A Word from our Chaplain

School chaplains are responsible for supporting the spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing of their students. School chaplains, have a key role in supporting the spiritual wellbeing of their students, regardless of faith or beliefs.

It brings me great joy to be able to spend time encouraging students and helping them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Spirituality is an important part of learning to live according to your values and purpose.

We Know our Students Wellbeing is Critical

A Culture of Connectedness
As a K-12 College, we strive to create and maintain an environment of connectedness throughout the whole of the student body. This is intentionally achieved through the relationships fostered between staff, parents and students, amongst school-based programs and in the school design and running. We are one body, working together to fulfil God’s purpose for us as individuals and as a community.

Wellbeing as a Way of Life
Caring for hearts, minds and bodies occurs as an interconnected way of living life. Students are encouraged to know their God-given strengths and talents and to learn how to use them to learn and develop according to their potential. Wellbeing activities and programs allow students to understand the importance of maintaining mental and emotional good-health. Students are actively encouraged to care for their physical bodies in harmony with their overall health and inner wellbeing. Students all participate in daily devotions, Chapels and assemblies.

Pastoral Care
Classroom teachers are dedicated to providing individual focus toward each student. There is intention in each interaction with the purpose of knowing, understanding and caring for each member of the class.

Student Support
Our highly trained and deeply caring team of professionals seek to engage each student as a unique individual. Our registered professional counsellor meets with students, staff and families to provide social emotional support. Our Learning Enrichment Centre provides students with the strategies and supports required to meet individual and specific learning needs. Our College Chaplain facilitates Chapel for each of the year levels and offers programs and conversations with students to help them connect with God and with each other.

Relationships are at the centre of successful schooling. We actively develop and maintain positive and effective relationships with parents and families, and the wider community. This models the standard that we set for students in that as being made in the image of God every person deserves to be treated with respect and highly valued. Bullying in any form is not tolerated. Bullying behaviour is quickly identified and addressed with the intention to grow in learning how to love and respect others whilst maintaining a safe social and emotional environment for everyone.