Principal’s Message

Time and time again, we are reminded to put our faith in the Lord; to trust in Him and to not rely on our own deeds. This is indeed easy to do when life is going well and we can convince ourselves that we are indeed putting our faith in Christ, but are we being true to ourselves?

I think the test of whether we do truly put our faith in Christ, is during the times of trouble, despair, misfortune, and/ or great challenge. It is in these times, we come to know whether we do indeed trust our Lord and Saviour, or whether we feel we must find the solutions ourselves.

For years, I have found this challenging, as I believe that God gives us the gifts, with the hope that we will indeed use them for good, and so with that in mind, does this mean we need to find the solution ourselves? I believe the answer is no. The Lord never gives us more than we can handle, He seeks only our faith and love, and He will provide us with the answers, direction, or the people we need in our lives to help us, but this comes with faith.

The recent challenges to discrimination laws, has been a concern that I have been wrestling with for some months now. How will I maintain our Christian ethos if I cannot employee Christian educators? The answer is this is indeed beyond my capabilities and is not my problem to solve.

By handing the problem over to God and praying for help; by petitioning Him with our unified voices, we plead for His help. When we do this with sincerity and praise, the Lord will give us the solution we need and use who He needs at that time. He will carry our burdens and He will orchestrate all that must be done. We may be His instrument, but we need not be the problem-solver!

And so, in all we do, I encourage you to lift your prayers to Heaven, to seek God’s intervention and pray for him to lift your burdens. Sometimes the answer we get is not always the one we want, but we do need to have faith that He loves us immeasurably and that He will indeed answer our prayers.

Brian Grimes

Wide Bay Hospital and Health

It was fantastic to have representatives from Wide Bay Hospital and Health Services, Melissa and Cassidy, join us at Bayside Christian College on Friday 3rd February, to present information to our Year 9 to Year 12 students about the various careers offered within the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Services. Jobs ranged from Allied Health services to Trades. Students were provided with a wealth of information and learned about various sectors and the pathways required to achieving this as a potential career.

Thank you Widebay Hospital and Health Services and Jobs Fraser Coast for this wonderful opportunity.

Wide Bay Health visit
Wide Bay Health visit

Cake Competition Committee

Mrs Hawthorne is looking for Year 5 and 6 Students who would like to volunteer their time to be involved in contributing their ideas and make decisions about the structure, prizes and judges for our inaugural BCC Cup Cake Competition.

Our first meeting was well attended and welcome any new members.

Assortment of brightly decorated cupcakes

Term 2 Baking Club – Expressions of Interest

Open to students from Year 4 upwards. Does your child love to bake and would like to further develop their skills?

This after school class from 3.30-5pm involves the teaching of basic and advanced baking techniques. Class size will be capped to 5 students.

The Baking Club will run on-site at the school in our D2 kitchen and commence in Term 2. Our theme for Term 2 is pastry. Please email Mrs Tania Hawthorne  to register your interest and provide details of a suitable day after school.

Freshly baked sausage rolls made with puff pastry fresh out of the oven cooling on a tray
Scripture Romans 1212 NIV

Lost Property

We get a lot of lost property, some of which are quite expensive items! With each newsletter we will publish a photo of the current lost property to help you indentify your child’s item. Please contact the school library to collect any lost property that belongs to your child. Should items remain unclaimed by the end of Term 1, they will either be donated as sceond hand to our uniform shop, recycled or dumped.

lost property 230217

Year 6 Learn Electronics

This week we were delighted to have Daniel and Jade from MIE Lab (Make, Integrate Explore) join us in Year 6 to teach us how to create a visual sound system for the deaf and hard of hearing by designing an electrical system using an Arduino and programming it to control light (colour, on/off rhythm, brightness) matched to a 2-minute piece of music. This is a super engaging way to learn about electrical circuits and coding. and eventually will be making a light show for deaf people. We love hands on learning and having fun in Science!

Love is in the air!

The college celebrated Valentine’s Day this week with a stall, selling a range of yummy chocolates and other goodies. The stall was well attended at second break with staff and students kept busy serving!

The stall was a very successful Valentine’s Day fundraiser for our compassion child Anik.

Sunshine Kindy gets a fresh coat of paint!

We would like to say a big thank to Mr Rickey Burge for painting our Kindy room.
This task has been completed in two stages, and has transformed our learning space.

Thank you also to Mr Brett Carter and his Maintenance team for everything they do behind the scenes for our Kindy and for our school.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”.1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Bayside Referral Program poster

Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon the application for enrolment at the College, a new family can specify the name of any specific family who recommended our College and encouraged them to enrol with us.
  2. Upon acceptance of the enrolment and the offer of a place within our College, the recommending family will be notified in writing. Should the new family accept the offer of enrolment, and remain with the College for 12 months, then at the completion of this first 12-month period the referring family will receive $1000 credit to their school fees.
  3. This credit in school fees cannot be redeemed for cash and will be credited to the referring family’s account following the completion of the 12-month waiting period, subject to the above Terms and Conditions.
  4. Should a family recommend more than one family who proceed to enrolment, then they will be provided with the relevant credit for each successful referral, subject to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Any family who joins our College, as a result of your recommendation will have their enrolment application fee refunded to them.
  6. This Referral Program will be effective as of 13/2/23.

Motorcross Rider in our midst

After four challenging races over the 2022 season held at various locations and obtaining consistent podium places every race, Mitchell Rock has come first for the 65cc motorbike Hinterland Enduro Championship.

Congratulations must go to him for this outstanding achievement which was awarded to him last Saturday night. Mitchell was very surprised and excited to learn he had won the overall championship. He will be moving up to the 85cc class next season which will be a huge test for him, but he is reported in saying “I’m ready to give it go.”

Bayside is very proud of Mitchell and once again, congratulations on the accomplishment.

Australia Day Awards 2023

Jaden Hardy – Junior Sportsperson of the Year

From the age of ten, Jaden Hardy has been involved in the world of scooter riding due to being inspired by his friends  participating in it as well. He was also inspired to participate in scooter riding by the local community. From then on, he has found a passion for it and has been training three days a week. Along with his training, one challenge he has had to face was the risk of breaking bones due to the risky manoeuvres he performs. With the amount of practice and competitions he competes at, he still works hard at school and finds time to complete his schoolwork.

Due to his hard work and determination at the skate park, Jaden received the Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award on the 25th of January at the 2023 Fraser Coast Australia Day Awards. This award was presented by Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour at the Brolga Theatre, Maryborough. Jaden says he is very happy with himself and his mum is very proud of him.

Congratulations Jaden on your success!

Charlotte Knight reporting, Year 12

Bunsen Burner Licence for Year 7

The Year 7s have been earning their Bunsen Burner Licences this week. Here  Thomas M & Nathaniel W burning some magnesium.

Burning magnesium with a Bunsen Burner
Bunsen Burner Licence group photo

Year 9 Dissection

As part of the curriculum, the Year 9s have been learning all about the body systems and how they work. Their practical activity this week were heart dissections.

Marine Science

Years 11 and 12 Marine Science students have started their student experiment this week.

Year 12 Biology

Year 12 Biology students have been learning about working with bacteria and developing their microbiology laboratory skills and have begun their Student Experiment assessment this week.

Learn to Sew

Is anyone interested in learning to sew using sewing machines?

Sewing Club will be held after school on a Tuesday afternoon during term for students in Year 5 and above.

Start: 3.15pm
Finish: 4.15pm

Contact Jen Connell at

sewing madly graphic

News from the Library

Week 6 will be Dr Seuss week in the Bayside Christian College library. Dr Seuss (whose real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel) is an American author and illustrator who was born on March 2nd 1904. His beloved children’s books have stood the test of time and are still wildly popular for their entertaining use of rhyme and rhythm and for the quirky and wild characters within.  There will be lots to do in the library including Dr Seuss themed games and activities at lunchtime and Dr Seuss readings for primary school students during their library lessons.

Dr Suess's Birthday graphic