Academic achievement was once the sole and unilateral focus of education. Thankfully, through research and a more liberal view of the world, the vast majority of schools now recognise and understand that while Academic results are important, the most important outcome of education is indeed the nature of the person who graduates from the school, their character, their willingness and ability to contribute to society and their life skills.

Academic results and high achievement open doors for future opportunities but they do not speak of the character of the person, their motivations, integrity, or the skills they bring to a team. It is for this reason that Bayside Christian College places a significant importance on the qualities that enable success in life, whether it be academic achievement, the ability to contribute to society or the mindset of stewardship towards the gifts of our World’s resources. These are the qualities which make a person special.

The Bayside Christian College Graduate is a young person of Christian character and strong moral conduct. They have the desire to contribute positively to society, and to lead with courage and humility. They stand up for what they believe in, not for personal gain, but rather for the support and defence of others. They have a deep understanding of God’s love and an appreciation of His design for their life. They find strength and peace in listening to and living in accordance with His Word. They apply Biblical teachings to life and actively seek a life-journey that is pleasing to God.

Our world needs people of integrity, values, and purpose. People with the heart to want to solve the challenges we face; people with the willingness to do the labour of what must be done; and those with the wisdom to seek the solutions.

It is these qualities and approaches that has our students and our staff being so widely recognised and respected in the community.