A Word From our Principal

Principal of Bayside Christian College, Mr Brian Grimes, discusses the importance of kindness and how your act of kindness can have a ripple-effect to others.

Last week I commenced a video blog for the community called “Talk Times with Grimes”. We are all time poor, and I know that sometimes it is difficult to take the time needed to read the College Newsletters. While I acknowledge this, I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes each fortnight to read the Newsletter, as it contains important information, details of upcoming meetings, opportunities and tells you of student achievements.

We will certainly try to make these as interesting as we can, but the Newsletter is an important form of communication to families, and I truly hope you will enjoy reading them.

Coming to a new school, whether as a student, a parent or a staff member can be daunting, as we do not know anyone, do not know our way around, and sometimes we do not know the questions to ask. This is even more challenging when you are new to the region. It is important that as a community we show everyone kindness, recognise when our hearts are focussed only on ourselves, and ensure that the ‘fruits of the spirit’ flow abundantly from us in all we do.

Having now lived on the Gold Coast for 10 years and working at only one school, I have seen some interesting comparisons between the schools and the region. In so many respects, Hervey Bay as a region is so much friendlier than the Gold Coast. I can even see this when driving on the streets and witnessing the courtesy of other drivers.

It is truly special to stand at our gates each day, and welcome students and parents alike to our campus. This is a lovely way to get to know our community and to help spread kindness and genuine greetings. I have also noticed the genuine friendliness of our families to all others, and I thank you for your friendship and courtesy. This is the hallmark of a great community, one in which all individuals genuinely care about others and are prepared to put the frustrations of the day behind them and show kind and sincere greetings to all others and to be in that moment with them.

I have however noticed that many of our students are not nearly as confident as those I have experienced at my previous schools, and it is my aim to give them a better image of self, an opportunity and reason to believe in themselves, and to take a chance and get involved in some of our many co-curricular activities.

To be honest, I have not seen such an extensive list of opportunities for students at any other school, and strongly encourage all students to get involved. There is so much that can be gained from participating in school sport or clubs and I ask all parents to encourage their child to get involved.

To this end, I will be coaching a football team in Years 7-9 and encourage boys and girls interested in playing football (soccer for Australians) to get involved. Getting involved in a school sport, or co-curricular club not only provides the opportunity to make new friends, nor is it only a great opportunity to build a range of ‘soft skills’ so much needed in everyday life, but it unites us and enables us to feel part of a community.

I ask for the assistance of all parents in encouraging their child to make the most of the many opportunities at Bayside Christian College, to seek new and wonderful opportunities for themselves, and to get involved. If we are to build an ever-growing list of opportunities for students, we need them to get involved and make the most of these activities, and I hope that with your strong support this will be possible.

God Bless,

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO
Bayside Christian College

Deputy Principal Andrew Priaulx

Appointment of New Deputy Principal

Mr Andrew Priaulx has been appointed as the substantive Deputy Principal of Bayside Christian College. At this stage, Mr Priaulx will maintain this role with the role of Head of Senior School, with a view of separating these roles at some time in the future. Mr Priaulx, is a man of unquestionable integrity, a truly committed and faithful Christian, a person dedicated to the College and our Mission, and a man with high-level planning,  organisational, leadership and personal skills. All, essential attributes in a Deputy Principal. We wish him congratulations and all the best.

Who Wants to Shave Mr Grimes' Head? (and others!)

Please donate to the Bayside Baldies! For a $5 donation, students are in for a chance to shave Mr Grimes’ and other staff members’ heads as part of our fundraising for the World’s Greatest Shave. Please donate using the button below, leaving your child’s name. Winners will be drawn and given charge of clippers to shave the heads of our team members! Good luck and thank you!

Bayside Baldies
Bumper Sticker We Belong

Bumper Sticker Competition Winner!

Owner of the car with the registration number 968 ZWY, is our first winner of the Bumper Sticker Competition. If this is your car, please register your details here and contact the college to claim your prize of a $100 dinner voucher at Café Balaena.

Bumper Sticker Promo

Reminder to Register for the Bumper Sticker Competition

Please don’t forget to register for the Bumper Sticker Competition so if your vehicle is spotted with a bumper sticker attached, we know who to give the prize to!

prayer requests

Please send your prayer requests to wellbeing@bayside.qld.edu.au. A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

Scripture week 4
MSP logo

A Note From the School Photographer

School photos are almost upon us again!

Bayside Christian College Schedule:
21–22 March 2022

The school has engaged MSP Photography to create our school records this year and you are invited to purchase prints of your child.

On photo day, every student will be photographed, regardless of whether you are purchasing or not.

Your child will bring home a personalised order envelope from the photographers.  Please take care to read and follow all the instructions carefully. This will ensure your order is processed smoothly and efficiently and will help you to avoid any late fees.

You will have the option to order online or with cash in your student’s envelope. Please take care to follow the instructions carefully.

Additional order envelopes are available from the school office for separated parents, blended families and grandparents. You will need to collect these on or before photo day and give it to the photographer on photo day. Be sure to write “Mum’s order” or “Dad’s order” on top of your envelope.

To order a sibling or friends photo, please collect Sibling and Friends Order Envelope from the school office on or before photo day, or order it online at least 24 hours in advance. Please note: Sibling photos are only for siblings who all attend the school.

If your child has been photographed in a special group (i.e. sports team or leadership team), order envelopes will be available in the weeks following photo day.  Please watch this newsletter for information when they will be available.

As school staff are unable to help with photography enquiries or payments, please direct your questions and comments directly to MSP Photography by phoning:

(07) 4921 3355

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to a great photo day.

Triathlon Collage

Multi-sports Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:30 pm. ALL WELCOME!

Multisport is an exciting, energy filled sport consisting of swimming, bike riding and running. Training is Wednesday afternoons 3:30 – 4:30pm catering to students of all ages and abilities. All are welcomed and are encouraged to bring a bike and helmet to the basketball courts. Students will ONLY be running and riding on Wednesday afternoons. Prizes are on offer for students every week.

Multi-sport Excellent Program

Open to students who participate in the Wednesday program and show excellent commitment and skills in running and bike riding. The Multi-sport excellence team train 3 times a week including the Wednesday afternoon. These students also attend sessions at the pool, beach and rail trail. A great fitness program to provide students with the skills to compete effectively and successfully in all areas of triathlon. Any questions please contact the multisport coordinator Mr Ashley Meyers ashleymeyers@bayside.qld.edu.au

Sophia and Ava

Little Athletics Gladstone Combined Events Carnival

Sophia and Ava competed at the Little Athletics Gladstone Combined Events Carnival recently and had very successful outcomes. Sophia placed 1st for 100m and 3rd for Long Jump with a PB. Ava placed 1st in 70m, 100m, 200m and Long Jump.

Well done to both athletes seen here showing off a bag load of ribbons and medals!

athletics 1
athletics 2

Pre-season Athletics Makes a Start

Tuesday afternoon saw the first of our Year 7 to 12 pre-season Athletics sessions. Students are given instruction and the opportunity to try and throw a Discus, Shotput or Javelin. Sprint sessions are included in the program. Instruction will also be given in Long Jump, High Jump and Triple Jump. All students are invited to come and try and can get a nomination sheet from Mrs Taylor or Mrs Ensbey. A Consent2 Go will then be sent to parents with details.

Conflict is a part of life. It can happen between any people, anytime, anyplace. It is important that we have healthy and productive ways of recognising and responding to conflict. This term, we have introduced a school-wide conflict resolution program that will give students opportunities to learn ways of thinking and being regarding conflict that they can draw from for life.

PeaceWiseKids is a Christian program run in schools that equips young people to deal with challenging relationships and conflict in healthy, constructive & life-changing ways. It is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and features age-appropriate characters and content, presented in a fun and informative way.

PeaceWiseKids has become a part of our morning devotions and homeroom for every class from Kindy to Year 12.

This week, students learned how to identify conflict, to use The Slippery Slope to see how people respond. Importantly, students learn to slow down during conflict, to think things through, and how the way we chose to respond impacts others and the situation.

We’re excited to be taking our students on a Biblical journey to become life-long peace-makers.

For more information, please visit PeaceWiseKids or email Marissa.francis@bayside.qld.edu.au

Slippery slope
Pizza day 2022
Learning Curve wk5 2022

Prep Quartz

We have a had a fantastic start to the year in Prep. The Preppies have learnt what the expectations at school are and what the boundaries are. They have learnt routines, such as going to the bathroom, lining up, and sitting quietly on the carpet. We have got to know each other well by learning what makes us special, what our favourite toys, colours, and animals are and who is in our family.

Our day begins with a morning greeting, a song of praise and dancing, reading the Bible, and praying. We are also working through a program called PeaceWiseKids, focusing on conflict.

We have fun at lunchtimes having a picnic outside the classroom whilst we eat our lunch and then playing in the Prep playground with our friends from the other Prep class and getting to know them better.

We have fun Fridays where we do some outdoor education if the weather is good. This gives the students an opportunity to use the skills they have learnt in class during the week in different areas outdoors.

We can not wait to see how the Preppies will grow this year academically, emotionally and physically.

prep montage

Futsal Competition

Please see the poster below regarding the 2022 Fraser Coast School Titles. If you are interested please see Mr Glover or Mrs France.

Futsal Competition

Local Author Mr Deano Yipadee coming to Bayside

International Best-Selling Children’s Author and Musician, Deano, aka Mr Yipadee, has topped the UK, New Zealand and Australian Children’s Best-Sellers Charts on numerous occasions.

His albums reached the top spot in the UK Children’s Albums Best Sellers Charts and his debut book Jingle Bells, Rudolph Smells went to Number One in the New Zealand Best Sellers Charts and sold out of three print runs in Australia three weeks before Christmas.  Nee Naw, The Little Fire Engine spent three consecutive months in the Best Seller Charts and he had three books in the same week in the Collins Booksellers Top 10 Best Sellers List in Australia in 2018.

Mr Deano Yipadee will be visiting Bayside Christian College on Monday the 7th of March where he will be staging an exciting and engaging musical performance highlighting the wonderful books he has written. He will also be conducting creative writing workshops with the senior primary students.

After the show, students have the opportunity to receive signed books. The following link will enable parents to pre-order books for their children to receive on the day. Order your Yipadee Books here

Books ordered by parents for their children will be signed and personalised on the day, so the students can take them home after school and share the excitement from the show with their family. Additionally, for every ten books ordered by parents/caregivers, Bayside receives a Deano Yipadee book for FREE!

yipadee books

Year 8 Textiles

Year 8 Textiles students have been learning to use the sewing machine by creating a drawstring bag.

Year 8 Textiles

Year 12 Food and Nutrition

Year 12 Food and Nutrition have been trialling new flours to make pastry – today they used wholemeal spelt, chickpea and buckwheat to make pies.

Year 12 Food and Nutrition

Year 11 Food and Nutrition

Year 11 Food and Nutrition have been studying the functional properties of protein. Today they looked at denaturation by aerating egg whites to make meringues.

Year 11 Food and Nutrition

Year 8 Dish of the Day Winners

Year 8 Students made Rice Paper Rolls in Food Technology last week. 

Rice Paper Rolls winners

Valentines Day Fundraiser for our Compassion Child, Anik

Wow, thank you to everyone who contributed to making our compassion child fundraiser a HUGE success! We sold out of stock before the end of first break with the support from staff and students overwhelming. We have made a profit of $638.40 which will be passed onto Marissa to support our compassion child Anik. Thank you to those of you whom promoted, purchased, assisted and supported such a worthy project.

Anik Lives with his father and mother in Nolbhogh Uttara, Bangladesh. He is 11 years old and his birthday is in August.

Anik fundraiser