Principal’s Message

Welcome back to Term 2!

Who can believe we are now in Term 2 already! I hope the recent holiday break gave you time together as a family and that you had a most Holy Easter. While Easter is a time for sadness as we reflect on the treatment of Christ by our own hand, it is overwhelmingly a time for praise, thanks, deep gratitude, and love. Christ gave his life willingly for our sin, He carried our burdens and through this unmeasurable love for us, we have life and the knowledge of our Creator.

When I think of what has been given to us, the thought in my mind turns to … why cannot we not show each other such grace, understanding, acceptance, and gratitude? I was very fortunate to have gone on a cruise for the first week of the holidays thanks to some incredible discounts on offer. While on the cruise one thing stood out to me time and time again, and this was that every single member of staff were truly amazing and highly focussed on service. The care offered by the P&O staff, the proactive care, and the hospitality was something I have never seen before.

Amidst this amazing care, I saw people react with much gratitude, mild indifference, but sadly some only found fault and complained about everything they could. I am sure those reading this will be able to connect with these experiences with those they encounter and even think of a few faces. I tried to understand the sense of entitlement, why they felt the need to pick on such small matters, and why they were quite honestly – very unreasonable.

The only conclusion I could come to was two possible reasons. They are genuinely quite miserable people … so caught up in the pain of their own experiences that they expect that they will treated poorly, and as such are blind to the many positive engagements and interactions given to them; secondly, they simply are so full of self-importance that they truly believe they are more important than everyone else. Both are very sad responses, but from different perspectives.

John 8:7 tells us “So when they continued asking Him, He lifted Himself up and said unto them, ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.’” Why do we demand more of others than we demand of ourselves? Why do we criticise others so easily when we are less than perfect? Why do we draw assumptions when we simply have no knowledge of all the facts? Are we so without fault that we can blame others for their faults? Are any of us perfect? Maybe we should have a rule that only those who are perfect may complain about others? What a difference this would make!

I believe we create many of our own problems, our own stresses, our own unhappiness. We blame others for this, but the reality is, we allow ourselves to get worked up, we make assumptions and convince ourselves that we know all there is to know about a situation, and sadly we expect more of others than we do ourselves. We rarely (if ever) walk a mile in another’s shoes!

Only yesterday, I heard a wonderful message on the radio, talking about marriages. The speaker said the problem with relationships is that we often state that we contribute 50% to the relationship and our partner contributes the other 50%. We look to blame them for things they do that upset us or we state we will change them. Perhaps, we need to contribute 100% of ourselves to the relationship and not try to change them but rather change ourselves. We accepted them for better or worse, for richer or poor health and sickness …. Did any of us agree to accept them as long as you change yourself to who I want you to be? Not sure that one would result in any relationship surviving, but yet is this not what we do?

I think we could all do with some reflection on the way the Lord forgives us, the way He loves us and try to provide just a little of that grace, understanding and love to everyone else. What a world changer that could be!

May Christ guide our hearts and minds to live as He intended.

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO

Construction Skills Training

Construction Skills Short Course

A selection of students in Year 10, 11 and 12 participated in essential training on 13th, 14th April, and 4th May, 2023 by completing the Construction Skills Short Course program which runs in partnership with Industry Training Hubs, Busy at Work and Site Skills training.

The program design offered students a pathway into construction and aims to spark an interest in the construction industry which is in desperate need of skilled workers.

Each student received accreditation in:

  • Preparing to work safely in the construction industry (white card)
  • Use hand and power tools and
  • Working safely at heights (including scaffolding)

 Students received valuable industry information pertaining to working safely on the construction site. The highlight included going 10 metres up in the scissor lift.

U12 Futsal team puts Bayside on the map in Bundaberg!

Congratulations must go to the U12 Futsal team for winning the Bundaberg Schools Futsal Competition held on Wednesday this week. All played exceptionally well against some very determined and high-quality players. Throughout the day the students embodied Christian character and were a credit to Bayside growing the positive culture and demonstrating great sportsmanship.

The Team won 6 out of 7 games played with some notable scores of 11-0 and 10-0 in two games. In the finals, we were in control the whole game and won it convincingly 8-2. Thanks must also go to the parents and Mrs Farrelly for coming with and supporting the team.

Well done to the following;
Bo Hanley, Malakai Yeatman, Lucas Mills, Cassius Kearns, Jeshua Thompson ,Lucas Schefe, Antonio Firouzfar, Isaac Friend, Judah Friesen

Year 6 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

Fraser won the Caloundra Open for his age and weight over the holidays. It was a very competitive match and he was rolling against a higher belt for the win. Congratulations Fraser!

Jiu Jitsu Champion

Student writes Indigenous Poem

Lahni attended the yarning circle at Wide Bay Women’s Health Centre to read her indigenous poem on her birthday!

The Screams for Peace

Our sun burns bright,
Up there in the dark red sky,
The dirt beneath our feet
Feeling the way of our land

Then they came on those wooden ships
Screaming in rage,
Saying things, we don’t understand
Forcing us to do as they say

Screams flowed through the lands,
Grief on our tear-stricken faces,
People taking flight to the plains
Running around through the rains

Peace is what we needed,
Instead, all we got were harsh words
The pain that seemed ok in their eyes
The people scare us with their words

The land and us are one,
We have all been united through trust,
We had to pave the way,
In a way we must obey

The say they are justice,
But what happened to our justice
Screaming for peace
That never seemed to happen
So again, we scream for justice

Now one day every year,
The sing praises of our names,
To speak of all the wrongs
Our people are now twice as strong

Our ancient people from in the land,
They still paint their pictures
And they still sing their songs,
Of all the rights and wrongs

Apologising won’t do anything about their pain,
To all the pain they had brought
People thinking that its ok to erase all their pain
All the pain and suffering in their lives

Now in parades they scream,
Screaming about their old ways
Screaming about a special word
Screaming about the ways of reconciliation

Now there are many ways,
Where we can all celebrate,
In all the beauty and the pain,
There are still many ways

From Sorry day to Mabo day,
They scream for forgiveness,
In NAIDOC week, we all walk through the day
We have not yet forgiven but we still walk hand in hand.

family first medical centre logo

Family First Medical Centre

Now taking on new patients. General Practice & Skin Care Clinic. Bulk Billing.

About Us

Year 7 Science

This term, Year 7 Science students are studying ecosystems. Today they made terrariums, ecosystems in a bottle, that they will observe throughout the term.

Year 8 Science

This term Year 8 Science are studying chemistry. This week students investigated the properties of metals, nonmetals and metalloids.

Bayside Bedtimes logo 795

Bayside Bedtimes

Bayside Bedtimes is now in full swing bringing you a new video each week on Tuesdays. If you have missed them, here are the first two episodes for the term. Be sure not to miss this Tuesday’s Bayside Bedtimes where we present The Hervey Bay Snake Catcher!

Bayside Buses

Welcome back to all our Bus families! Please note the following clarification of the absence notification process for the bus service:

If your child is booked on for morning collection and does not need to be picked up, please inform your driver as soon as possible. Since the office is not open yet, the driver would need to know not to collect your child.

If your child is booked for afternoon drop off, informing the driver is a courtesy and saves him time following up on students who are not going to be on the bus. We do have an absence list that the office supplies for students who get signed out early or who did not attend College that day.

Our process for students in Prep to Year 2 in the afternoon is as follows:

  • The students on the list for bus drop off get collected by a TA from their class before the bell rings (around 3:00 pm).
  • The TA will walk the students to the bus and ensure they get on the correct bus (handing them over to the driver, who marks them off on their booking/run sheet).
  • If the student is being collected by a parent and does not need to take the bus, either email  (before 2:00 pm) or needs to be informed, so we can make a note for the TA.

This process is to ensure that the junior students are where they need to be. If we place the child on the bus and there is nobody to meet them at drop off, we cannot leave them/drop them off. HOWEVER, we also do not want a student to be left behind at the College with no way to get home.

It is CRUCIAL, for every team member responsible for this process to have effective communication from you, the parent/caregiver so that we can ensure a smooth transition for each child, each day.

We look forward to providing our wonderful transit service to our College families!

Bayside buses
Kokoda Challenge 2023

Kokoda Challenge

Leading up to the BIG day, our Multisport Excellence students have been selling socks to raise funds for the Kokoda Challenge. Together, with the Bayside community, we raised close to $1000.00. These funds went to the Kokoda Foundation that helps support young people. A massive THANK YOU from myself and the Multisport Excellence students, for your support!

On Saturday, 22nd of April, eight of the excellence students waited patiently to step onto the school bus, excited but nervous for what was coming. The students were babbling in the back of the bus all the way to Kenilworth. When we arrived at Kenilworth Community Park, all eight students jumped out of the bus, ready to get their gear sorted. Our 30km group was first. They were Rory Sloan, Tyler Mulhul and Dyshart Morgan, under the guidance of Coach Lars. The boys set off, running up the hill while the rest of us cheered them on as the disappeared into the Imbil Forest.

Two hours have gone and our 18km group lined up to get going. This group consisted of Ruby Burge, Noah Corfe-Keller, Jaydee van Dyk, Lilly Sloan, Imogine Gallaway and Mrs Davis as their leader. The nerves ran high, but the adrenalin was pumping. The countdown began and off they went, running up the hill and into the forest.

While tracking the groups, I was amazed at how good the groups were doing. At one point, I became worried as I couldn’t track the 30km group. Then all of a sudden, two ladies came over the finish line, then two gentlemen and you won’t believe it, our boys were hot on their heels. I started screaming from excitement! Our boys stepped over the finish line, the first school group. The winners on the school division. Rory, Dyshart, Tyler and Coach Lars did it! They won the race.

About an hour after the boys had finished, we saw a big group running towards the hill. Suddenly I saw massive smiles and Mrs Davis even jumping over a little creek to get her group to the finish line. Our second group finished 45th out of 178 schools and overall 76th out of 421 groups. What a great result for students who competed in the Kokoda Challenge for the very first time!

There were slushies going around and hot chips for everyone. Our students and coaches enjoyed leg massages and ice baths for their sore bodies. Soon we had to leave as we needed to travel back home. Still super excited, our students struggled to rest. Though Tyler fell asleep face down on the seat.

We arrived safe at home and into the arms of their proud parents.

Excellence students and parents, thank you for helping us make this day possible! It was a day that won’t easily be forgotten.

Jaydee, Lilly, Imogine, Ruby, Noah, Rory, Dyshart and Tyler, words cannot describe how proud I am of you. Your drive, perseverance, and encouragement towards each other, are character traits that set you up for success. Well done guys!

Click the button below to see more photos on the school’s photo website.

Mrs van Dyk


On Monday, 24th April, Bayside Christian College held a special ANZAC Day Assembly led by Mrs France. The service included an historic account read by Ms Francis, a student performance of ‘Flanders Fields’ and traditions were observed with the reading of The Ode, Last Post, one minute’s silence which was followed by The Rouse. This was a special opportunity for the College community to come together and honour past and present servicemen and women.

Then on Tuesday, 25th April, students from all year levels took part in our local Anzac Day march, organised by the RSL sub-branch.

110 Bayside students and staff congregated at the RSL carpark, then marched to Freedom Park and attended the memorial service. Students wore the College uniform with pride, with many wearing medals in honour of family members. A special mention must go to the Bayside Drum Corps, who, in their inaugural march, had the honour of leading the local military cadet branches.

During the memorial service, our Junior and Senior School Captains laid a wreath on behalf of the College. We thank our students, staff and parents who participated and made this a day to remember for years to come.

Sunshine Kindy Children Learn About ANZAC Day

We read “My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day” and watched “Anzac Ted” and “Anzac Puppy” stories on the big screen. These books taught us about ANZAC Day, learning what ANZAC means, why we march on ANZAC Day and what we are remembering. Ruby told us that she watches the dawn service and we looked at images of the bagpipes and a bugle. Rather than group time before lunch, we sat under the flags and held our own Kindy assembly. At the end of our assembly, we each held our rosemary wreath and said “I remember” and placed it below the flags.

🙂 Sunshine Kindy has welcomed Mrs Jessica Bedding as our full-time Kindy teacher this term.

Book Fair is Open Next Week!

The theme of our Scholastic Book Fair is Bookaneer Book Fair. It’s a fun reading event that brings the books kids want to read into our school, available for you to purchase. There will be a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level as well as fun stationery items and posters. Please make plans to visit our Book Fair in the library before and after school next week.

Book Fair dates:
Tuesday 2nd May – Tuesday 9th May

Shopping hours:
Before School- 8:00- 8:30
After School- 3:10- 4:00

Special Events:
Colouring Competitions, Guess how Much Pirate Treasure is in the jar.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Book Fair! Remember, all purchases benefit our school.

Book Fair Poster
Weekly Scripture
Mothers Day Stall 2023 poster

Under 7s Open Day

Last week, we held our Under 7s Open Day with plenty of attractions and food! Prospective parents of new students were given an information pack with goodies, were treated to music, fairy floss, food, cheer leading demonstration, a snake show, face painting for the kids and more!

Prep Open Day

Updated College Billboards

Due to the future widening of Maryborough/Hervey Bay Road, our billboard just past the United service station heading towards Maryborough has been removed. A new site has been secured on Maryborough/Hervey Bay Road just past the Booral Road roundabout heading towards Maryborough on the right hand side. This was a perfect opportunity to update the graphics on our two billboards – our second billboard being just past the airport on Booral Road. Many thanks to our four models and their parents! Here are photos of the new billboards:

BCC Billboard
BCC Billboard
Bumper sticker promo logo

Bumper Sticker Winner!

Congratulations to our bumper sticker winner, Mia, seen by one of our spotters. The college will be in contact with you to present your prize of a $100 dinner voucher at Café Balaena!