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A word from our Deputy Principal


With the ceremonial commissioning of the new Secondary School ‘S Block’ building last Friday evening, Bayside Christian College has made another bold step forward in its development towards being a fully-fledged P-12 educational institution the whole College community may be proud of.

 The meteoric growth since 2017 has not been without some predictably quite acute growing pains; each successive year bringing new challenges. Occasionally these challenges encounter unexpected obstacles that rely on outside agencies for their removal, diminishing Executive and Board ability to move as far and as fast as we would like, but tenacity is one of our core College values and obstacles continue to be overcome.

 Just as David Lee, one of our Board members said as he assisted in the opening of S Block, while it represents 8 very impressive new learning spaces, that is not the ultimate destiny of the shiny, new building.  Within a few years, the learning spaces will very cleverly be ‘removed’ and S Block will be speedily transformed into a multi-purpose assembly hall, ideal for what will be ever-larger College gatherings, performing art events and even sporting pursuits.  The classrooms will just as rapidly reappear elsewhere on the campus as part of another new College facility, ensuring we use the space available to us to maximum possible effect.

 We know our College families place immense importance on the close-knit nature of the Bayside community and appreciate a truly remarkable staff that know the students and their parents really well.  As our Principal, Noela Ensbey, cut the ribbon on the latest development we committed to maintaining and enhancing both the physical facilities of the College and the quality of teaching and learning that occurs within the newest walls at 171 Pantlins Lane.


S Block Official Opening

In just over 7 months from when the first sod was turned on the building site, our new senior students’ building, S Block, was officially opened on Friday 29 October.

The much waited for and anticipated occasion was attended by Principal Noela Ensbey, Deputy Principal David Proudlove, Well-being Coordinator Marissa Francis, Head of  Senior School Andrew Priaulx, Fraser Coast Councillor David Lee, school captains Chloe Howe and Jessica Zabodal as well as other staff and parents and friends of Bayside Christian College.

After the official speeches and blessing, Principal Ensbey cut the ribbon declaring the building “Officially Open!” One last duty was to bury a time capsule to be opened in the year 2071. The time capsule contained a student diary, Principal and Deputy Principal desk nameplates, a Sunshine Kindy Newsletter, a Wiki article on COVID-19, face mask, hand sanitiser (empty bottle), a fluffy teddy bear complete with face mask, Bayside business card, World Teacher’s Day ribbon, a selection of students’ work and a USB stick containing photos and the college newsletter archive. Who knows if in 50 years’ time there will be a computer to read the USB!

Finally, a letter from Mrs Ensbey was included in the time capsule, with the following excerpt addressed to the people of the future:

“We have no idea what your education system will look like or what you will be driving or wearing. It is not possible to imagine. But tonight, in 2021, we pray that in 50 years’ time, 2071, Bayside Christian College is still educating students and equipping them for life with the timeless truths that are founded in God’s word. Our intent is to “Inspire Christian Character”. On the other end of this Senior building is to be a slogan that says, “Educated to shine and serve”.  Tonight, we hope and pray that students from Bayside Christian College are inspiring Christian character and are educated to shine and serve for the next 50 years.”

Spelling Bee

Over the last two weeks, we have had five teams compete in the heats at the Station Square Spelling Bee, and all five teams have made it to the finals. There have been nervous competitors, nervous supporters, tie breakers and protests, all leading to an already great result for Bayside Christian College. The finals are all on this Saturday (6th of November) with the semi-finals followed by the Grand Finals. Spectators and supporters are welcome.

Spelling Bee

Year 9 PE

Year 9 PE students are currently working through a unit called “Breaking Down Barriers”. This unit allows students to challenge themselves in various outdoor activities. Students went on an excursion to Susan River Ranch to challenge themselves in abseiling and low ropes courses. Well done to all those students who challenged themselves by facing fears in height and working together in groups to overcome barriers.

Year 9 PE
Year 9 PE

School Fees

As per the Bayside Financial Agreement, all accounts need to be paid in full by 31st December. 

2022 Fees and Stationery List requirements will be confirmed shortly. Details to follow. 

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Weekly Scripture

BCC Prayer Group

Below are the current prayer points of the parent prayer group:

  • Seniors finishing exams
  • Year 3 camp
  • College Staff
  • Parents (general)
BCC Prayer Group

Prayer Requests

Please send your prayer requests to A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

Prayer Requests
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