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Welcome to Bayside Christian College Junior School

Bayside Christian College’s Junior School is a dynamic learning community that has at its core, positive and constructive relationships where the expectation is high and operated through a range of centres of excellence … learning is relevant, deep and real, supported by a precise set of diagnostic tools to help tailor to student needs.

Our Junior School is a place where all students are known and valued, where a strong emphasis on quality teaching and learning spans from the milestones of Kindergarten to Year 6. We aim to create a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment that is strongly supported by positive relationships. We focus on developing the whole student – spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically – and appreciate our students are unique individuals with distinct talents, needs and learning styles.

Our curriculum is stimulating, flexible and tailored to meet the needs of each and every student as we strive for high educational outcomes and personal bests for all of our students. Dedicated teachers ensure our students grow in confidence and capabilities as they develop the skills of 21st century learners. We use innovation, rich resources, proven instructional strategies and engaging teaching and learning programs to promote student learning.

We support our students to embrace our school values of Courage, Authenticity, Respect and Empathy.  Our students become strong in self-esteem, develop responsibility for their own choices and, communally, support their peers to do the same. These values empower our students to make positive contributions to our school and wider community.

We are extremely fortunate to be embraced by a strong, close-knit and supportive school and local community.  Our parents support our school in many ways and celebrate our student successes. We endeavour to maintain a strong connection between school and home with consistent communication about student progress and wellbeing.

We offer learning support across the Junior School, K-6. Our learning support team offers explicit and systematic reading intervention programs, as well as small group support working within the classroom when required. The learning support team works closely with the classroom teacher to implement interventions or adjustments required to support the needs of individual students.

We invite you to come and observe our students at work or play within our calm, spacious playground environment and our vibrant, engaging classrooms.  Lunchtime play moves down to our rainforest style gardens and lush, green, grassed oval where there is always a game in action. Many students prefer climbing and swinging on our outdoor play equipment and there is even a handball court.  Our classrooms utilise both kinaesthetic and other alterntive furniture options to engage all learning styles and there are functional outdoor learning spaces.

We welcome enrolment enquiries at all year levels and invite you to take a tour and experience our students’ sense of purpose and energy within our unique, pristine Bayside Christian College Junior campus.

Learn By Doing

Junior School classrooms are equipped with resources which have been empirically proven to provide quality learning experiences. From using math-manipulatives to give ‘real-life’ sensory contact experience to abstract concepts to cooking porridge to experience narrative writing concepts in action, students become physically engaged in learning.

Students interact with our garden surrounds and facilities to build and develop learning concepts. They participate in a music program whereby every student is ‘hands-on’ with the instruments as opposed to watching. Every student plays an active role in their learning experience, and even mistakes are valued as opportunities to grow in knowledge, understanding and resilience.

Beyond the Books

In the Junior School students engage in outdoor learning, exploring and research. Our Junior School campus includes ovals, play equipment and ‘The Garden’. The Garden’s is a natural play area where children create their own playground, among trees, shrubbery, soil and grass. They are encouraged to use what they can find to build. Additionally, this area is supplemented by our vegetable patches.


Academic Departments

Bayside Christian College is a centre for Academic Excellence that is delivered through a community of diagnostically informed and inspired leaders who are driven to achieve continued success for your child. Explore our academically rigorous and intellectually engaging programs designed to help you develop our students learning across a range of subject area and broader contemporary and relevant areas.


Reading & Writing

Bayside Christian College  literacy program contains all the components necessary for you to master reading and writing. But we feel that no matter what program is popular at the time, an effective literacy program should always encompass these six basic components: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing.


We provide a holistic approach to improving student numeracy through the implementation of an effective Mathematics program for all middle years’ students. Programs include incorporating problem solving; improving mathematical literacy; information and communication technology and the scaffolding of numeracy concepts in a fully differentiated classroom.


The aims of the teaching and study of sciences are to encourage and enable students to: develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world, acquire knowledge, develop conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts.


The Humanities and Social Sciences are the study of human behaviour and interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic and political contexts. The Humanities and Social Sciences have a historical and contemporary focus, from personal to global contexts, and consider challenges for the future.

Extra Curricular Programs

Bayside Christian College provides a range of extracurricular programs for students pursuing extension programs or passionate about specific areas of the curriculum.


Young Musicians

The Music Curriculum at Bayside Christian College forms an integral part of students’ lives, who benefit from studying a wide range of creative realms.

Math & Science Club

Students who are genuinely interested in math, science or technology are welcome to join as well and pursue a range of extension opportunities.

Afterschool Sports

The benefits that Sport has on young people are well documented, including learning key traits such as leadership, resilience, self-confidence and mental strength. Bayside Christian College has built a Sports Program which focuses on the needs of the student, putting an emphasis on developing the whole athlete to reach their individual best. 

Art & Design

Bayside Art & Desgin, provides a nurturing home to the development of visual literacy, aesthetics, technical skills, creative problem-solving and critical thinking.  Students are encouraged to express themselves through their work and to understand that, in a diverse and technologically advancing world, Visual Art serves as an expression of our culture’s deeper values.