Principal’s End of Year Message

This week I wrote to all families about the true meaning of Christmas. These reflections do make me wonder as to what has changed in our society that has enabled or resulted in the way we view such important occasions. On another matter, why do we see mental health issues soaring in number and complexity, leading to dreadful social outcomes and for many the destruction of their life and all they hold dear – and particularly at this time of the year?

Why are mental health issues increasing:

  • Is there something in our biology or psychology that has made us less resilient?
  • Are we more aware of world events and the trouble or plight of others and this gives us cause for greater concern?
  • Are our living standards decreasing such that we feel unable to cope?
  • Do we worry about what might happen more than we used to do?
  • Are we suffering more trauma now?
  • Are we more affected by drugs and alcohol now?
  • Do we live or experience more poverty than before?
  • Are we affected by increasing discrimination?
  • Are family ties and our connectivity with friends more superficial than before?

While I do not believe that the answer to this question is indeed simple or as easily categorised as the above may suggest, there are a few things to consider:

  1.  As Australians, we are far wealthier in our assets than the vast majority of people in the world, and so while we may indeed feel financial pressure, we are truly more secure than many who live in absolute poverty in our world.
  2. There is no doubt that we are far more aware of the troubles in our world through our connected technological world, and that this information is biased – for what makes for news is rarely the good news stories!
  3. If affected by discrimination, abuse, domestic violence, dug and alcohol abuse or addiction, which I wholeheartedly believe leads to significant mental health issues, the question is why are these things on the rise?

According to the American Psychological Association, resilience refers to the process and the outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences. With this in mind, it would seem that being more resilient would indeed help us overcome many of these mental health issues and result in fewer destructive behaviours. The question is therefore how do we become resilient? How do we look at or interpret the changes in our world? How do we acknowledge these, understand these, and yet not let them cripple our mindset or spirit?

There are those, far more intelligent and capable than me who would be far better to answer this question. Interestingly, and I will admit from the position of a ‘non-expert’ in this field, I do find it interesting that mental health issues have been on a steady increase for years, and at the very same time, church attendance and faith connectivity has been on the decline – cause and effect? Coincidental and no link between the two trends?

Faith leads us to a path in which we accept that there is a higher purpose for our lives; one in which we may never know our true purpose or the plan that is before us, but that we have a complete trust that God has all of this in hand; that everything is in His control; and that we will be OK because of His promise to us.

When we have this as our safety net, does it not reduce our worries? I must admit that when I experience my times of greatest anxiety, it is when I have taken on the problem and believing that I must solve it, rather than being an instrument through which God will solve the problem. I feel greater stress and pressure when I fail to hand the problem over to God and trust in Him to bring the solution.

If this is my experience, could it be that way for others? If others feel this way, do we not support each other the strongest when we encourage each other, when we pray for each other, when we hold each of our challenges up to God? Is this not what we do in our Churches, as we gather to hear God’s Word, and to try to understand His plan for us?

If this is all true, then it would make complete sense that a decline in our connectivity in faith both as individuals and as a collective, is related to our increased mental health issues and pressures. When we believe there is no answer, when we feel all is hopeless, when we feel that we must do more, but know that we simply cannot, we worry. This is completely understandable, but it is in these moments that we fail to recognise that there is an answer, even if we do not know it – we do not have to worry as God knows; there is hope – this has been promised to all who come to Christ in faith; we do not need to solve every problem, but rather petition God to use us as an instrument of His will and through him, all will be made right.

In my opinion, there is no coincidence between a decline of faith of our world or the practicing of our faith, and the significant issues we face. With that in mind, Christmas is a time of birth, and time of renewal, and I hope and pray that it may be a time of renewal for your faith in our Lord. I hope that you may consider this article and ask yourself, how much pressure you take on and accept, as opposed to believing in the infinite power and love of Christ for us.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support throughout the year, I wish and pray that all will have a truly special and most Holy Christmas, and that the celebration of the birth of Christ, will further ignite our faith and bring us all much peace this coming Holy season.

Brian Grimes
Bayside Christian College

School Opening hours summer graphic

Summer Holidays Office Opening Hours

Please note the following times for the school administration office over the summer holiday break. We wish students, parents and staff and safe and joyous time over the summer holidays.

Office Opening Hours

OPEN: 9am – 2pm Monday to Friday
CLOSED: 21 December to 3 January 2023

Scripture graphic Luke 211-12 NIV

National Fairy Bread Day

On Friday 6Q and 1Q had a fairy bread picnic to celebrate National Fairy Bread Day – 24 November. It was a great way to end the term and we had a lovely time chatting, colouring and eating together with our buddies.

Find a Frog!

Leap into February and find a FROG! Get ready all Citizen Scientists for ‘Find a Frog in February’ 2023! Everyone can contribute to our collective understanding and the protection of the beloved native frogs we share our world with.

Look for frogs, record their call, take photos and send your information in to the FFF team. Record sheets, instructions and useful information is all available HERE

Education material for teachers at edStudio (search for ‘frog’ or ‘Jean Pink’). An introductory frog webinar is available to watch HERE

Find a Frog poster

Police Talk

Today’s technology has brought the world to our children’s fingertips. Providing them access to a vast range of resources, information and the ability to communicate in real time with people from all over the world. With these immense benefits there are also very real dangers.

This week, Bayside Christian College was visited by the Queensland Police Service who spoke to our students about the risks associated with the internet and social networking. They discussed with the students the legalities associated with these technologies and educated them about strategies to stay safe when using the internet and social media platforms.

STEAM Year 7

In STEAM this term Year 7 students have designed and created candy dispensers. During their design and construction, they had to consider budgets, timelines, sustainability and availability of materials. They also had to ensure that their product not only worked but looked good. It was so great to watch what interesting and unique ideas they came up with. They were so proud of their final prototypes.

Year 6 Celebration of Learning

What an amazing end to the Primary learning years!

Children and families enjoyed a lovely breakfast together followed by a celebration assembly where the children all received a Graduation Certificate and a goodie bag with special treats including a Class of 2022 T-shirt that they had signed by friends and staff.

Then we headed off to Burrum Heads for a day out at the beach. Children played on the beach, fishing and playing cricket. Then it was off to the Bistro for a Pizza lunch. We had an awesome day making wonderful memories to take away from our time together.

National Swimming Champion

Dyshart Morgan recently competed at the Queensland Country Swimming Championships which is a National event for regional swim clubs, held at the Parap Pool in Darwin. He made the finals for two events (13-14 year old boys 100 and 200 freestyle), was a reserve for a third final event and swam seven PB’s throughout the meet.

Dyshart has also made the 2022  McDonalds Queensland State Championships, which will be held from 10-16th of December at the Chandler Aquatic Centre. At this event he is competing in 50m for all four strokes and 100m for breaststroke and freestyle. We wish Dyshart the best of luck in this upcoming competition and congratulate him on a very successful year of swimming.

The True Story of Christmas

3Q learnt about the true story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. They listened to Bible stories from the New Testament and gained an understanding of why we celebrate Christmas. The students created Nativity silhouettes, which were very tricky to display in their homes day Christmas. 

Sunshine Kindy

Sunshine Kindy gives thanks for a safe and successful  year. We wish everyone a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Sunshine Kindy kids
Christmas scripture

Year 5 Market Day

The Year 5 students spent this term planning for their Market Day. The students had to create a budget, make the items they wanted to sell and then sell their goods at the Market. With the profits that the students made, they then bought items to put together hampers for sick children that will spend Christmas in hospital.

Thank you for each one contributing to the wonderful opportunity to allow our students to have a Christmas of GIVING instead receiving.

District Swimming Carnival for 9-12yr old

Friday 25 November saw all schools travel to the Aquatic Centre to compete against each other in the Hervey Bay District swimming carnival. Bayside was competing in the A Division with a small team and performed extremely well. I was very proud of everyone there as we were up against bigger schools. The support and commitment shown was second to none and I was glad to be a Bayside teacher. Congratulations to all the students who participated. Everyone had a great day and even though we were beaten all who went came out better swimmers. 

Ribbons at the swimming carnival

Swimming Carnival 5-8yr old

The 5-8yr olds travelled to the Aquatic Centre on Tuesday this week to compete in the swimming carnival. The weather was friendly and everyone had a great time. It was awesome to see so many swimming and having fun, displaying their skills. A huge thankyou needs to go to the Grade 6 Leaders for helping and encouraging the swimmers throughout the day. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and is looking forward to next year’s carnival. 

Model Train Excursion

The preppies had a lovely day out at M and K Model Train Railways last week. We explored how the trains were able to move and watched a demonstration on steam. The highlight for some students was a few laps around the circuit on the train. There was a search and find as Thomas went on his adventures around Europe.

A big thank you to M and K Model Trains for having us. We will be back for another visit soon.

Model Train ride
Steam demo
Bumper sticker promo logo

Bumper Sticker Promotion Major Prize Winner!

The winner of our major prize for the Bumper Sticker promotion has been drawn! Drum roll please!… And the winer is Alison from Urangan. Congratulations Alison, you have won reimbursement of Term 4 fees for your eldest child! The college will be in contact with you to organise your prize.

Thank you to all participants in the Bumper Sticker promotion.