Bayside Christian College is an independent private school for students from Prep to Year 12 in the beautiful Hervey Bay region.

Bayside Christian College was originally founded as Hervey Bay Christian Academy, a vision of the Fraser Coast Baptist Church in the mid 1990s to provide a genuine Christian worldview education to the young people of Hervey Bay. In 2016, Hervey Bay Christian Academy ceased operation but with the strong support and new administration provided by Queensland Baptists, Bayside Christian College was Founded.

Since this time, Bayside Christian College has experienced significant growth and commenced a new journey established in faith and bound by our calling and purpose. Bayside Christian College’s Intent is to Inspire Christian Character and our Aspiration is to ‘uncover the Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge in a community of life-long learning’. We belief that all people are given special spiritual gifts from God, and through engagement and education we aim to celebrate these gifts and bring them to the fore.

Our College exists for the Service of God and to serve Him through the care of His children. The College’s foundational values, principles and teachings are based on the Bible and the truth that God revealed his love and plan for all humankind, through Jesus Christ. It is the hope of Bayside Christian College that every child in our College will gain a foundational Christian worldview, with a balanced perspective of the world.

While our footprint was laid on these traditional lands many years ago, we are a young community; one with purpose; one with drive; and one forging new traditions as we step into tomorrow.