Principal’s Message

Have you ever met someone who seemed so centred, so peaceful, so able to deal with all of the challenges of our world? Someone who seemed almost ‘unaffected’ by worry? Someone who did not seem to suffer anxiety about tomorrow?

I certainly have met such people, and I am in awe of their ability to withstand all that the world throws at them. They take it in their stride and say … “God has my back”. These people are often preachers, but not always, and nor do all preachers give me this sense either. Over the last two to three weeks I have met several people who have such a strong belief and faith in our Lord, that they seem unaffected by daily challenges. While this may not be reality, they certainly have a peacefulness I long for.

I find it so special to be in a room with such faithful servants of Christ, and to seek that next step on my own faith journey. The reality is we are told repeatedly in the Bible to hand our problems over to God:

Philippians 4: 6-7
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Proverbs 3:5-6
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Isaiah 41:10
“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

In fact, this message is repeated in over a hundred Bible verses, and yet despite the repeated message, is this a message we are actually receiving? I cannot profess to living my life without worry, and clearly, I must somehow feel that my problems are mine only. When I do this, I get anxious, I worry about the outcome, I stress about what is to come. But the times I have said, “this will work out, God will bring me a solution” I can honestly state that He always has, and yet even tonight, before writing this, I have been sitting here worrying about something that might never eventuate. Something I should have handed over to God and got on with all else I wanted to do.

It is a wonderful feeling to truly believe that the issue or problem is one that God can, and will solve for us, and when I have indeed prayed for help and the solution, God has always provided the answer. For those who are not fully committed to believing in Christ yet, this may be considered a coincidence or luck or the alignment of the stars! How many times do we have to experience God’s hand in our troubles before we believe He is there?

The proof of God as our creator is all around us, we see it in the diversity, wonder, and complexity in nature; we see it in the incredible order found within cellular structures – within our own DNA; and we see it in the lives of those who truly believe. This is not to suggest that their life is easy – God never told us life would be a walk in the park, but He did say that He would go before us, that He would clear a path for us, that He would walk with us; and when necessary He would carry us.

Faith is not an easy journey for many. Relationships take time, commitment, energy, effort, and fidelity. Like anything else, we only get out of it, that which we put in. God wants us to exist in a relationship with Him and to grow in our trust and faith. The more we enter into this relationship, the stronger we will feel connected to God, the better we will hear His divine purpose for us, the more we can freely hand over our problems to Him, and the more we will feel comforted that all will be OK.

The times we are living in right now are turbulent, and when people walk away from God, or do not put their trust in Him, they resort to things to build themselves up – whether it be alcohol, ambition, pride, wealth or even possessions. If we remain “in the garden” with God, we need far less as we get all we need from our relationship with Him. We feel full, content, safe, and secure.

In times of trial, let us not turn to personal attacks, the escalation of personal want, possession, or selfishness, but let us turn to God for all that we are missing. Without this we will continue to thirst for more and more every day and never feel satisfied. Only in Him will we find contentment, peace, and the solutions we truly need.

As we end the Term and hopefully have a couple of weeks of a slightly slower pace, let us just put our faith in God that little more, and hand our problems over to Him in full knowledge that He loves us and will never let us down.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO

Mentos in Coke

This term in Year 10 Science, students are exploring various techniques used by scientists to increase reactions rates. They demonstrated some of these techniques by conducting a ‘Mentos in Coke’ experiment where the aim was to create the highest plume by varying concentration, volume and temperature.

Duke of Ed

Hot Stepper Clinic

HERVEY BAY School Holiday Hot Stepper Clinic – SUNDAY 17 September.

Does your child want to:

  • Develop an EXPLOSIVE sidestep
  • FAST footwork
  • SPEED to burn

They need to come along to this clinic. Rugby, Rugby League, Touch & Oztag players from 8yrs up. Register now as spots are filling fast, details below:

Sunday 17th September
8am to 10am
Hervey Bay RSL Seagulls Rugby League Club

Book by clicking on the below link and develop an explosive SIDESTEP, SPEED & FAST FOOTWORK these school holidays.

HERVEY BAY Hot Step Clinic

Hurdler off to State Athletics

Congratulations to Jack Mitchell who has been selected to compete at the state athletics championships in October for Hurdles. We wish him the best in competing at States. Well done Jack!

Jack Mitchell hurdler

Grade 5 and 6 Gala Day

Friday 8 September saw the 5s and 6s battle it out against all the other 5s and 6s in Hervey Bay at the Senior Gala Day. Sports on offer included Touch, OzTag and Netball. From all accounts everyone had a great time showcasing their skills in a friendly, yet competitive environment. It was also a great day to display good Christian Character and continue building a strong sporting culture at Bayside. This is what the coaches had to say…

Three teams represented Bayside Christian College in Netball at Gala Day. Mrs Amber along with Mrs Shrives and Mrs Minda coached a team each through the day with some amazing results. Each team worked well and showed Christian Character and great sportsmanship whether they won or lost. Mr Glover did a great job convening the event and working in the canteen. A great day had by all.

The day was perfect, slight cloud cover with a cool breeze. We had three teams of fantastic year six students and with the help of amazing parents we had a fun a successful day. Our students played with enthusiasm and dedication. Displaying outstanding integrity and sportsmanship the children encouraged and supported each other through wins and losses.

A group of Year 5 students travelled to FCAC to play Touch Football against other local schools in the area for Gala Day. For many, this was their first time playing Touch Football. The students broke into two teams and both teams had a great day. They displayed excellent sportsmanship and were extremely competitive, with one team winning most of their games.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Bayside Christian College had a stand at the Teddy Bears Picnic on Sunday 10 September. Although a little windy, the weather was fine and the picnic was attended by close to 1,500 people, mostly families with young children. It was a great turnout with many varied stands and activities.

We had a carnival atmosphere at Bayside’s stand with a Prize Wheel and Ball ‘n’ Buckets game which was a lot of fun. Free raffle tickets were won to be in the draw for the huge Bayside Bear. Many people attended our stand for the games and to discuss the college. It was a very successful day, culminating in the Drum Corps and Amelie performing on stage to a very appreciative audience.

A massive thank you to Mr Bennett and Mr Browning for transporting and setting up our stand.

Teddy Bears Picnic

ECO Club

Back in July you may remember a mention of the ECO Club being up to something. They were busy painting an old pallet.

Well, we can now reveal what they were up to! No, it wasn’t a pot stand and no, it wasn’t a gate. They were busy making a ‘music wall’ for the Prep playground. The project involved reusing old toys and musical instruments that would have ended up in landfill but are now providing fun for our Prep students. A big thank you to Mrs. Frost and Mr. Carter and his team for supporting this project.

ECO Club music wall
ECO Club music wall
Weekly Scripture
Suessical Jr Musical

Seussical Jr Musical

A feast of colour, music and singing wooed audiences at the recent Seussical Jr Musical, performed at the Hervey Bay Baptist Church. A “cast of thousands” performed the Stephen Flaherty musical in an incredible array of costumes, thanks to the skills of Mrs Connell (head of textiles), students and the many volunteer parents. A special mention must go to the amazing makeup artists who transformed faces into the play’s characters.

Many thanks to all staff, students and parents involved, especially director Kimberley McClintock, and to all the parents and families that supported the program by attending the performances. Photos of the show can be viewed by clicking the button below.

Seussical Jr Cast