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Who We Are

Bayside Christian College is a K – 12 Co-educational College, which puts its students’ achievement, growth, enjoyment and wellbeing at the centre of focus.

We are a community of people who are excited to make the most of our God-given gifts and talents, as we foster the God-given gifts and talents of our students.

We are unique individuals, called to a greater purpose, and eager to enjoy the journey of life together, through education.

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Only the Best

We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

A great way to give students meaningful opportunities to apply their learning and lower their affective filter is to make learning fun! Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable. At Bayside Christian College, we understand learning should be enjoyable…

Our Teachers

Meet some of our amazing teachers who care for our students on a daily basis. Our staff understand teaching and the care of your children is not just a job, it’s a passion.

Mrs Kurtz

Mrs Kurtz

Year 6

The culture and atmosphere that has been created at Bayside Christian College is absolutely inspiring.

Teaching in such and open-minded and innovative environment gives me the opportunity to teach in a way that aligns with my own personal style and philosophy.

Students are at the centre of all experiences, where we teachers are able to tailor for preferred learning styles through flexible seating, various modes of learning, digital technology and allowing diversity in product design.

The College radiates a sense of Family and Belonging where you are part of a team and everyone plays and equal and integral role.

We as teachers are always supported, inspired, motivated and challenged so we can ignite and support the creativity and growth of our students.

Miss Wright

Miss Wright

Year 2

Being a teacher allows me to make a difference, lead and inspire today’s youth and assist in student success.

I believe there are endless learning styles, and discovering how my students learn is one of my favourite aspects of teaching. The way a classroom feels, looks and sounds impacts greatly on the classroom environment and how the students engage in classroom activities.

Educating is my passion and allowing students to reach their full potential with new and improved ways of learning is something I highly stand for. As a teacher, I have a role to support and nurture my students, assisting them in becoming lifelong learners.

All students have the right to use creativity, their imagination, exploration and discovery in our classrooms to ensure they grow and develop to become the best versions of themselves.

Bayside Christian College holds my passions and student success at its core and it remains a privilege to be given the opportunity to teach is such a great school.

Marianne Norvill

Marianne Norvill

Year 1

I chose teaching as my profession as I love teaching and learning. I enjoy being able to build a relationship with the students and parents and believe that this in term enables myself as an educator to cater to the student as an individual. The students of today are tomorrows leaders and innovators and it is a privilege that I am able to share a part in this.

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