As a ministry of the Bayside Christian College, we believe that the Biblical worldview be reflected in all aspects of the curriculum. Sunshine Kindy aims to provide a Biblical-based curriculum; and provides a Biblical worldview to “help children see the world through God’s eyes”.

Sunshine Kindy’s programs are also guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia.

Sunshine Kindy


Reading Learning Centre: In the quiet reading corner, children have the opportunity to relax and read. This area is equipped with child size seating and a selection of books. Children who like looking through books and/or need a place to be peaceful will often seek out his corner.

Writing Learning Centre: Our writing table allows children to investigate early forms of writing – experience stories through pictures, re-telling of stories, scribble writing and book making. Materials include a wide variety of paper, pre-made blank books, recycled cards, crayons, textas, scissors, magazines to cut and glue.

Sunshine Kindy


Discovery Table Learning Centre: This centre provides opportunities for children to explore, touch, feel, smell and generally use their senses. A wide variety and often thematic materials will be found here. Natural materials provide the children with a connection with the outside. The Discovery Table may have a maths, environmental, cultural or a science focus.

Sunshine Kindy


Art Learning Centre: We often refer to this table as the ‘messy table’. Exploring and using art materials allow children to express original ideas, improve their coordination, develop small muscle skills, and learn to recognize colours, shape design and textures. Materials include a wide variety of paint, collage materials, glue, fabrics, clay, chalk, markers, crayons, coloured pencils, oil pastels, stamps, hole punches and scissors. Easel painting is always a popular activity.

Sunshine Kindy


Block Learning Centre: Children use blocks to build structures that go up, out or around and in the process deal with the spatial and structural problems of balance and enclosure. They also deal with similarities and differences and create patterns in their structures. The Block Centre provides adults with the opportunity to observe children exploring, building cooperatively, sorting, grouping, comparing and arranging objects and role-playing. A wide variety of materials are included in this area such as cardboard building bricks, Duplo sized Legos, a wooden train set, floor puzzles, wooden blocks, a wooden road and vehicles, magnetic blocks, and Lego.