Your Personal Best

Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatever the activity in which you engage, do it with all your ability.

1 Corinthians 10:31 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Romans 12:11 Never be lazy in your work but serve the Lord enthusiastically.

It is interesting to listen to the words used by leading athletes. They do not talk about the number of First places they receive, but rather the discussions surround their Personal Best. It is not about beating the runner in the next lane as much as it is beating their own last performance. They push themselves to improve against their own efforts and use this as the benchmark for success.

When we see this all around us, why then do we see people who are afraid to enter into a competition for fear of not winning. Sadly, this week, I think we saw this at the District Swimming Carnival in which some students opted out and did so because they felt they would not be competitive. As a Principal, I have seen this is many schools and it is very sad indeed. The first time I ever picked up a baseball I am certain I didn’t throw it very far and my curve ball was in fact me missing the target altogether! Yet with time and practice I developed these skills and actually became quite a proficient pitcher.

When we opt out for fear of a lack of success, we miss a wonderful opportunity. Further we are missing out on the point of such competition. Events like the Districts Finals for Swimming are about each school sending their very best to compete, to represent their community and for them to have the chance to swim with the best – something we should relish and not hide from. Is it worse to come last or not have the courage to compete at all? I think we all know the answer to this.

If we never try something new, how do we know we will not like it? How do we know we will not be good at it? What new people do we miss out on meeting by opting out? What opportunity has been lost? How do we grow if we do not challenge ourselves? What does it say to the community when we decide we will not represent the College? Is it not a tremendous honour to represent a community or do we only do this when it suits us? If we do not accept such invitations, how can we expect to receive other opportunities in the future? What do we say to our children when we allow this?

This last point is also of much concern. I remember seeing a movie once with Kevin Costner and he was tasked to build a baseball field and while contemplating doing this a voice said, “build it and they will come”. In a similar vein, if I asked staff, parents and students to describe their perfect school, I am sure it would be one of great opportunity, maximum engagement, the highest of values and behaviour, and a community committed to supporting one and all.

If we want this, then we have to build it! We cannot have the engagement or opportunity we seek, when people do not commit to participating in events, when we do not commit to engaging, when we choose not to represent our community and this is made even harder, when parents do not encourage or support such engagement.

If we examine the three Bible passages at the start of the Newsletter, we can see that we are called:

  • to do everything to the best of our ability;
  • to do everything to the Glory of God and to be thankful for all He has given us;
  • to do all that we do with enthusiasm and dedication.

What a wonderful way to live!

We are a part of something much bigger than ourselves when we live in a community. We have additional obligations and expectations thrust upon us when we choose to live in such community. There is so much that can be gained by sharing in each other’s achievements, supporting all others to be the best they can be and to sometimes offer our challenge to push them to be even better.

So, I ask all families, to imagine all that our College might be and for the sake of every child, presently enrolled, those who have already graduated, and those yet to come – let us lay the foundation that will leave a lasting legacy for them all. This dream demands your contribution, your commitment and your willingness to help us as a school be all we might imagine; it needs you to help build our field of dreams to Honour and Glorify God and to support every child who has, does or will call this school home.

God Bless,

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO
Bayside Christian College

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Oxfam Easter Chicken
anzac day march 2022
bayside baldies logo 795px
bayside baldies team

World's Greatest Shave a Huge Success!

Principal Mr Grimes’, Deputy Principal Mr Priaulx, Marketing Officer Mr Taylder, Chappy Josh, Secondary Teacher Mrs Taylor and 3T Teacher Mr Tubbs’ heads have been shaved! The big shave was split up over two days: Day 1 Friday 18 March at the College Assembly saw Mr Priaulx, Chappy Josh and Mrs Taylor under the clippers. Day 2 Saturday 19 March 9am – 12 noon at Stocklands Shopping Centre saw Mr Grimes, Mr Taylder and Mr Tubbs get new hairstyles. They were also be joined by Councillor David Lee, retired MP Ted Sorensen and members of the public. The event was captured by our team of photographers and Channel 7 News. Checkout the videos below.

We raised over $4,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. There is still time to donate to this very worthy cause, please use the button below. A big thanks to all those who have donated!

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

The 2022 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence was a great success!

Most students were able to wear something orange to show their support of the important message that Bullying and Violence is Not OK – but that we need a Kindness Culture!

Congratulations to our Dress-Up winners Danielle and Malachai, and also to Bethany who received an encouragement award.

Thank you to everyone who helped us affirm that bullying is not OK, any day of the year.

orange day bullying

4 Topaz participated in the whole-school competition to create posters for the National Day of Action Against Violence and Bullying. Messages of kindness and the colour orange, were common themes amongst 4T’s poster designs. 4 Topaz also listened to a story called ‘Chrysanthemum’ about a young mouse who was bullied for her long name. We discussed the main message that ‘before we speak, we should think and be smart. It’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart.’ 

Anti Bullying Posters 4T

Bumper Sticker Competition Winner!

Lily of Urraween is our Bumper Sticker Competition winner for this fortnight. The college will be in contact to present your prize of a $100 dinner voucher at Café Balaena. Congratulations!

Bumper Sticker Promo

Reminder to Register for the Bumper Sticker Competition

Please don’t forget to register for the Bumper Sticker Competition so if your vehicle is spotted with a bumper sticker attached, we know who to give the prize to!

prayer requests

Please send your prayer requests to A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

1 John 5:15 NIV

Secondary Swimming Carnival

Our annual Secondary Swimming Carnival held on Wednesday March 9 was a fun, competitive and enjoyable day for all students and staff. Click the button below to have a look at the photos of the day.

Fun boats
Cross Country 5–8 years
Cross Country 9–18 years

Bronze Medallion

Year 10 Physical Education are currently completing their Bronze Medallion course. The Royal Life-saving Bronze Medallion is a nationally recognised course aligning with the Australian Curriculum. This course enhances personal survival skills in and around the water while providing the knowledge and skills to develop the level of judgement, technique and physical ability required to safely carry out water rescues. This week students completed the CPR component, engaging in chest compressions and breathing using dummies to mimic potential scenarios where a person is found unconscious. Critical, valuable, and potentially life-saving skills.

bronze medallion
bronze medallion
bronze medallion
bronze medallion

Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to Dyshart for his incredible achievements in swimming.

Dyshart competed at the 2022 Ronald McDonald House Charities Queensland State Sprints in February in 50m Freestyle and Breaststroke and achieved PBs in both races. He was also invited to attend a swim clinic at Chandler and was instructed by Olympian swimmers.

Dyshart will be attending the 2022 Speedo National Preparation Meet & Jess Schipper Challenge in March, competing in 50m Free and Breaststroke, 100m Free and Breaststroke and the 200 IM.

On an individual level, for the month of February, he was part of the Starlight Foundation Superswim and swam 117 km and raised $1,004.00 (WOW!).

Bayside Christian College is very proud of Dyshart and his achievements.


Secondary District Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to the students who participated in the District Swimming Carnival on Monday 21 March at the Aquatic Centre. It was great to see our students representing the College with pride and enthusiasm. We had some outstanding achievements from students including: Lilly in our 12 years category winning every individual race and ultimately winning age champion for the event. Dyshart came second in all his races and Andie-Le came first in her freestyle race and second in butterfly. Well done and congratulations to all our competitors:

Lilly, Rivah, Hugo, Eris, Andie-Le, Ruby, Dyshart, Rory, James, Narrah, Jayda, Noah, and Alex.

Photo below: Lilly with Principal Grimes.

Lilly Sloan swimming
district swimming
district swimming
We would love to acknowledge all sporting achievements so please let us know. Send Mrs Belinda France an email of the details including pictures. Email Mrs France

Olympics Unleashed Program

It takes determination, persistence and patience to become an Olympic athlete, and that is the message that was sent to students in Years 4-6 recently.

Jessica Borg, Taekwondo champion, spoke with our students about her journey to competition greatness as a part of her Olympics Unleashed Tour.

We’re so grateful to have had this opportunity, and hope that our students have been inspired to find their passion and achieve greatness in all areas of their lives. Thanks Jessica!!

jessica borg
jessica borg

Year 8 Food Tech

The Year 8 Food Tech class catered for the staff function held on Friday afternoon. They made platters of fresh fruit, vegetables, crackers, dips etc. All students showed great promise for future careers in the hospitality industry.

year8 food tech
year8 food tech
year8 food tech
year8 food tech

Year 9/10 Textiles

The Year 9/10 Textiles class has been busy recycling and repurposing fabrics to make household items. Some ingenious solutions have been developed like old jeans to make a dog bed and a dog jumper, old socks and pillow stuffing to make a draft stopper, and various scrap fabrics to make a small quilt.

year 9-10 textiles
year 9-10 textiles

Senior Fashion

Senior Fashion students are putting the finishing touches on their Australian Fashion Designer project. Ella-Blue designed and constructed a striped cotton sundress as her response to the design brief. 

Ella-Blue senior fashion

Year 8 Textiles

Year 8 Textiles are finishing their Term One projects. They had to design and construct a pillowcase suitable for a teenager. Andie-Le and Chloe were first finished and their pillowcases were stunning.
year8 textiles

Year 8 Food Tech

Year 8 Food Tech have been trialling dishes suitable for a school lunch. There have been a wide variety of options presented with lots of fresh vegetables thrown in for good measure.

year8 food tech
year8 food tech
Pizza day 2022

What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Year 11 Business Studies students are investigating what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It turns out that three students are already taking steps to make this a reality. One of the fundamental requirements is to create a product which is marketable. Then other essentials are to identify where to place this product, set a price point which will yield a profitable margin and use promotional strategies to attract potential customers. This process requires creativity, commitment, drive, passion and vision. William, Jaz and Isabella are definitely demonstrating these traits.

William’s business idea involves graphic design. He customises cartoon-like designs. Some of these are selling on-line, however, he also has customers who purchase paper- based prints. To ensure he receives payment, William has thought through a customer service system which support timely delivery and payment.

The business idea that Jaz has developed is based on her creative capabilities. She is a freelance digital artist. The types of freelance work incorporate merchandise designs, graphics for websites and promotional material for businesses. As part of her business development, she has created a website and set price points for her artwork.

Isabella is in the process of turning a business idea into reality. After completing research, Isabella was able to identify that there were very few artists selling glass paintings. This has led to her creating her own glass painting designs which have been very popular with friends and family.  She is currently working out whether the idea is viable from a business perspective.

In class, we are exploring ways for a business to achieve a competitive edge, calculating break-even, completing profit and loss statements to identify gross and net profit margins and establishing business goals and objectives. The students have been enthusiastically considering how these topics are relevant to their own business success!

year 11 business


Mr Deano Yipadee visited Bayside Christian College on Monday 7 March where he staged an exciting and engaging musical performance highlighting the wonderful books he has written. He also conducted creative writing workshops with the senior primary students.


Students have focused on Topic Three, understanding the PAWS or PAUSE effect, this week. They have explored how to speak with the other person about when it is appropriate to overlook and forgive a hurt, as well as how to have the conversation about what has happened. Students learnt that Jesus’ death was God’s strategy to reconcile and restore all people back to him. We respond to Christ’s act of restoration by giving and receiving forgiveness in relationship with each other and so live out Jesus’ style of peacemaking in our everyday lives.

For more information, please visit Peacewise Kids or email Marissa Francis

Paws Process
Pause Process
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