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Bayside Christian College, in association with BMee Multisport, are proud to be the first school in the region that offers a triathlon program for developing athletes and excellence athletes. Under the guidance of Triathlon Australia Accredited coach and athlete, Lars Olsen, athletes in both programs build on their technical knowledge and skills in triathlon including the swim leg, bike leg, run leg and transitioning.

They put these skills to practice on multiple occasions during the season and compete in local races hosted by the Hervey Bay Triathlon Club. The program also sees the development of student’s relationships across year levels, team work, support for each other, kindness, cooperation, respect, commitment and training ethic which helps create healthy, active and well-balanced students. Students in the Excellence Program are able to advance their level of fitness and skill to perform competitively in events across SE Queensland. 

Who can be in the program? 

Development Program – Caters for all ages (prep – Year 12) and all abilities (from beginners to seasoned athletes). There are no pre-requirements to be in the Development Program – students just show up and have a go! 


Excellence Program – Each triathlon season, the Excellence Program is open to any athlete who wants to pursue triathlon to a higher level. A student may already be training in a squad, however this specialised program also caters for an enthusiastic athlete who has the drive and determination to advance their levels of conditioning to perform at a higher level in their racing. There is no age requirement for the excellence squad. Every athlete’s ultimate goal is to meet the challenge of competing in a variety of triathlon events across the Hervey Bay region and south-east Queensland (Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast).  


Training design 

 Development Program – Each week students are involved in a 1 hour session held after school from 3pm – 4pm. 


Excellence Program - Each week students are involved in three hours of training. Two 1 hour sessions are held during school hours from 2pm – 3pm, and a 1 hour session is held after school from 3pm – 4pm. The Excellence Program sessions are held at the school, beach, aquatic centre and the bike trail. The sessions include swimming in the pool and open water (with a focus on technique and race skills), bike skills (with a focus on bike competence, skills, time trials, and transition work), and running sessions (with a focus on technique, endurance and speed).   


How to become an Excellence Program Athlete 

 A position in the Excellence Program is granted by a written application and a physical assessment. These are used in conjunction with reviewing the student’s effort and behaviour records at the school. The position is for one season, but can be extended through re-application for future years.