We welcome you to Sunshine Kindy – Christian Education and Care Service at Bayside Christian College. Sunshine Kindy is a centre where each child in our care is supported along their individual journey as they grow in their love of God, love of others and love of learning.

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About Sunshine Kindy

You have cared for and nurtured your child from birth and seen your child develop and grow within your home. Home represents the first and most important avenue of learning in your child’s life and the influence of the home is especially significant in the education of your child. The next phase in your child’s growth is their enrolment in Sunshine Kindy. This is a further step towards the formal years of schooling and we are excited about the possibility of working in partnership with you.

We believe your child is a unique and special gift from God. Your child’s sense of self and awareness of God will develop through the love, kindness, patience, dependability and trust modelled by loving parents, teachers and members of the school community. At Sunshine Kindy we aim to inspire your child’s love of learning through supporting their social awareness, emotional maturity, communication skills, critical learning, physical development and spiritual growth.

Our Kindy program will extend your child’s spiritual, social, emotional, physical and educational environment beyond the home but in partnership with the home. We are excited about the opportunity to continue your child’s journey in faith and education. Our prayer is that with confidence your child will then continue their schooling, healthy in mind, body and spirit and secure in God’s loving hands.

We are blessed to have you join us and look forward to the exciting times that your child’s enrolment will bring.

prep children working on project
prep children working on project

Visit Sunshine Kindy

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and to show you our facilities. Please phone  the Bayside Christian College on 07 4124 4417 or make an enquiry via the button below.



Our Service accepts enrolments of children aged between 3 and 5 years of age. Children’s names are placed on a Waiting List in order of application date. Children can be enrolled for up to five days per week. Health Care Card Subsidy (Kindergarten Funding Scheme) is available for eligible families with a current Health Care Card.


Mission Statement

Sunshine Kindy fully supports the vision, mission and philosophy statements of Bayside Christian College. 

Sunshine Kindy is a centre where each child in our care is supported along their individual journey as they grow in their love of God, love of others and love of learning.


At Sunshine Kindy we use the You Can Do It (YCDI) program to supplement our curriculum experiences in children’s wellbeing.

We also enjoy the Bonkers Beat Music Program, Magic Fingers, Ella, Sound Waves and other empirically proven learning tools.


As a ministry of the Bayside Christian College, we believe that the Biblical worldview be reflected in all aspects of the curriculum.

Sunshine Kindy aims to provide a Biblical-based curriculum; and provides a Biblical worldview to “help children see the world through God’s eyes”.

Sunshine Kindy’s programs are also guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia.

Reading & Writing

Reading Learning Centre:  In the quiet reading corner, children have the opportunity to relax and read. This area is equipped with child size seating and a selection of books. Children who like looking through books and/or need a place to be peaceful will often seek out his corner.
Writing Learning Centre: Our writing table allows children to investigate early forms of writing – experience stories through pictures, re-telling of stories, scribble writing and book making. Materials include a wide variety of paper, pre-made blank books, recycled cards, crayons, textas, scissors, magazines to cut and glue.

two young students working closely in book


Art Learning Centre:  We often refer to this table as the ‘messy table’. Exploring and using art materials allow children to express original ideas, improve their coordination, develop small muscle skills, and learn to recognize colours, shape design and textures. Materials include a wide variety of paint, collage materials, glue, fabrics, clay, chalk, markers, crayons, coloured pencils, oil pastels, stamps, hole punches and scissors. Easel painting is always a popular activity.

finger painting

Maths & Science

Discovery Table Learning Centre: This centre provides opportunities for children to explore, touch, feel, smell and generally use their senses. A wide variety and often thematic materials will be found here. Natural materials provide the children with a connection with the outside. The Discovery Table may have a maths, environmental, cultural or a science focus.

discovery table

Critical Thinking

Block Learning Centre:  Children use blocks to build structures that go up, out or around and in the process deal with the spatial and structural problems of balance and enclosure. They also deal with similarities and differences and create patterns in their structures. The Block Centre provides adults with the opportunity to observe children exploring, building cooperatively, sorting, grouping, comparing and arranging objects and role-playing. A wide variety of materials are included in this area such as cardboard building bricks, Duplo sized Legos, a wooden train set, floor puzzles, wooden blocks, a wooden road and vehicles, magnetic blocks, and Lego.

duplo blocks

sun drawing
What are your hours of operation?

7.30am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday for 48 weeks of the year.

The Centre will close for four weeks over the Christmas/New Year period.

The Centre will close for the following statutory holidays: Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Labour Day, Queen’s Birthday, Wide Bay Show Day.

We are open on Pupil Free Days.

Who is the Governing Authority?

Bayside Christian College is a ministry of Queensland Baptists Education Company Ltd. As an independent Christian school, the College is managed by the Principal in conjunction with the School Board. Parents enrolling their children in BCC agree to acknowledge the Board’s decision as final in all matters pertaining to the College.

Who are your educators?

Director/Kindergarten Teacher and Educational Leader is Mrs Sue Michail. She leads a team of qualified Kindergarten teachers and educators.

All current staff are displayed on the family notice board.

How is Sunshine Kindy connected with Bayside Christian College?

Sunshine Kindy has a strong connection with the whole school. The children will come in contact with other staff and students through school visits, special assemblies, special school events and special visitors including author visits and arts council.

In 2020, Sunshine Kindy has also been involved in the Bayside Christian College Perpetual Motor Skills Program.

What about lunches and snacks?

Lunch should reflect a wide variety of nutritious foods, such as:

  • plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits;
  • cereals (preferably wholegrain), which include breads, rice, pasta and noodles;
  • lean meats, poultry and fish (or protein alternatives);
  • dairy products, which includes milk, cheese, yoghurts.

The fridge in the Kindy room is available to store lunchboxes that contain perishable foods; however, the lunch box or any loose items must be labelled with the child’s full name.

All families are to be aware of our statement on creating a ‘nut free zone’ at the Service, if allergies are present.

Parents/guardians must inform the Service of any allergies their child has and measures will be made in conjunction with the parent/guardian to ensure the safety of the child in regard to the particular allergies.

What our Families are Saying

“Both my girls have had great experiences at Sunshine Kindy. Every morning they wake up looking forward to going to Kindy and come home eager to share what they did and learnt. They enjoyed the Bonkers Beat progamme and learning some AUSLAN as well as forming some special bonds with the educators and friends.” – Michelle

What our Families are Saying

“Our daughter has attended a few Kindy’s in the local area and she says this is her favourite. She always comes home with a smile and a story to tell us about the cool things she did at school. She says that Ms. Amy and Ms. Jackie are her best teachers, cause they are so nice and reads her lots of stories. She likes all of her new friends and has so much fun at all the playgrounds around the school. We like the personal touches that Mrs. Sue provides through her communication and can tell she really cares about all the students. We would recommend this Kindy without reservation to anyone.“ – Jason & Magdalena

What our Families are Saying

“Sending my daughter to kindergarten was a big decision for me. I wanted a place that was warm and caring, where my daughter would feel comfortable. From the moment I walked into the Sunshine Kindy I knew it was special, it felt like a home where the kids were a part of a big family. Over the next two years my daughter blossomed in this environment under the care of the fabulous staff, who genuinely cared for and nurtured each child in their journey.” – Emma