Principal’s Message

Welcome to Term 4 (and we are already in Week 2) — before we know it, Christmas decorations will be adorning the shops and Easter buns will hit the shelves! There is something to be said about planning and preparation, but in doing so, do we forget to live in the moment? I certainly can remember a time in my life that I was so busy planning for the future, that I was blind to the wonderful things happening right before my very eyes.

It is important that we prepare for what is to come, but not to the extent that we cannot live in the moment. The reality is, this is something I find to be a frequent battle, as I try to find the balance in these two parts of my life.

When we are young we probably sat more in the ‘here and now’ space and with age, responsibility, pressure, knowledge… We tend to shift the pendulum to ‘planning for the future’, often at the expense of the ‘here and now’. As I get older, I find myself starting to shift back to the ‘here and now’ — but this time, this space is just a little different.

When young, the ‘here and now’  space was filled with excitement, focus on self — me, me, me, but now, at a different stage of life, the ‘here and now’ is more about seeing the wonders and beauty that exists in God’s creation all around us, and enjoying the time in relationships with people far more. I imagine that my passage over the years would be mirrored by others as well.

We do not do ourselves any favours when we needlessly worry about the future. In fact, God promises to provide all that we need (Philippians 4:19, Matthew 6:31-32). God created the universe and gives food to every living thing — including you and me — does He not value us more than the animals that He gave to us? The same God who provides food for the animals will not allow us to go without (Psalm 145:15-16, Luke 12:24-26).

Not only does the Bible promise this, but we have seen examples of God’s provision in Scripture as well. When Jesus was preaching, and the crowd of people had not eaten, He multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish and fed more than 5,000 people (Mark 6:1-14). When Adam and Eve sinned and their eyes were open to their nakedness, God provided clothes for them (Genesis 9:3) — even after they let Him down, God still provided.

Faith is a gift that not all have; it is a journey that is often bumpy, full of intersections, crossroads, alternative paths, deep ravines, and high mountain passes. Perhaps these challenges are given to us as a means by which we can grow and practice our faith? What we do know, is we are created by a loving and generous God. He gave His own Son so that we may be forgiven, and He promises to give us all we need.

As we face the challenges we do each and every day, let us not rest on our own devices but trust in God to provide and care for us. Let us be open to his Word, and through this, grow in relationship and understanding of the Lord who gave us life.

May we all encourage each other to not ask too much of ourselves, but rather understand that no person is perfect (and nor are we), and that there are times we all need to slow down, accept that we need to live far more in the  ‘here and now’, trust in God’s provision, and know that we are safe in His plans for each one of us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to again welcome our new Deputy Principal, Ms Broadhurst and Chappy Karl. While they have only been with us for a few short days, it has been wonderful to see the positive engagement and connection they have already started to form with parents, staff, and students alike. I truly believe their appointment is the God’s provision, who not only placed them before us, but who has called them here in this season to support our community.

As they now get used to a completely new environment, I ask that you please join me helping them to feel welcomed, supported, and cared for.

Brian Grimes

Edelle Broadhurst portrait

Deputy Principal’s Message

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the new Deputy Principal of Bayside Christian College. I am filled with joy as I commence this exciting journey and I look forward to meeting members of our wonderful school community. My appointment at Bayside is certainly one that I firmly believe, is an undeniable calling from God. I am truly blessed to be entrusted in a role to fulfil a divine purpose. Every day, I am reminded that this position is a vessel through which God’s love and wisdom can be shared, to lead our wonderful staff to nurture and guide young minds, making it a profound responsibility.

Before joining Bayside Christian College, I had the privilege of serving as an Assistant Principal in New South Wales, where I gained invaluable leadership experience and a pleasure witnessing the academic growth and overall development of my wonderful students. Moving to this beautiful area with my husband and two children has been a blessing, and we are thrilled to become a part of this community.

From my first day at Bayside Christian College, I was welcomed by the warm and inviting atmosphere that permeates every corner of this school. The dedication and commitment of the staff is truly commendable. I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of our educators and I have witnessed the many roles they all undertake to ensure the academic, spiritual and the overall growth of their students, are at the forefront of their priorities. They display a passion to educate our students to uphold Christian character, following the examples of Christ in all they do. This is testament to the exceptional educational environment we are privileged to have here at Bayside Christian College.

In the coming weeks, I will have the pleasure of meeting many of you at school or at various school events and gatherings. Please do not hesitate to reach out, introduce yourselves, and share your aspirations for our beloved school. Your input is invaluable as we strive to work together to make Bayside Christian College the best environment for our children to learn and grow.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the warm welcome I have received since joining this incredible College. I am truly blessed to be a part of the Bayside Christian College community, and I am excited about the journey that God has planned for me.

Internet Connectivity

In our digital world, internet access is now fast becoming a necessity. As a school we are advancing our IT capabilities and rate of utilisation. If you do not have internet access in your home please let us know by calling 4124 4417 and ask for Shelley Bennett, or email on to advise us.

Student Travel Rebates

A wonderful joint initiative called the Non-State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) provides financial assistance to families transporting children to non-state schools in Queensland. Please see below if you are eligible. Application close on 31st October 2023.

A student’s eligibility for Bus Fare Assistance (BFAP) is determined by a range of criteria as per the BFAP Guidelines:

A student’s eligibility for Students with Disability (SWD) is determined by a range of criteria as per the SWD Program Guidelines:

Student Travel Rebates

Visit our website to see if you qualify for our financial assistance to help with the cost of transport and apply at during October. Applications close on 31st October 2023.

Our New Bayside Buddies Have Names!

Our eight new Bayside Buddies have names, and they wish to thank everyone that voted! Each Buddy had three names to choose from and it was a very close contest for all eight. Here are the new names:

Hoot Hoot
Eggleston (Eggy)

Year 3 Lemonade

Recently, the Year 3 classes made lemonade. This was after designing lemonade stands in Technology, learning about measurement in Mathematics and how to write a procedure in English. It was fun making the lemonade, but the best part was drinking it and sharing it with others!

3T Mathematics

Recently in Mathematics, 3T displayed what they have already learnt about number patterns by creating number patterns with blocks. We discussed how patterns can increase by adding or decrease by subtracting the same number for each step in the sequence. We love playing with blocks and doing maths!

3T Maths
3T Maths
3T Maths
book fair graphic


It’s about books. It’s about your children. It’s about fun! It’s our Scholastic Book Fair — a special time for our entire school community, being held at the Bayside Christian College Library in week 6 from Monday 6 November to Friday 10 November.

Book fairs are a wonderful chance to purchase new books and stock up your home library, promote reading with children or get some early Christmas gifts organized. Remember a portion of the sales made go back to the school and allow the school library to have the most engaging and current books available for students to read.

There will be lots of things available to buy including posters, stationary items and of course lots of great books. We will be hosting book fair in WEEK 6 this term every morning from 8:00am to 8:30am and every afternoon from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. We hope to see you all there!

Happy reading everyone.

Mrs Magrin
Miss Shrives

Year 7 Science – 1

Year 7 science students have been studying forces. This week students investigated friction. They created friction ramps and looked at the affects that different surfaces had on the speed of a car.

Year 7 Science – 2

Year 7 Science had a lot of fun competing in an egg drop challenge this week. They were tasked with designing and creating something that would protect their egg from the forces involved in a fall from height. They did a great job, with many of the eggs surviving the fall.

Year 8 Science

Year 8 science students have been investigating body systems this term. This week students got to do multiple dissections to investigate anatomical structures. Throughout the term, they have examined bones and joints, hearts, kidneys, and brains.

Year 10 Science

Year 10 science are studying chemistry this term. Here they are investigating the signs of chemical change.

Year 10 Science
Year 10 Science
Weekly Scripture

Multisport Excellence Students  Participate in Wide Bay Triathlon

“Gear Up for an Epic Race Day: Join us in Cheering for the Multisports Students at the Wide Bay Triathlon on Sunday, October 15! 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Get ready to witness young athletes in action as they swim, cycle, and run their hearts out. Your support means the world to them! Let’s create a sea of cheers and encouragement as we rally behind our Multisport stars. Together, we can make this Triathlon an unforgettable experience for them. Mark your calendars and be on the Esplanade in Scarness early Sunday Morning to show your support.

If you would like to know more please email Mrs. Jessica Davis. See you at the finish line!”

Multisport cycle
Multisport run
Multisport swim

LAQ Spring Carnival

Jack and Dylan Mitchell both competed in the LAQ Spring Carnival over the school holidays, and have performed very well.

Jack received silver medals for the 110m hurdles, 100m and 200m sprints, bronze in the long jump and placed 4th in the 400m. Olympic gold medalist, Sally Pearson, presented him with his medal for the hurdles.

Dylan placed overall 4th in the long jump, 5th in both the 100m and 200m sprints, which was a great effort with over 20 competitors in his age group.

Well done to both!

Futsal and Soccer Players Busy Holiday

During the recent holidays Malakai Yeatman and Lucas Mills were hard at work playing soccer.

Malakai was selected to play for the U11 QLD Country boys Futsal team and went undefeated throughout the National Schools Futsal tournament. An awesome run of 10 out of 10 wins. They had to dig deep in all the finals rounds but went through to win the grand final 6-4! Further to this, Malakai was selected as an All Star, where team coaches, selectors and officials nominate their top players through a select voting system. The top 10 (from approximately 150 players) are then named as the All Star Tournament Team.

Lucas Mills attended the National Westham George Cowie training camp at the Gold Coast (for the 2nd time of being selected from the regional camp) and has another chance at being selected to go to the UK. In the second week, Lucas and his team (U12) competed at the National School Futsal Championships at the Nissan Arena in Brisbane and made it to quarter finals. His team came 7th out of 21 teams. He scored 12 goals, some of which won the team the game! On the last weekend of the holidays he played for the Spartans in the Premier Invitational Diamond league Tournament (the largest Australian football tournament). His team made it to finals and they came 5th out of 16 teams.

As a result of his performance at the National School Futsal Championships, Lucas has been selected to represent Australia for the U12/13 team in play in Barcelona 2024.

Finally, the boys have both been presented with a fantastic opportunity to play in an U12 Australian representative team in the SingaCup – Asia’s Premier International Youth Football Tournament. Joining them is Antonia Firouzfar, playing in the younger grade. They will attend training as a team with their coach Graham Fyfe, who is the Jnr Brisbane Roar coordinator, and will travel to Singapore for the tournament in November. This is an awesome opportunity to play at a high level and one that has taken a great deal of hard work and dedication throughout the year. 

A wonderful and great achievement by the boys. Bayside wish you all the very best.

Barracuda Named Junior Seagull of the Year

Sam, myself and Jason attended the Seagulls Junior Presentation on Friday night at the RSL. As proud parents we wanted to share with Bayside that Sam was awarded “Junior Seagull of the Year 2023”. He is looking forward to being part of the Barracudas!

Sam Wheeler
MADD poster

5T All Slimed Up!

5T have just started their Chemical Science unit, exploring the states of matter. Their very first experiment was making slime and then determining, using its observable properties, is it a solid or a liquid. They had so much fun and were super impressed that it actually worked.