Principal’s Message

The 2023 school year has commenced far smoother than last year with no mask mandates and the changing dynamics that covid brought us. While that period of time brought much worry, confusion and some amazing conspiracy theories, there is no doubt that the vaccination program has brought many additional health complications to some in our community.

We may never know whether there was a better way to handle the pandemic, but it should be a lesson to us in the way we use the resources given to us by God, a reminder that we need to come to Him far more than we do, and to rely on Him to direct and speak into our lives – and to do this we need to pray and listen to Him.

We need to offer our leaders support, grace when they make mistakes, but to also hold them accountable for their character. It would seem that far too often self-interest, self-preservation, and personal agendas drive decisions, and not in genuine service to Christ or his people. For many, many years, we have struggled to grow, develop and enable strong leadership in our world and in my opinion, this is now at a point of some crisis. There is a leadership vacuum, and with that vacuum, a decline in Christian principles, and sadly now an attack on the very foundations of our beliefs.

There is a need for all who call on Christ as our Saviour and Lord, to stand firm in their belief, profess their commitment to God, despite the behaviours of those who do not believe. God’s love, his infinite grace, the redemption He has given us all, must be recognised and honoured. Without His laws and covenant, our world would be lawless, chaotic and one with no forgiveness, a world in which every person only cared for themselves. If we want to live and be cleansed by His love, we must behave in a way that honours, obeys and praises Him.

Leadership commences with an understanding of who we are, an examination of ourselves, our thoughts, actions, habits and character. Without such an examination, how can we ever hope to lead?

I have not been able to welcome you to our school this past week as I have been on the Year 12 Leadership Camp with staff and students. We stayed at Splitter’s Farm in Bundaberg, and if you have not been there, it is definitely worth the trip – my sincere thanks to Farmers Carly and Ash, and their entire staff for a truly special stay.

The Year 12s were tremendous and were wonderful ambassadors for our community and I thank them for their efforts and the special moments we shared as a group – cooking together, sharing our meals and coming together for our devotions. Many thanks must also go to Ms France, Mr Menard, Ms Taylor and Ms Francis for giving up so much of their time to make this camp the success it was.

I would like to make a plea to all parents please check our website each fortnight for the College Newsletter. This is an important source of information on all that will be done at the College, future events, and feedback/ information on the many achievements of staff and students. This makes wonderful reading and celebrates our staff and all they do. Please read these newsletters for important information.

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Our website has a section where you can read about our staff and their achievements.

Staff Highlights

I would also like to request that you follow and like our Facebook page. This is a place in which we can more informally let you know what is happening in our College and is a wonderful way for all to celebrate the achievement of others.

Bayside Christian College Facebook Page

Finally, I take this opportunity to pray for God’s Blessing for you, all of our families and for our College. May we all grow to know our Lord, to follow Christ, and to live according to His Word.

Brian Grimes

Welcome 2023

The staff at Bayside Christian College have had a wonderful start to the year. Working cohesively to ensure everyone is ready to welcome our families back for another prosperous learning journey.

Breakfast was hosted by the Executive Team with decor from BOHO Events and Styling, and it was lovely to connect in a more relaxed setting to end our week of preparation.

Mrs Emily Taylor – Senior School Coordinator

Mrs Emily TaylorI am honoured to be taking on the role of Senior School Coordinator this year and supporting our Years 7-12 students with their pastoral care needs.

It’s crazy to think the 2023 school year has only just begun with the amount that has been achieved so far. It was wonderful to be present at the Year 12 Leadership Camp where our students were faced with a variety of challenges to which they rose on every occasion. Mr Grimes led some thought-provoking sessions where students were challenged to serve without ego and having a plan for success. I’m really looking forward to seeing our Year 12s work together to achieve the amazing goals they have set themselves for 2023.

Term 1 also marks the beginning of our Year 7’s senior school journey and it has been wonderful to witness them form new friendships and make connections with their new teachers. Their camp in Week 5 will also bring about opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone and I’m sure the students are looking forward to that opportunity. I’d like to thank Mrs Wallace and Mr Monteith for all of their work and providing a fantastic start for our Year 7 students.

Looking toward the rest of Term 1, we will have plenty to keep us busy in the senior school with the swimming carnival, Wide Bay Cluster Trials, NAPLAN, cross country, Valentine’s Day activities and our Family Day on February 18.

Reading Buddies

6Q and 1Q began their Buddy Program with reading with their buddies. We meet once a week on a Friday and work together to build relationships in a variety of different ways including: reading, playing games, art, writing and teaching each other what they are learning in class. It’s a great way for the ‘big kids’ to bond with the ‘little kids’ and have fun!

Year 1 Perceptual Motor Program

These photos encapsulate the joy our year 1 students felt while joining together to engage in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). The PMP is a movement-based program which helps younger students improve their eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, fitness, balance, locomotion, and eye-tracking skills.

The students love PMP because it gets them out of the classroom for a bit of a “brain break” moving their bodies and having fun!

BCC Family BBQ poster

Year 10 Science

Year 10 Science in Term 1 this year introduces students to the discipline of genetics. We started the unit with a fun experiment where students were asked to extract DNA from strawberries.

Year 10 Science Strawberry DNA
Weekly Scripture
Steve Muller Church poster
Valentine's Day fundraiser for our compassion child Anik

“They did it again!”

Siblings, Rory (16) and Lilly (14) Sloan just never fail to impress! On Sunday, January 22, brother and sister competed in the first Aquathlon event for 2023. Competition was tough, but that didn’t stop Rory and Lilly to aim for the podium.

Rory raced in the Open Seniors Event, while Lilly raced up two divisions, in the U16’s race.

Both of our students did incredibly well. So well, that Rory took the win and Lilly came 2nd for the females of her race, but and incredible 3rd overall!

This is worth celebrating! Well done to our champions, Rory and Lilly Sloan! We are beyond proud of you.

Multisport poster

Ben Wins at the Capricorn Branch Nippers Carnival

On the weekend Ben Barkley (Year 5) travelled to Yeppoon to represent Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving and compete in the Capricorn Branch Nippers Carnival. He competed in 8 events and achieved a 1st in both sprint and wade relay, 3rd in board and swim team and a 4th in flags. Well done Ben!

Ben Nippers champ

Secondary Swimming Carnival and Hervey Bay District Cluster Trials

Click the thumbnails below for more information.

Secondary Swimming Carnival

Hervey Bay District Cluster Trials

Christmas Holiday Sporting Achievements

Aloha Hawaii

Lucas Mills was selected to represent Australia in Hawaii for the U12/13 Futsal Boys Team, based on his performance at the National Club Futsal Championships held in Brisbane in September 2022. In December, Lucas flew over to Hawaii with other team members to compete. They played a tournament against American teams (“808 Futsal”) in Hawaii, and had great success, winning the tournament!

The team members and coach didn’t know each other prior to the tour and trained together over in Hawaii, around the tournament.  Lucas and his team were presented with medals. Lucas scored 4 goals over the tournament and he is only 11!

Our congratulations go to him for having an excellent tournament and flying the Bayside flag high. We look forward to seeing his progress.

If you would like to highlight a primary sporting achievement outside of school please let Mr Glover know at We would love to hear about it.

Fraser Coast Futsal Tournament

Bayside is hoping to have teams attend but this will be dependent on interest. If you are interested, please contact Mr Glover at

Futsal titles

10 – 12yr old Hervey Bay Cluster Trials

Cluster 1
9th February
Touch Football and Basketball

Cluster 2
21st February
AFL and Softball

Cluster 3
9th March
Soccer, Netball, 12s Rugby League, Hockey and Tennis (paper nomination)

If anyone is interested in attending, please see Mr Glover for more information.

Cricket Blast Poster