From our Principal

Australia has spoken!

Democracy is indeed a wonderful thing and yet it would seem, like we see with the many gifts and fortunes we receive, it is all too easy to take it for granted. I ask that you consider the following:

We take our eyes for granted until we can no longer see.

We take our legs for granted until we can no longer walk and run.

We take our family and friends for granted until they are no longer there.

We take the gift of life for granted until we are near our end.

We are indeed so incredibly fortunate to live in our country. The last few years have certainly been very hard, and the reality is, we have all been changed as a result of these challenges. For some, these changes have led them to even greater charity and self-sacrifice, for others it has had the opposite effect. There are indeed millions of people in our world suffering in ways it is hard for us to imagine, and the only difference between them and us, is geography.

The recent election was a significant win for Labour and it would seem that many realised their vote was important and they exercised that according to their beliefs and opinions. Notwithstanding this, I still find it so sad that we have political parties and leaders with such low ratings, but it is my great hope that the events of last weekend will be a positive for our country. Our leaders bear much criticism, and although it is sometimes valid, how often do we pray for them? How often do we ask God to guide them? I suspect the answer may be ‘not often enough.’

I know I am guilty of taking so much for granted. I forget how fortunate I am, and there are times when I have been reminded of this quite abruptly, and perhaps deliberately so. I recall a moment many years ago when I felt intensely troubled – my daughter was so ill, and she could no longer attend school. All the time, I was trying to build an unrivalled education for the students at the College in which I worked, and yet my own daughter could not benefit from it.

It was a very difficult time for me, and I remember being close to resigning and walking away. It was at this time it struck me how much I had taken education for granted. My parents went to school, my brother and I went to school, everyone I knew went to school – it was just something we all did. Being an educator, I absolutely realised the number of doors and opportunities that education can open, but I realised that even I was taking so much for granted – this came crashing down when my daughter could not get these opportunities because of her health.

I share this as I think we could add the following to the above list:

We take education for granted as it is something we all must do.

There are millions of parents who would give everything they had for their child to get a fraction of the education our children enjoy. In fact, UNESCO data for 2018 indicates that 258 million children did not attend school. This calls me to ask: What is the purpose of education? I think the ultimate goal of education is to help an individual navigate life, to make our world a better place for others, to enable people to see the many spiritual gifts they have been given and to encourage them to use them in a positive way for the betterment of our world. If this is true, why are we not all striving to get the most out of every minute?

I know I am certainly guilty of not appreciating all that I have been given until it is no longer there, and I am probably not alone in that. An education is a truly special gift, one we should all treasure, appreciate and respect. We should be so thankful that we have this opportunity, realise that hundreds of millions of people never get such an opportunity and as such we owe it to all others to use this gift to its absolute potential.

I cannot overstate how important it is for children to be in school each and every day. If we want our children to have more than we do; if we want them to live a life with less challenges; if we want them to make a positive difference in our world, we need to encourage greater attendance, effort, and application in school. We need to tell them that education is important; we need to check they are doing their homework; ensuring they see value in study and learning; we need to encourage their achievements; recognise their effort; and ensure that their weekly routine allows time for them to engage thoroughly. We need to do this in our words and actions.

Every parent wants the best for their child, but sometimes we forget that what they need is right in front of them. I hope that that we can all see the value in education and help our children who may not see all we do, to strive to succeed and commit themselves each and every day.

Over the coming weeks I will write on a number of educational matters and hope these will be of great interest to you all.

May the Blessing of our Lord be with you all now and forever more.

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO
Bayside Christian College

Aldridge SHS Equestrian Challenge

The Aldridge Equestrian Challenge is back on. Bayside’s Courtney Adams has been entered. If other students are interested in entering please see the Facebook link below. Nominations are through nominate and rider numbers are capped at 100 so anyone wishing to participate will have to get in quick.

Aldridge Equestrian Challenge Poster 795

Pentecost Sunday

Hervey Bay Christian Ministers Association invites you to join us at our Combined Pentecost Sunday Service. We hope to see you there and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you would like additional information.

Blessings, Cathy Beauchamp
On behalf of Julie Terry — Secretary of the Hervey Bay Christian Ministers’ Association and
Andrew Crighton — Chair of the Hervey Bay Christian Ministers Association

Pentecost Sunday 22 Invite

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Elective

The Year 8 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students, Damien and Cohen received the first stripe on their belt after completing the first set of techniques successfully.

The pictures show the boys proudly displaying the black stripe on their belt and some of the techniques they learnt. Also, in the picture is Sensei Gary Hodges-Langford.

Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu 2

Mother’s Breakfast Play Morning

Some photos from Sunshine Kindy’s recent Mother’s Breakfast Play Morning.

kindy mothers breakfast

Sunshine Kindy says thank you Mr Ricky!

Thank you Ricky for painting our Kindy wall in your own time, and transforming our room. We truly appreciate everything you do for Sunshine Kindy and our school. See below for the before and after photos.

We also thank all maintenance and ancillary staff for all the daily tasks you quietly perform for everyone in our school.

kindy room paint
Bayside Bedtimes logo 795

Bayside Bedtimes now on School Website

Bayside Bedtimes is a series of bedtime stories read by many of our wonderful staff, students and even some celebrities! Since the launch, Bayside Bedtimes has proven to be very popular. You can now view all of the Bayside Betimes stories released so far, on our website via the button below.

A new bedtime story will be released every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, so grab your blanket, a pillow, a comfortable place, family and friends and tune in with your streaming device. Videos may also be downloaded for later viewing.

Poetry Competition

For centuries the story of human civilisation has been told through song, literature and poetry. It shapes the way we view contemporary social, political, technological developments and human ingenuity have influenced our lives. It describes our folly, our weaknesses and our strengths. It provokes deep thought on our history, our current lives and our futures.

Bayside Christian College is calling all budding poets to write a poem about our College ……

A range of wonderful prizes will be on offer and the winning poems will be published in our annual year book.

Winners will be announced in August!

To enter, please click the button below (entries close 30 June).

Poetry Competition Poster
Matthew 28:18 NIV
Prep Sneak Peek

Bumper Sticker Competition Winner!

Abbie of Urangan is our Bumper Sticker Competition winner for this fortnight. The college will be in contact to present your prize of a $100 dinner voucher at Café Balaena. Congratulations!

Bumper Sticker Promo

Year 1 & 2 Spinnaker

We learnt about how to do times like 4×5 and 4×8 using blocks to make arrays. It was really fun. By Hamish.

spinnaker yr1 2b

Year 3 & 4 Spinnaker

At Spinnaker we play a game called Addo. We added two numbers together and had to cross it off on our bingo grid until we had three in a row. Then we learnt about what was the chance of our numbers coming up, there were 121 different ways. When we played again we got bingo much quicker. By Lily.

spinnaker yr3 4b

Year 5 & 6 Spinnaker

This week in Spinnaker we learnt how to add atmosphere to our writing. When we improve our word choice and change our sentence length, we make our stories more interesting and involve the reader. By Myles.

spinnaker yr5 6b

Football Camp

Attention all football (soccer) players! Two coaches from a London club will attend the camp for coaching sessions and will be on the lookout for prospective upcoming football stars! See the poster below for details.

Football camp

Bayside ECO Club

The ECO Club continues to encourage students and staff to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This video is promoting collection of recyclable paper and cardboard in  classrooms and offices, and the use of Bayside’s revamped ‘Recycle Hub’.

Recycling, we can all do it!

Book Creator

1T made a special visit to 3Q where they learnt how to make story books in Book Creator. The Year 3 students taught the Year 1 students how to add photos, drawings and words to their book on the iPad. Everyone was extremely engaged and enjoyed working together on this special project.

Book Creator
book creator 2

How to Make Fairy Bread

Over the past 5 weeks, students in Year Four have been learning in English how to write procedural texts. Students have been busy writing procedures such as, ‘How to Make Yummy Pizza’, ‘How to Play Twister’ and ‘How to Make Fairy Bread’. In today’s lesson, students wrote a detailed procedure for how to make fairy bread, edited their work and then followed their procedure to make their scrumptious fairy bread. Finally, students got to eat their fairy bread and discussed whether their procedure was easy to follow or not.

Fairy Bread Procedure

Bayside Participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge!!

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is an annual statewide initiative for schools and home-educated students up to Year 9.

The challenge is not a competition but aims to improve literacy and encourage children to read widely for pleasure and learning.

Mrs. Magrin will let students know all about how to successfully complete the challenge in Library lessons. Your classroom Teachers will have all the forms and information you need to participate.

Happy Reading!!

Premiere Reading
prayer requests

Please send your prayer requests to A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

PUFFS at Z-PAC Theatre

Noah Byrne in grade 9 has landed one of the lead roles in the up and coming Zpac Theatre production – Puffs. Well done Noah! Please support this local production and Noah. Get your tickets below.

PUFFS. For seven years a certain boy wizard went to Wizard School. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of The Puffs who just happened to be there too. PUFFS – a play for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.


Music Immersion with St Andrews Anglican College

On Wednesday May 25, St Andrews Anglican College brought 52 students on their Primary Music Tour to Bayside. We combined our choir, strings and band ensembles and spent the morning making music together in various workshops.

Bayside had 74 students involved in the combined ensembles and it was incredible to see our musicians learning and collaborating with the students from St Andrews.

We finished our immersion morning with a concert on the basketball courts to show off all the new music we had just learnt. We had the audience dancing, clapping and even making spooky noises for one of the strings pieces.

What an amazing morning for our musicians. Well done to our Bayside students on their effort, commitment, behaviour, and most of all having a lot of fun making music together.

Music Immersion
Music Immersion
Music Immersion
Music Immersion

Third place at the Show!

Bethany in year 4 entered cakes in the recent Fraser Coast Agricultural Show. As you can see, this cake had started to sink by Friday, but Bethany was pleased to get 3rd place. Her mum is super proud of the effort she put in, as we all are at Bayside. Bethany also made a chocolate cake with sprinkles underneath. Well done Bethany!

bethany cake 1
bethany cake 2

Cheerleader Gains 3rd place!

Sasha, year 5, performed at the Brolga Theatre on Saturday for ASGARD All Stars Cheerleading Studio. She came third for both of her Cheerleading Routines – Fury and Loki. Well done Sasha!

sasha cheerleading

3Q PeaceWise Activity

Students in Year 3Q have been learning about Biblical peacemaking by exploring the four parts of the peacemaking pizza. The pieces, which are based on Biblical principles, include putting God first, owning my own part, talking it over and making it right. The students learnt that all the pieces are important when being a peacemaker and without these pieces we cannot solve conflict.

For more information, please visit or email

peacewise pizza

A letter from our Compassion Child, Anik

Dear Sponsor Bayside Christian College. Take my love and greetings. Hope you and your family are doing well. My family and I are doing well. It is the winter season here. It gets fog in the morning. What is the season in your country now? We celebrated Sarsati Puja a few days ago. I enjoyed a lot on that day. Take my greetings of the new year. I enjoyed a lot with my family. Where did you visit in the new year? My favorite food is pilau. What is yours? I got new books from school this new year. I am glad to get new books. I am in grade 7 now. I stood 1st in the exam.

My school is closed at the moment due to the virus and I am sad about it. My family and I are doing well. Please keep praying for us. I will also keep praying for you. Yours Anik


Selection into WBSA Cycle Program

Congratulations to Rory Sloan our year 9 student for being selected to be a member of the WBSA Cycle Program. This is a very unique and challenging programme with only 12 students selected in the region. The process to be invited into this programme involved Rory submitting an application detailing his sporting contributions, one of which included his representation at the Wide Bay Triathlon championships. Weekly training sessions and specialised camps will provide Rory with the appropriate skills to excel even further in this discipline. Rory is aiming to transfer into the triathlon programme in the future.

rory sloan cycle