Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,
Greetings and Peace be with you all.

We are surging towards the end of the Term and what a wonderful Term it has been. It was terrific to see so many of our Mums attend our Special Mother’s Day morning – a lovely recognition for all of our Mums. Raising a child in this age is not easy. The demands on parents are enormous and have only increased in complexity since the time at which my wife and I raised our little girl.

If we look at migration and movement patterns, we can see that each generation seems to be that little bit more willing to move or relocate away from family. Whether for work, opportunity, lifestyle, financial reasons, or experience, we have felt more comfortable in moving away (or the need to do so) from the areas in which we were born and where our parents reside than the generation before us, and I suspect the next generation will be much the same.

As such, we have two competing influences – increasing challenges as parents and less connectivity with our own family. In such situations, where do we find our family? I think there a number of cultures who have a far stronger alignment and connection with their neighbours than we do as Australians. Is this because we do not trust our neighbours? Have we started to lose a sense of who we are as Australians? Is this due to the significant increases in immigration? The potential reasons are numerous, and it is something that we should discuss as a nation. I often wonder what will it take to unite Australians, as we once were? What will it take to bring us together as one?

The saying it “takes a village to raise a child” is well known, I suspect well believed, but rarely fashioned and realised. Why? Do any of us really believe we can actually raise a child in this complex and broken world on our own? If not, we need to put even greater effort into building relationships, and not only accepting differences of opinion but celebrating them.

One of the tremendous advantages of belonging to a school community is connecting with the families and staff who make up that community. Independent schools like ours, have a particular stance on values and have at their very foundation a set of beliefs that are designed to attract people who are seeking such attributes. This brings together a particular subgroup of a broader community, and with such shared or desired beliefs or values, there should be a greater ability for meaningful relationships to form between our members.

Our school is a Christian school, but it is not an exclusive one. This means that parents do not need to demonstrate Church membership or regular Church attendance to join our College. We are unashamedly a Christian school, and this means that we will profess the Gospel, Christ’s teachings and share our faith position. This is not done to ‘beat’ people into Christianity, but hopefully to inspire more people to see a need for Christ in their life and to turn to Him.

We are not an exclusive school, and as such welcome anyone who is truly open to making a commitment to our values of Compassion, Humility, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Service and Tenacity. We welcome all who believe in Christ, these values, and those open to learning about God, or willing to consider commencing a journey with Him. I stress, parents do not have to be active believers to be a member of our community, but all need to be open to our beliefs and values.

Those who are adamantly opposed to God, are probably not going to find our school a comfortable place, and that is OK too. This is the beauty of the education system in Australia – choice!

One of the most important aims of our College is to ensure every child realises their potential, whether in academics, sport, service or the arts. Excellence is about achieving our very best in what we do, and our drive to ensure excellence in all outcomes for our students, stems from our beliefs and values. The reality is that no position description can detail the heart that is needed to raise and support a child, and so we need to employ staff who have the heart for children, their safety, growth, and development.

This demands not only a cognitive approach, but more importantly, one of the heart. We find the heart in people through the shared values we have, that stem from our Christian beliefs. Every school will find these heart-based attributes in their own way, but those who rely on position descriptions and not the heart of the person, will never succeed in delivering excellence in outcomes for children. If our work does not come from the heart, it must rely on mere compliance and will ultimately fail.

Regardless of where our personal beliefs position us, let us celebrate the strong values of our College, acknowledge the strength of conviction in our beliefs, and the nature of the staff and parents, these convictions bring to our community.

Yours in Christ,
Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO

Deputy Principal’s Message

Greetings to all as we enter Week 6. This fortnight has reminded me of the benefits of connectivity through social media, yet also the challenges that arise when young people are not aware of the potential risks of their online interactions.

The link below provides very helpful resources for you to have these discussions with your children. It includes advice and fact sheets of information for parents and young people about social networking and meeting people. As parents, we have the responsibility of monitoring our children’s online interactions. The more vigilant we are, the better protected our children will be.

While safety is a primary concern, it is also important to address the tendency for children to feel more powerful saying unkind words behind a screen than they would face-to-face. Please speak with your children about the power of kindness. Posting photos or videos of their friends without consent or commenting something insensitive, whether as a joke or not, can be damaging to their relationships with friends in the College. These issues may stem from online conversations and can prove to be very disruptive to their learning at school.

We truly appreciate your partnership in this matter to keep our children happy, safe, and to encourage them to remember our College values in their interactions both online and face-to-face.

Mother’s Day Assembly and Morning Tea

Last week, we celebrated our Mothers and Mother figures at our Mother’s Day Assembly and Morning Tea event. It was a lovely opportunity for us, as Mothers and special friends of the Bayside community, to come together and bond with one another. A sincere thank you to the dedicated staff who organised our Assembly, as well as to our talented Food and Hospitality students under the guidance of Mrs Kylie Woods, for preparing and serving morning tea. Special thanks to Mr Simon Deane for his efforts in catering our coffee and beverage needs at our Cast Away Cafe. To all the incredible Mothers and Mother figures, may this Mother’s Day be filled with abundant blessings as we continue to nurture and care for our beloved children.

Music in Senior School—Welcome, Mr Clancy-Jones!

A very warm welcome to Mr Clancy-Jones, who will be taking on the responsibility of teaching our Senior Music Classes and guiding the expansion of our Music Department. His arrival is indeed a blessing, and we are eager to work with Mr Clancy-Jones in this journey to see all we can accomplish for our students and our College.

Below is a brief biography from Mr Clancy-Jones:

Since 2006, I have taught at over 25 schools as an Instrumental music teacher with Education Queensland. Over that time, I have developed and nurtured many Instrumental Music programs and ran music camps and workshops.  I am a multi-instrumentalist and play almost all instruments except some stringed instruments such as Violin etc.  I have a lot of performance experience having performed in many of Brisbane’s most famous venues and at Suncorp Stadium in front of 48,000 people.

Since moving to Hervey Bay in December, I have been searching for the ‘Right’ fit for my family and I and when the opportunity to work at the College arose, I quickly applied.  My two sons attend the College and we have all felt welcomed and accepted by the community here.

I look forward to getting know our students, staff and parents.

Tyson Clancy-Jones

Senior School Assembly

Last Friday, our Senior School students gathered to celebrate the achievements of their College friends. We congratulated our District Cross Country Award Recipients and our Merit Certificate recipients. The assembly showcased the talents of our Worship Band, led by Mrs Erika Muller, and featured the delightful voices of Alexis and Amelie. Ms Warne’s Drama group also performed an entertaining piece that brought plenty of laughs. The Senior School students united to send their best wishes and prayers to our Barracudas, who will be playing in the finals this week. The assembly was a wonderful way to end the week.

Barracudas Final

Our Barracudas are heading to the finals! Both our Boy’s and Girl’s teams will be playing at Stafford Park this Wednesday 22 May. The Boy’s game kicks off at 4:15 pm against Xavier, followed by the Girl’s game at 5:15 pm against Aldridge. We are immensely proud of these young men and women, who have developed a remarkable bond with one another. Their improvements on and off the field is a result of their dedication and to the exceptional care, support, and guidance provided by their coaches, Brett Carter and Michael Bennett. Let’s go Barracudas! We will be there to cheer you on!

1 John 4:7-8 “Beloved, let’s love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. He who doesn’t love doesn’t know God, for God is love.”

May we actively seek to show God’s love through acts of kindness and compassion towards all the members in our community. As we do, we live out the truth of God’s love in our lives. May our hearts always echo His love, drawing us closer to him and reflecting on His grace and truth with everyone we encounter.

May God continue to bless you and your families abundantly.

Edelle Broadhurst
Deputy Principal

Bayside Christian College Shines at District Cross Country

On Tuesday, May 7th, Bayside Christian College students aged 10 to 17 showcased their athletic prowess at the District Cross Country Carnival held at the Sports Precinct. A total of 37 students proudly represented Bayside, with an outstanding 11 students achieving top 6 placements, qualifying them to advance to the Wide Bay competition. It’s worth noting that some races had over 50 participants, making these achievements even more remarkable.

Our students demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship skills, supporting and congratulating their peers while displaying remarkable resilience in their running. The 11 talented athletes who secured top placements will now move on to compete at the Wide Bay Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday, June 11th. Their goal is to secure a top 6 position in this event, which will qualify them to compete at the State Championships. We extend our best wishes to all these students for continued success.

Congratulations to the following students who excelled at the District Cross Country Carnival:

Rory Sloan: 2nd place
Tyler Mulhall: 4th place
Dylan Mitchell: 4th place
Sophie France: 5th place
Lilly Sloan: 5th place
Imogen Derbyshire: 5th place
Violet Atkinson: 6th place
Jack Mitchell: 6th place
Antonio Firouzsfar: 6th place
Ben Barkley: 6th place

Let’s continue to cheer on our talented runners as they progress to the next stage of competition!

Year 10 English

In Year 10 English, students have been exploring a range of classic short stories. While looking at mystery/ detective stories, students took on the role of detectives to discover who killed Lord Carnegie at his latest dinner party.

Fitness Trends and Athletic Adventures: A Holistic Journey in Health and Physical Education!

Our Health and Physical Education (HPE) program continues to inspire and engage students in diverse activities aimed at enhancing their confidence, fine motor skills, and overall well-being. Here’s a snapshot of what each year level has been up to this term:

Year 7 HPE

In Year 7, students are immersed in the exciting world of Oztag in our physical education classes. They are not only honing their skills in this exhilarating sport but also learning about the challenges and changes associated with adolescence in health classes. This comprehensive approach ensures they are equipped with both physical abilities and important knowledge for their personal development.

Year 8 HPE

Our Year 8 students are currently diving into athletics events this term. This unique opportunity allows them to choose and excel in their two best events based on their strengths in throwing, jumping, and running. Beyond physical prowess, students are exploring healthy choices to improve their overall health and well-being, empowering them to make informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle.

Year 9 HPE

Year 9 students are embracing team challenges to foster collaboration and teamwork. Engaging in various team-based exercises such as synchronised skipping and navigating obstacle courses, students are building confidence and interpersonal skills. Additionally, in Health classes, they are delving into community services, exploring available events, and activities within our community, broadening their understanding of civic engagement.

Year 10 HPE

In Year 10, students are refining their skills in netball, focusing on catching, passing, and footwork. These skills are not only developed through drills but are also put to the test in game scenarios, emphasising the importance of teamwork and strategy. Complementing this, in Health lessons, students are delving into the intricacies of nutrition, learning how to nourish their bodies for optimal health and performance.

Year 11 and 12 Sport and Recreation

This term, our Year 11 and 12 Sport and Recreation students are exploring exciting emerging trends in sport, fitness, and recreation. They’re discovering how traditional sports are now competing with activities like yoga, bushwalking, cycling, gym workouts, and running due to changing participation preferences.

These trends have influenced elite sports, with new additions like surfing, skateboarding, and karate at recent Olympic and Paralympic Games. Modified versions of traditional sports such as Twenty20 cricket and Rugby 7s are also gaining popularity. Students are exploring obstacle-style courses, parkour, water parks, and more. They’re also investigating fitness trends like Tabata, HIIT-style group fitness, and functional fitness. Students are analysing the drivers behind these trends and planning strategies to enhance participation among specific groups. It’s an exciting time as they delve into the evolving world of physical activity!

Through these engaging units, our students are not only enhancing their physical abilities but also cultivating essential life skills that contribute to their overall well-being and confidence. We look forward to continuing this journey with them, fostering a positive and empowering learning environment.

Bel France
Head of Health and Physical Education

News from the World of Art

Junior Art

Throughout this term students in Primary school have been working on a variety of units.

Years 1 and 2

Year 1 and 2 have been looking at God’s amazing animals. Each week we examine different ways to represent the animals using a variety of materials. Students are considering different ways to make marks to show their intention within the work. Their work demonstrates the enthusiasm and love for creating art.

Years 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 are creating artworks that consider the element of colour within a composition. They are learning to use terminology associated with colour and discuss their work with increasing confidence. They have created artworks that show the difference between using warm and cool colours and created dynamic art using complementary colours. Recently they drew robots which they will represent neutral colours.

Year 5

Year 5s are using the theme of birds this term and creating artworks that explore both the whimsical and realistic representations. They are using a variety of materials to create their art and are encouraged to apply their own unique artistic interpretations to build intention and meaning to their art.

Year 6

Year 6s are using the theme of landscapes for their portfolio of work this term. They have explored a variety of techniques and processes to create a landscape artwork. Experimentations with fan brush to create a variety of trees, and becoming familiar with acrylic paint as a medium has been a focus for the students.

Senior Art

Years 7 and 8

Year 7 and 8 are working through a unit that explores the different ways artists express their ideas within their work. From the surrealist movement to the hyper realistic art style, students are examining different artworks with the intention of developing their own style and imagination.

Years 9 and 10

Year 9 and 10 are examining the Steampunk art style for this term portfolio of work. They have been experimenting with a variety of media to consider the application for their final resolved artwork.  They have been pleased with their experimental artworks completed throughout the term.

Year 11

Year 11 Students are working through Unit A – Looking at Self. They are to examine and experiment with a variety of materials and complete experimental artworks that explore the theme of self throughout their work. All this work is to prepare them for their resolved artwork to be completed in term three.

Year 12

Year 12 students are completing Unit 7 – Belonging. They are identifying events and situations that give a sense of belonging withing a community and representing this through photograph composition.

Scale and Measurement in 5T

The students in 5T have been learning about scale and measurement during Maths. To develop an understanding of scale the students worked in pairs to measure the classroom and design a classroom map. Next, they used tape measures to create a path through the classroom and included this onto the map. Each of the maps and instructions were drawn using the scale 1cm:1m and the students enjoyed the practical element of the task.

From the Kitchen

I wanted to express my gratitude to all the students that helped me to prepare for the Mother’s Day Morning Tea event. We had over 300 students, children, carers and of course mothers attend. The students from the college volunteered to help on the day and were involved in various aspects of the event, from setting up the tables to preparing and serving a delightful array of treats. Their energy, creativity, and willingness to help made this Mother’s Day Morning Tea one of the best we’ve ever had.

Not only that the Year 11 hospitality class, as part of their assessment, planned the event demonstrating their skills in menu planning, food preparation and front of house service. The menu featured an assortment of homemade scones, delicate finger sandwiches, and an array of beautifully crafted pastries, all prepared with the utmost care and attention. As the event concluded, guests left with full stomachs and warm hearts, expressing gratitude for the students’ efforts.

Many mothers were heard praising the quality of the food and the attentiveness of the service, reinforcing the positive impact of the students’ hard work. I would also like to say a big thankyou to Margaret Farrelly and Kristy Vanner. Margaret, thank you for putting your chef’s hat back on for the morning. Kristy, thank you for all of your incredible hard work and dedication every day, but especially on this day.

Kylie Woods

From the Director of Learning Systems

“Within these grounds, we don’t just teach lessons; we nurture dreams, cultivate curiosity, and ignite the flame of knowledge that lights the path to boundless possibilities.”

As the Director of Learning Systems, I am delighted to reach out to you with warm greetings. It brings me great joy to provide you with valuable insights and updates concerning our learning systems, with a particular focus on our engagement with the QCAA – Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority

About the QCAA

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) is a statutory body of the Queensland Government. It was established on 1 July 2014, replacing the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA).

The QCAA is responsible for kindergarten guideline and senior secondary syllabus development, and for providing resources and services to help teachers develop curriculum, teaching and learning programs from kindergarten to Year 12. It also provides testing, assessment, moderation, certification and vocational education and training services to Queensland’s education community.

News from QCAA for Year 11 & 12:
Redeveloped Applied Senior Syllabus

In December 2022, the QCAA approved a revised set of Applied syllabuses for Year 11 students to commence standard delivery in 2024. These syllabuses, drafted by expert teams, were published on the QCAA website in January 2023 as the Applied syllabuses 2024 v1.0. This year, our school implemented these updated senior applied syllabuses (2024), covering ICT, Media Arts in Practice, Visual Arts in Practice, Fashion, Hospitality Practices, and Sport and Recreation.

Revised General & Essential Senior Syllabus

In December 2023, the QCAA Board sanctioned a revised collection of General, Essential, and Short Course syllabuses, set to be implemented with Year 11 students under standard delivery conditions from 2025 onwards. These revisions stemmed from extensive consultation involving over 8,000 stakeholders. As this year draws to a close, our school prepares to introduce these updated senior general syllabuses (2025) and will also revise the subject selection guide for Year 10 students transitioning into Year 11


Endorsement is an annual quality assurance process based on the validity and accessibility attributes of quality assessment. It is applied to Year 12 summative internal assessment instruments of:

  • Essential English and Essential Mathematics
  • all General subjects

Summative assessment instruments from Units 3 and 4 must be endorsed by QCAA-trained endorsers before they can be administered in schools. Schools submit the three summative internal assessment instruments and their supporting documents via the QCAA Portal.

The school has completed the endorsement of all assessments for the 2024 cohort and is now shifting focus to commence preparations for the upcoming round of internal assessments for the 2025 cohort.


Confirmation is an annual quality assurance process for Year 12 General subjects based on the reliability attribute of quality assessment.

Confirmation examines the accuracy and consistency of teachers’ judgments about students’ responses to summative internal assessment instruments, to ensure comparability of results across Queensland. The confirmation process aims to ensure fair and reliable results for students.

Overall subject results for General are determined by a student’s confirmed results in the three summative internal assessment instruments specified by the relevant syllabus, and the summative external assessment.

The school has submitted the initial round of IA1s to QCAA for confirmation, and so far, results have been verified.


Learning accounts are opened by schools in the 12 months before a student turns 16 or in the 12 months before they complete Year 10.

They are used to record enrolments and results for all studies which contribute to a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA).

Students can access their learning account to view their subject and course enrolments, projected QCE eligibility, results and download the Senior Education Profile (when issued).

Year 10, 11 and 12 students can access their learning account via the Student Portal on the myQCE website.

To access the Student Portal, students need to register using their 10-digit Learner Unique Identifier (LUI).  Student’s LUIs can be found on their profile in Student Café or contact Mrs McKendrick.

If you have any questions about QCAA or Parent Lounge, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs T McKendrick

Bayside Believers

Our Bayside Believers Cheer Squad is well on the way to becoming a team. So far this term, we have had two training sessions, and the students’ effort and commitment within these sessions has been outstanding. We have been focusing on learning jumps and pom arms. Our sessions have also included strength, flexibility and endurance training. This week we will start learning and choreographing our first routine for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic in September.

All of our Cheer Squad students have been sized up for their uniforms. Once we order these, and they arrive, we will do a reveal for you. Let’s just say they look amazing!

Years 7 and 8 Digital Literature

This week in Digital Literature students selected a game (from the approved list) to use as stimulus for their upcoming assessment. Here students are playing their games to learn more about characterisation and plot.

News from Sunshine Kindy

Last week the Kindy hosted a Mother’s Day Night, as an opportunity for us to celebrate all mothers (and other special women) of the kindergarten children and the vital important role they have in shaping them. We treated our mums with a range of activities they could do with their children – nail painting, hand massages, painting, stickering, beading and eating. We see you in the beautiful little moments, in the tough moments and in all the hard work.

Love is patient,
Love is kind,
It always protects,
Always trusts,
Always hopes,
Always perseveres
-1 Corinthians 13:4,7

Sparks Flying in 9T Science

We had a shockingly good lesson in 9T investigating static electricity. There were lots of sparks and objects flying through the air, including some aluminium pie tins. It was great to have so much fun with no charge!

Rod Air

6Q Camp Reflections

This year the grade 5s and 6s went to Camp Mapleton. At Camp Mapleton we faced many challenges. In activities we had to use brain power and teamwork when we worked together, we archieved our goals. We had an awesome disco which was a great highlight of camp, especially practicing the Cha Cha Slide. I loved the dive pool and water slides that were totally epic!!!! We also learned bush skills and how to stay safe in a place with no people around. By the end of camp one thing everybody learned was that teamwork is dreamwork. In conclusion, camp was a great experience that nobody would want to miss out on. I thank all the teachers for letting us go on this amazing camp.

Written By Bethany Neumann

In Term Two for Grade Six Camp and we went to Camp Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast. It was a super long drive and when we arrived I was relieved! While at camp everyone was excited for new adventures to begin. One of the activities that Year Sixes do is Orienteering, which is kind of like a scavenger hunt around the whole camp, that was so fun! Another fun thing is an activity called Eureka where we had to crawl through mud, that was also super fun! Another activity was swimming in the FOUR different pools, that was awesome! If I went back to Mapleton Camp, I would love to see different breakfast, morning tea and afternoon tea. I was hoping that they would change it up a tad. For future Mapleton campers, make sure that you bring a good attitude with you and be prepared to wake up in a surprising way, and trust me it’s surprising! Also, young campers bring more clothes than your packing list says trust me you’ll need the extra clothes. Thanks Camp Mapleton QCCC.

By: Makaira Wecker

This year, both Year Five and Six went together to this amazing place called Mapleton. It was beautiful and I wished I could have stayed for more time. One highlight of camp was when we had free time in the pool for ages even through it was a bit chilly. The water was beautiful and clear it was so much fun. I loved how you could jump off the rocks into the water. Another camp highlight was when we had movie night outside watching Madagascar. It was very cold so I would recommend a warm jumper. The movie was awesome, and it was interesting. But my favourite highlight was when it was disco night. It was very fun, and we got to listen to all types of music. It was fun when we had a quiz about the teachers because we learnt a lot of information about the teachers lives. I’m pretty sure everybody on camp had a good time. It would have been even better if we were allowed to go on the giant swing and other activities such as cannoning. But I’m glad we even got to go on this camp this year. For future campers I suggest lots of clothes and shoes because we go through them fast.

By: Hunter Bush

The Power of Kindness.

Last week at the Senior School assembly I had the opportunity to speak about kindness. You may be familiar with the saying ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’. I reminded the students that a sarcastic comment made in passing, spreading a rumour without a second thought, or excluding someone from a group activity are acts that can happen in a moment, but the impact can be great. It’s like a pebble thrown into a pond, causing ripples that spread far beyond the initial splash. That offhand remark or exclusion can linger, affecting someone’s mood, confidence, and sense of belonging.

In the world that we live in, conflict is inevitable, and disagreements will happen but it is in these moments that our true character shines through. Instead of reacting impulsively or lashing out in anger, let’s pause and consider how our words and actions might impact those around us. It’s about choosing empathy over ego, understanding over judgment, and forgiveness over resentment. Sometimes I am required to have conversations with students about their behaviour, and I will ask our students “Was that behaviour modelling our school values?” It’s a simple sentence but it is a loaded question. Did you show compassion or integrity? Were you humble?

As Christians, we’re called to embody the love and compassion of Jesus Christ in all that we do. In the Bible, we’re reminded of the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, regardless of our differences. As it says in Colossians 3:12, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” Just this week I was blessed to walk past our Year 7/8 Service Learning class where they were decorating boxes for care packages that were being donated to a person going through a difficult time. The love and care that went into designing these boxes was incredible and perfectly encapsulated the spirit we are striving to build here at Bayside. Well done to Mrs MacDonald’s Service Learning class!

Emily Taylor
Senior School Coordinator

News from Textiles

All young Australians should develop capacity for action and a critical appreciation of the processes through which technologies are developed and how technologies can contribute to societies. In creating solutions, as well as responding to the designed world, students consider desirable sustainable patterns of living, and contribute to preferred futures for themselves and others.

From the Australian Curriculum your textiles challenge is to design, produce and evaluate a product that uses recycled materials to replace plastic bags.

Year 7/8 students are busy making an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bag. They are learning how to use a rotary cutter when cutting sustainable fabrics. These may be recycled cotton fabrics – remnants from past projects, pillowcases, and deconstructed clothes.

Fashion is a powerful way that we are able to express ourselves and show the world who we are. Year 9/10 are planning for a cool winter season by designing a bespoke Hoodie that represents their fashion personality using a decorative application of choice. To begin their learning journey of sewing with knit fabrics students are creating a pair of socks from remnant fabric. Further learning of sewing with knits will occur when the overlockers are engaged when sewing the Hoodies.

Wide Bay Soccer Player in our Midst

On Sunday Malakai Yeatman travelled to Gympie for the second phase of the Wide Bay ‘school boys’ U12 Soccer trials and was selected for the Wide Bay team. He is the only Hervey Bay player in the U12 team made up of the top Gympie, Bundy, Maryborough, South Burnett and Hervey Bay players. They will now train together and attend the State Championships in Townsville in August. Congratulations must go to him for his continued effort and dedication to his Soccer. Bayside is very proud.