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A word from our Deputy Principal

There’s No Business Like A Bayside Show Business!

After all the months of preparation, the second-ever Bayside Christian College Musical, ‘Aladdin’, is almost upon us.  All around the campus, performers, organisers and technical support teams have been busy.  In the Art Room, stunning canvases are ready to move into their rightful place, over at Hervey Bay Baptist Church, as various backdrops depicting the mystical, mythical scenes of Arabian deserts, walled cities and markets.

Just next door, in the Textiles Room, brilliantly-coloured, sumptuous, shimmering, silky costumes that will truly do justice to the directorial and choreographic talents of Maddie Lawler and Carissa Wright, hang, almost nervously, waiting to be collected and be dramatically infused with life on that wide, expansive stage.

Our inaugural musical theatre production, ‘Madagascar’, in 2020, was described by one impartial observer, with no direct connection to Bayside, as being, “even better than another local high school’s last production!”.Considering Bayside has barely a quarter of the students who attend the local high school, this is very high praise indeed. Rehearsals now have that intangible ‘edge’; the subtle tension that speaks volumes for a need to work even harder as final touches and twists are made, the little, but oh so important things that turn a musical theatre production from the mundane, into the magical.

Make sure you come and see Bayside Christian College at its absolute best, next week, entertaining in the sort of style many schools would love to achieve, but few will ever match.



Police Road Safety Talk

We had a vist from Officer Bjorn from the Queensland Police Service last week, who gave a talk on Road Safety to students across the College. 

Road Safety Talk
Road Signs

Year 4 Pikelet Making

The Year Four students have been very busy completing their ‘Pikelet Day’ Mathematics investigation. The students ventured to the Food Tech room where they put their measuring skills to good use to make some scrumptious pikelets! Back in the classroom, students used their knowledge of measurement, multiplication, budgeting and calculating costs to plan a successful pikelet day on a larger scale.  

4 Q Pikelets
Pikelet Making

Learning Enrichment Centre @ Bayside Christian College


The support of students at this College is within a faith-filled, fully inclusive learning environment, where all students’ lives are enriched by their learning experiences across the curriculum, as well as through cultural and sporting activities.

The Learning Enrichment team will support students, families and teachers across a wide variety of needs, including students with disabilities (SWD), students with learning support/literacy and numeracy challenges (LS), students in Out-Of-Home Care (OoHC), students of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent who have scholastic and/or social/emotional challenges (A&TSI), students who have English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) and those students who are recognised as gifted and talented/high achievers with Bianca Carter appointed as Gifted and Talented Coordinator this year (G&T) with the Head of Learning Enrichment as her Line Manager.

LEC staff are working closely with classroom teachers, the College Executive, Head of Secondary School, Head of Junior School, Head of Teaching and Learning, and the College Wellbeing Coordinator, to ensure students gain a well-rounded education with the support they each need. There are sixteen team members within the LEC. Myself (Head of LEC), and fifteen full time and part time LEC Teacher Aides.

Support of students comes in a variety of ways, including support of teachers to ensure they are catering for the students in their classrooms with regard to pedagogy and differentiated activities to support the wide variety of needs in each classroom, dependent on the subject and content being learnt by the students. Support can also be directly with the students in the classroom, which is the majority of teacher aide support provided at Bayside Christian College. Support and differentiation is the responsibility of the fantastic classroom teacher at the classroom level. There is no full-time one-on-one support for individual students as individual funding is not sufficient for this nor is necessary. However, there are times, throughout the day, when one-on-one and small group support is provided either from the classroom teacher or the teacher aide to students; this can include targeted individual programs or activities.

This year, there is one LEC TA allocated for each classroom in Prep and Year 1, which means there is a teacher aide in every lesson at these year levels. In Years 2 to 5, there is a teacher aide allocated across the year level, ie one teacher aide between two classes, meaning each class has a teacher aide for half of the week in total. In Year 6 there is one teacher aide across the three classes over the week. In Secondary school there is a teacher aide allocated to each of the year levels (Years 7-10) and they mainly support in that year level, with some minor adjustments where needed.

As a college, we have introduced SEQTA as our Learning Platform and are gradually releasing its features. From Monday 30 August, all Learning Support SEQTA entries will be visible to parents. These entries are written by teachers and teacher aides to summarise support provided to individual students.

Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss your child’s needs and I look forward to catching up over time. My contact details are or 07 4124 4417.

 Kathy Jamieson

Head of Learning Enrichment Centre

LEC Team
Weekly Scripture

Prep Excursion to Dayman Park

The Prep students had a fantastic time exploring Dayman Park and the beach. They took their learning outside of the Classroom and enjoyed some Play Time at the park, and also the surroundng beach. Many discoveries were made by the Prep students as they roamed the beach, looking for crabs, shells and sea life.

Please CLICK on the photo below to see a collection of images taken on the day! 

Dayman Park Excursion

Upcoming Events

To keep up to date with what’s happening at Bayside, please head to our Website Calendar.

Click on the image below to head to our Calendar. 


Events Calendar
Year 8 and 9 Poster

Prayer Requests

Please send your prayer requests to A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

Prayer Requests
Father's Day
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