Prep is the first formal year of schooling in Queensland and is a time of great excitement and (sometimes) anxiousness in parents and children. This uncertainty is understandable, and we are here to assist you and your child in any way we can.

Our Prep classes develop every child’s sense of wonderment and curiosity as they develop friendships, develop their social skills and engage in a vibrant and caring learning environment. Our staff are specially selected for their care, their knowledge and understanding of child development, and their skill as an educator. It is these special qualities that set a child on a strong foundation for all future years.

Children grow and develop rapidly in these young years and their development at this stage has a significant influence on their future learning capabilities. For these reasons, excellence in Prep education is critical to future success and opportunity.

The Academic program is based on the Australian Curriculum with lessons and learning opportunities in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, and The Arts. Our students study Auslan as a language and participate in specialist Music lessons and classes in Health and Physical Education.

The best educational outcomes for students are found when there is a strong partnership and sharing of information between home and the teacher. We believe in the importance of this vital relationship in the life of a child and encourage parent involvement.

Through this partnership, our engaging learning environment, and the care and dedication of our teachers, our Prep students grow in their independence, develop social skills, enduring friendships and the skills to support their educational journey.