At Bayside, we’re a ‘community of learners’ but we’re also a ‘community for learning’. Students, scaffolded by teachers to work together and learn together. This extends learning beyond academics to incorporate life skills such as teamwork, taking responsibility, leadership, delegation, working according to strengths, dealing with interpersonal conflict, time management, communication and so many more skills which are necessary for success in life.

Bayside science teacher and students

Students learn positive social interdependence and individual accountability as each student is a valuable member of the learning team. Students begin to learn these skills from as early as our Sunshine Kindy program where students play cooperatively together. By the time they reach Senior School they are intrinsically motivated to learn and eager to see their peers successful in learning. Students know how they can learn most effectively and how to make good use of feedback. Using this approach students retain information longer and can use information more efficiently.

bayside junior students working in class

Studies have demonstrated that cooperative learning results in higher achievement, greater interpersonal skills and increased psychological health, self-esteem and social competencies (Jenkins, 2020). Combined with academic knowledge, these skills are foundational to successful 21st Century living. Students and teachers love learning when they are working together.