It is a privilege to share some of the wonderful experiences that occur in the Junior School at Bayside Christian College. We are a community dedicated to fulfilling the need for a holistic education in the early years and therefore offer a wide range of activities to allow our young students to develop academically, spiritually, physically, culturally and socially. Each young student is an individual who is supported in a loving and nurturing environment to become the best possible version of themselves.

With two streams in each year Level from Prep to Year Six, the Junior School, at Bayside Christian College, is conducted in spacious and well-resourced classrooms, set in a natural and relaxed environment. Understanding that the foundation years of Education are critical in developing a life-long love of learning, our dedicated, enthusiastic and compassionate teachers aim to inspire Christian character in each of their students through well planned and exciting lessons.

In Junior School, we believe it is crucial to build a firm foundation of core skills needed to succeed in Senior School and beyond with our Work Programs being based on the Australian Curriculum Key Areas of Learning and with a Bible informed emphasis. As Literacy and Numeracy are central to the development of all young Australians, the morning sessions in our Junior School include varied activities in Literacy Rotations and English Focus Lessons. Our Mathematics instruction takes a hands-on, practical approach with each student developing the numerical capabilities needed in personal, work and civic life.

It is rewarding to enter the classrooms and witness the delight on the children’s faces as they make discoveries in all areas of learning. Whether it be developing critical thinking skills with an investigation in Science or engaging in the contemporary and active Health and Physical Education program or gaining a broad understanding of the world in Humanities and Social Sciences, Bayside Junior school students are becoming informed citizens with high level skills needed for the 21st century.

Creative thinking is encouraged in our young students as they are inspired to participate in the Arts through Visual Art, Music, Drama, and Dance. Additionally, all students in Years 3 and 4 are offered a stringed instrument and all students in Years 5 and 6 are offered a Band instrument to participate in our Instrumental program. An innovative Technologies program allows students to develop their ICT skills necessary in today’s world. A highlight is to watch our students communicating and thoroughly enjoying signing in the Auslan language.

Our Spinnaker Extension program gives our academically gifted students the opportunities to engage in activities and events that challenge students to discover the full potential of their God given talents.

Junior School students eagerly participate in Christian Studies lessons, Daily Devotions and Chapel as we encourage the Christ-centred tradition of servant leadership. Our intentional Pastoral Care and Social Development program is fostered particularly by the Home Room Teacher, our friendly Chaplain and Counsellor, with the aim of producing the Bayside Graduate who is of Christian character, contributes positively to society, is environmentally aware and takes an active interest in world affairs.

Great successes have been achieved through our Co-curricular program offering a wide range of sporting and cultural activities ranging from musicals, plays, choir, E-Games, Lego Club, naming only a few.

We would love to have the opportunity to show you in person the diverse opportunities that Bayside Christian College can offer your child. Please email via the button below if you would like to book a walk through and see for yourself the great learning that is occurring in our College.

Charlotte Buick

Charlotte Buick

Junior School Captain – Year 6T

My name is Charlotte Buick and I am the Junior School Captain of Bayside Christian College. It is an honour and pleasure to have this spot in leadership.

Bayside Christian College is an extraordinary school with amazing members and caring students. Here at Bayside Christian College, there are so many opportunities for us. I enjoy every moment at Bayside and I am so excited to be part of it.

The teachers at Bayside are not only exceptionally smart but also very kind. They are committed to their values and will help us in every way. Our education here is important to everyone in the community of Bayside Christian College.

At our school, learning and staying healthy is a priority. We have so many amazing electives to choose from. The community feeling is big at our school and the students here are all amazing.

The way parents are welcomed and included in our school life is something I greatly appreciate. This partnership nurtures communication and contributes to a positive school atmosphere, as well as taking our education to the next level.

I look forward to another exciting year at Bayside Christian College and would like to show our school to you whenever we have a chance.

Benjamin Barkley

Benjamin Barkley

Junior School Captain – Year 6Q

As the Junior School College Captain, I am proud to welcome you to Bayside Christian College where we care for each other and excel in everything we do.

At Bayside Christian College we do things differently. We recognise and celebrate every student’s achievement, no matter how big or small. Everyone is welcome and our amazing teachers and staff are here to support and encourage us in everything that we do. Since joining Bayside Christian College, I have enjoyed the nurturing environment which has helped me grow, not only academically but also as an individual.

At Bayside Christian College, our community is built on our strong Christian and Australian values. We celebrate our different backgrounds and the things that make each of our students unique. It is a supportive community for all staff, students and parents.

What sets us apart at Bayside Christian College is that we not only want our students to achieve academically but to receive a well-rounded education. Our values create a school where leaders are supported, sporting achievements are celebrated, cultural appreciation is valued and students taking part in a wide variety of co-curricular activities is encouraged. Bayside Christian College is more than just an education, it is where every student is valued.

There are so many amazing opportunities on offer at Bayside Christian College. Whether it be in sports or athletics, music or the arts, community leadership or participating in any number of co-curricular activities. You can explore a diverse range of these activities on our website, where we showcase and celebrate our achievements.

As a student at Bayside Christian College, we are part of a caring community where we feel genuinely valued. At our school, we get the care and support that others can only dream of.

Wearing my Junior School Captain badge fills me with pride. Join us on this exciting journey. On Campus, I can personally show you what makes Bayside Christian College great and the opportunities that make being a student here truly special.