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A word from our Principal

 At Bayside Christian College, we have a thriving Technology Program. I love the visits to B11 where students are printing on the 3D printers, engaging in Virtual Reality, creating Bible stories in Minecraft, programming and learning many other skills. Primary students are producing amazing work on their iPads and the Senior students are engaged with laptops in many lessons to enhance their studies.

A few things occurred this week which have been a reminder to me of the huge change in communication and information transfer that have occurred over the last few decades.

My mobile phone was overheating and so I became the owner of a Samsung Galaxy A34. It is a very small device being less than 5mm thick, has 6Gb of RAM and 128Gb of storage.

My mind wandered back many years to when I was a computer programmer at Evans Deakin in Brisbane. Evans Deakin was a thriving ship building engineering firm with branches throughout Australia. We programmed on an IBM 360 computer which, with disc drives and tape drives, would have filled a classroom. This large computer had 8Kb of RAM and 256Kb of storage.

Some quick calculations revealed that my new phone has 750,000 times the amount of RAM and 500,000 times the amount of storage that the large IBM 360 used to have and the phone is a tiny fraction of the size. Technology devices have developed and are developing at an incredible rate. We must prepare our students for the world they will be employed in.

However, in a world where emails and social media have become the means of communication, at Bayside, we feel it is also very important for students and staff to interact with each other in meaningful face-to-face conversation. Sometimes, content that is written hastily in an email or SMS can be taken in a different way than what it was intended. Therefore, at Bayside Christian College, we are very aware of how important listening and speaking skills are. Students are encouraged not to use laptops in their breaks and not to have mobile phones out during school hours.

Bayside Christian College Diaries contain “The Learning Curve” which is our Well Being program for students and staff. Our staff attended a PD last Friday where Mick Walsh, the author of “The Learning Curve”, encouraged the use of our listening skills in communicating with others. Staff practised the procedure – Take 30 seconds longer and encourage the person you are communicating with to “Tell me more”.

The biggest communication problem is when we do not listen to understand. We only listen to reply.

Today, I encourage all staff, parents and students to take the time to communicate face-to- face with each other, to use the spoken word and to listen to the person speaking whilst taking 30 seconds to implement  –  “Tell me more.”

Noela Ensbey

Upcoming Events

To keep up to date with what’s happening at Bayside, please head to our Website Calendar.

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Events Calendar

Student Success

Join us in congratulating Colton who has been selected in the 2021/2022 Queensland Triathlon Team.

Colton trains with the College’s Multisport Excellence Program and the Hervey Bay Triathlon Club.

Well done Colton.

QLD Team

Book Week Parade 2021

Our Students and Staff went to tremendous effort with their Costumes for Book Week Parade. The theme for this year was Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds. There was so many wonderful photos to share, that we had to create an Album. To see the Book Week Parade Photo Album, click on the photo below.

Book Week Parade

Fire Brigade Visit

Students had a visit from the Fire Brigade. Lots of enthusiastic Students were able to have a go at using the Fire Hose. It was wonderful to see the huge smiles on their faces. 

To view our Fire Brigade photo album, click on the photo below. 


Fire Brigade Visit

In the Classroom

Year 9 and 10 Food Technology have been busy making Celebration Cakes for their emerging technologies unit this term. Let’s just say they look DELICIOUS! 

Cake making


The Students put togehter such an amazing show for everyone. The smiles and laughs on the audience’s faces showed just how much effort and talent went into their performance.

Thank-you to all our Parents, Staff and Students for their contribution to making Aladdin such a success.

To view photo album one, click on the photo below: 

Photo Album 1 Aladdin

To view photo album two, click on the photo below: 

Photo Album 2 Aladdin
The learning curve
Weekly Scripture

Airlie Beach Adventure Camp

There are still spots available for our Airlie Beach trip. If you are interested, students can collect a form from Mrs France. 

Airlie Beach Trip

Prayer Requests

Please send your prayer requests to A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

Prayer Requests

Free Dress Day- Christmas Theme

In order to raise funds for shipping for our Christmas Shoeboxes, we are holding a Free Dress Day. A gold coin donation is required. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in their Christmas attire. 

For more information on the Operation Christmas Child, visit the link below:

Free Dress Day