a part of a puzzle to help the astronaut escape the alien planet. Some of the puzzle designs were very clever, making this a very challenging game indeed!

Year 11 continued with their 3D modelling, creating models of things from Rubik’s Cube to an entire Car. The skills learned this semester will be used in later classes, as the students use the models in computer games they will write.

Year 12 developed web sites for local community markets during the term, and recently have been developing their problem-solving skills looking at video games development, in preparation for their assessments next term which will involve creating a game of their own.

In Computer and eSports club, students practiced their Rocket League skills in teams, while other students built a PC from scratch, learned to program games and fly drones.

Mr Max Young


Junior school art classes are filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and fun. Year One and Two are creating art works based on the days of creation. They are learning to use a wide range of materials and become more confident in achieving their intentions within the work.

Year Three and Four are learning about the element of space within an artwork. The have been examining foreground, middle ground, and backgrounds. They have been learning to think about size, placement, value, atmospheric perspective and shading to achieve a sense of space within the composition.

Year 5 have been examining the work of historically famous artists and recreating aspects of their art style.  The favourite so far has been the work of Monet, as they painted the Japanese Bridge over the Lily ponds. Monet jokes even surfaced from time to time.

Year 6 Have been examining the elements and principles of art through targeted artworks which use the element or principle of design.  They have worked steadily through each process, some encountering new techniques or art making processes, others building on prior knowledge to produce some magnificent pieces of art.

Connecting with Auslan!

This week, students in Years 3–9 have been learning question signs in Auslan, such as WHO, WHAT, and WHERE. The Year 9/10 elective students completed their PowerPoint presentations that investigated the difference between ASL (American Sign Language) and Auslan. They then prepared games for junior school students to play, to reinforce their signing of numbers, colours and animals. Some students created dice for signed statements, while others prepared Animal Bingo and Twister. Pictured are Year 5Q students enjoying the rotations, and Year 9/10 students relishing being the teachers in charge. The exercise was also a great way to make connections with students who they normally have limited contact with. I am sure they will be waving and smiling at each other now with increased recognition, across the year level groups, as they go about their day at the College.

Kirstene Wallace

Year 11 Physics

The big question we asked was “how do we know that the values given to us by our textbooks are actually correct?”. Can we check them using a carefully designed experiment? We had done an experiment estimating gravity by timing pendulums of different lengths, but now the challenge was laid down for the students “can you make this more accurate?” They certainly rose to the challenge; filming in slow motion to make their timing more accurate, taking and averaging multiple measurements, and widening the range of measurements till we were literally at the ceiling! Not only did we learn about experiments but also how to use spreadsheets to process our results and we also researched all kinds of interesting things about gravity on our planet. All great learning as well as contributing towards our second internal assessment.

It is good to know that in physics, just as with the teachings of Jesus we can test the truth by putting it into practice and watching the results carefully.