Welcome to Secondary Schooling at Bayside Christian College

Secondary schooling encompasses the crucial learning years of students from Year 7 through to Year 12. Our College offers a balanced curriculum to cater for the needs of all students at every stage of their secondary education. At Bayside Christian College, we have intentionally grouped our secondary schooling into two distinctive stages that are aligned closely with curriculum offerings, tailored teaching practice and distinctive assessment: Junior Secondary (Years 7-9) and Senior Secondary (Years 10-12).

Junior Secondary (Years 7-9):

Students in Junior Secondary experience diverse curriculum selections, along with a consolidation of subject areas continued from Primary school. Our curriculum is delivered by a team of caring, dedicated and highly qualified teaching staff, utilising pedagogy and teaching methods that align with the individual needs of the student.

Many parents and students encounter similar concerns regarding transitioning through the differences between Primary and Secondary schooling. For example, the number of teaching staff encountered throughout their day increases, as does the need to transition around a campus according to a set timetable. At Bayside Christian College, one of the hallmarks of this stage of our secondary program is the consistency of teaching staff across the subject areas of English and Humanities and Mathematics and Science, combined with a designated timetable structured around common rooms for those subjects that do not need access to specialist equipment.

In keeping with our College Values and Mission, students continue to participate in Christian Studies lessons and wellbeing programs including: a challenging camping and student wellbeing programs – The Learning Curve and PeaceWise Youth. During this stage, students commence experiencing elective subjects, that further broaden the curriculum. Elective subject offerings in 2022 have included: Music, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Media Arts, Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Textiles, Food Technology and Woodwork.

Senior Secondary (Years 10-12):

Senior school students continue their educational journey, building on their success in learning in Junior Secondary. The Year 10 program is structured to provide students with opportunity to not only experience academics but also to value the world of work. A specifically designed Career Education subject culminates in a week-long work experience designed to provide students with vocational knowledge and understanding. Towards the end of Year 10, students and their families join with key staff for a Senior Education and Training Plan (SET Plan) meeting to specifically design a tailor-made schooling option for Years 11 and 12.

It is the goal of every Year 11 and 12 student to work towards the completion of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) through an individualised timetable consisting of academic, vocational or tertiary learning. To achieve these goals, the College provides a range of General and Applied subjects that offer variety of choices that meet individual stages of learning. In addition to these, students may choose from Certificate courses through State and private providers, and early entry to University programs. Academic timetables are flexible to accommodate students’ pursuit of traineeship and apprenticeship courses.

During the final year of secondary schooling, our Senior students are challenged with leadership roles and participation in co-curricular and external events. The challenges of balancing a rigorous school program with vocational and extra-curricular demands weighs heavily on the minds of Senior Secondary staff. Our team of highly qualified, caring staff will provide guidance and support for your child along his or her educational journey at Bayside Christian College.

For further details on Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary experiences at Bayside Christian College, including subject offerings, please contact the College and make an appointment with our staff.

Cooper Williams

Cooper Williams

Senior School Captain

I became part of the Bayside Christian College community at the commencement of my high school journey in 2019. Over the years, it has been a remarkable experience witnessing the school’s growth and evolution. The introduction of new resources and facilities, such as the modern classrooms in S Block and the Castaway Café, has brought a fresh and vibrant vibe to the College. Additionally, the incorporation of new subjects, school programs, and support systems has significantly enhanced the overall educational experience.

A source of immense pride for me at Bayside Christian College is the respect the school extends to our local veterans. I had the privilege of representing the College by laying a wreath at the 2023 Remembrance Day service—an experience that highlighted Bayside’s commitment to honouring and remembering those who have served.

As a student at Bayside, I have had the privilege of being taught by some exceptional teachers. Their dedication is evident as they consistently go the extra mile to assist and challenge students. Whether it’s offering support or presenting new challenges, there’s always someone ready to guide each student towards success.

I encourage you to explore the wide range of opportunities available across the College and take advantage of the unwavering support available. The dedication of the staff, together with your hard work, will ensure you are able to reach your full potential. At Bayside Christian College, success is within reach for those who are willing to put in the effort. I look forward to seeing each of you contribute to making Bayside Christian College an even better place.