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Vol. 3, Issue 3, 19 March 2021

A Message from our Principal

The English poet, William Cowper, first quoted in 1785 “Variety is the very spice of life – that gives it all its flavour.”

It is such a privilege to walk around the college each day and see the variety of learning and activities that are happening at Bayside. Please allow me to share some of the highlights that I have witnessed in the last weeks –

  • Our beautiful little preppies that have settled into school life, participating in literacy rotations and thoroughly enjoying maths games as they learn to refine their numbers.
  • Our Year 5s writing narratives with exciting endings or mastering the process of long division.
  • The Year 5 and 6 Band practising saxophones, flutes, trumpets and many other instruments.
  • Our Year 8s STEAM classes using the Minecraft program to form 3 interactive bible stories with associated verses
  • Our Year 9 and 10 dance class practising for the Easter Chapel service at the end of term.
  • Our Year 12s completing IA1s that have been submitted to QCAA.
  • Prep to 3 students thoroughly enjoying Lego Club
  • The Adventure Warriors in full force.
  • Action and energy of Rugby, netball and basketball training
  • Great concentration in Calligraphy club.
  • The Religion and Ethics Excursion
  • Musical and choir rehearsals.
  • Great creations in Kitchen club and the Art Club and the list goes on.
  • Our website now includes a live calendar so school events for the whole year can be viewed by parents and staff as they are updated.

However, I have to admit that probably the most exciting and memorable moment for me this week, was to see the Year 12 captains participating in the ground breaking ceremony for our new Senior Block and the excavator moving in yesterday. In the coming weeks, firm foundations will be built for our Senior block and we will continue to help our students build firm foundations for their lives.

Ground Breaking

Ground-breaking Ceremony

Work begins on much needed classrooms for Bayside Christian Colleges’ expanding student population.

On Wednesday 17 March 2021, the ground-breaking ceremony took place in the grounds of Bayside Christian College.

A news crew from TV Channel 7 and a journalist from the Hervey Bay Advertiser newspaper covered the event.

Teachers, senior students, the project manager, architect and other members of the school community witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony for the new classrooms, despite the wet weather.

“The building of our new classrooms is a much anticipated milestone in the history of our growing Christian college here on the Fraser Coast,” said Principal Noela Ensbey.

“These classrooms have been designed to ensure our students are taught in a modern, air-conditioned environment.”

The ground-breaking ceremony commenced at 10.00 am and included a special blessing by the college counsellor, Marissa Francis. Senior Year 12 students, represented by the College Captains and Vice-Captains, who will benefit the most from the new classrooms, were also in attendance.

Click the photo below to view an online gallery of the ground-breaking ceremony.

Being interviewed Channel 7

Watch the Channel 7 news story on YouTube below.

Year 8 Textiles

This term students have been working on a task to design and make a pillowcase/cushion cover. Furry fabric was very popular, although it was found to be quite difficult to sew for beginners. 

Year 8 Textiles

Year 8 PE Students

Year 8 PE students have been busy rehearsing their musical movement routine for their upcoming assessment.

Year 8 PE students

Bronco Cup

Congratulations to all our Broncos Cup participants. The boys have been giving their best at the local rugby league tournament held every Wednesday afternoon. Last week we were thrilled with the boys scoring 2 tries against Xavier. We encourage all parents and friends to support the boys every week with information provided on the SEQTA notices and Facebook. Massive thank you to the coach Mr Brett Carter for all his hard work in giving the boys the best opportunity to succeed. 

Playing a game Bronco Cup

Years 7–12 Exams

It’s that time of year again! Students in years 7 and 12 have been studying hard for the upcoming exams held from 22 to 26 March. We wish all of you sitting for the exams the best and get plenty of sleep before your exam! You can import dates into your calendar via the link below:
Exams Years 7–12
Classroom exams 1935 style
Exams in the classroom back in 1935!

New Billboards Installed

New billboards advertising Bayside Christian College have been installed in two locations around Hervey Bay. Designed by our inhouse marketing department with input from members of the college community, the billboards will certainly attract attention to our college.

The first photo shows the billboard located on the Hervey Bay/Maryborough Road on the left hand side as you head towards Maryborough, just past the United petrol station.

The second photo shows the billboard located on Booral Road on the left hand side as you head towards Maryborough, about 1 km past Hervey Bay airport.

BCC billboard
Billboard Booral Road

House Mascots

We have introduced our new house mascots on assembly. Our newest members will be visiting often to assemblies and major sporting carnivals. 

  • Burrows Crocodile- Salty
  • Chisholm Kangaroo- Skippy
  • Johnson Dingo- Fraser
  • Stace Dolphin- Flipper
Johnson Mascot
Chisholm House
Stace Mascot
Burrows Mascot

Calendar of Events

All of our events can now be found on our School Website. Clink on the following link to view the Calendar: 

Calendar of Events

House Competition Winners

A BIG Congratulations to Chisholm for winning our House Competition in our Staff and our Student division.

Student House Competition
Staff House Competition

BCC Triathletes

BCC triathletes descended on Kelly’s Beach, Bargara, in force on Sunday March 7, putting up a fierce competition to competitors from over the Wide Bay region. All athletes raced with such grace and grit, and BCC even took out line honours in most races. Check out the phenomenal results below:  

Turtles (100m/2km/500m):
Cooper Dale – 1st 
Tyler Mulhall – 3rd 

Lilly Sloan – 1st 
Amika Gottke – 8th 
Rose Gottke – 11th 

Give it a Try (375m/10km/2.5km)
Colton Blyth – 1st 
Noah Corfe-Keller – 5th
Rory Sloan – 9th

Chloe Dale – 3rd 
Abbey Mulhall – 6th 

Triathletes montage

Year 10 HPE

Year 10 HPE attended the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre this week to complete their CPR training as part of their Bronze Medallion course. This program allows students to learn vital lifesaving and aquatic rescue skills.
Year 10 CPR Training

Business Design Thinkers Year 11

Year 11 Business Studies have been investigating how business ideas are generated. Often these are generated by design or innovative thinking. The class took on a task to improve swimming bag design by identifying ways to improve or enhance this product. The starting point was to consider problems with current swimming bag design, especially the draw string range. Other issues which may occur for students and parents were considered and these may arise due to participation in this activity. Students worked on solving these issues to come up with a new design.

New designs included a waterproof chamber to store dry clothes and wet towels, adding extra compartments to enable students with their self-organisation skills so items did not make their way to lost property. Designs also incorporated mesh compartments on the outside to store thongs and water bottles.  One student identified that if the bag design was effective, it could be attached to a light weight foldable trolly which may be helpful for some students.

After the designs were analysed, students then considered criteria to assess whether this design was a legitimate business idea. The next step was to take the business idea to a start-up phase including ways to protect the design. This included giving the product a name and meeting legal and other operational requirements such as whether the production of the bag can be outsourced.  Target market, break-even and profitability were determined.

Business Design Thinkers

Religion and Ethics Excursion Years 11 & 12

Year 11 and 12 students participated in an excursion as a part of their “The Australian Story” unit in Religion and Ethics. We travelled around Hervey Bay, visiting various places of worship, and learning about the spirituality of Hervey Bay and the various expressions of this. The most often asked question was regarding the need for spirituality or God in a person’s life and was met with a unanimous affirmation of necessity by the ministers who were interviewed. 

RE Excursion
RE Excursion
RE Excursion

Cross Country Events

See the college online calendar links below for the Cross Country events:

Cross Country – Kindy to Year 3

Cross Country Years 4–12

Cross Country


Service and Missions are an integral element of education at Bayside Christian College, as is our Sporting Activities. This year, we are excited with the opportunity to combine both as we raise money for Bibles to be distributed to students in Africa during our Cross-Country Event on the Thursday1st of April 2021 for Year 4 to 12 students.

Since 2009, and with the support of thousands of students across Australia and New Zealand, Run4Bibles has seen more than 300,000 students in South African public schools receive the Good News of Jesus Christ.

As little as $7 is needed to raise to provide one Bible.

All students will be provided with a Run4Bibles sponsorship form to collect their sponsors. We ask that students work with their parents and caregivers to obtain sponsorship for the event to ensure student safety.

Please return the sponsorship form completed to the College office with money if paying by cash by Monday 29th March 2021.

Sponsorship money can be paid online, or students can send the money to the College office with their completed form. The College will forward all money raised to the Run4Bibles project.

All money raised will be calculated and will go towards a House Competition to see which House raises most money to purchase the Bibles. The winners of the House Competition will be announced after the school holidays.

For more information about Run4Bibles visit

The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve

Walk Around Australia

Congratulations to all the amazing Staff and Students that have been part of our mission to Walk Around Australia. We have made great progress so far. 

Walk Around Australia

Parenting ‘Faith in the Home’  Free Zoom Session

Run by Pastor Tracy Valentine, QB Kids & Families Ministry Leader:

  • Unpack why faith in the home is important
  • Explore the influence of modern parents
  • Empower parents to use their opportunities – without it being overwhelming
  • For parents from birth to teens
  • Equip parents to pray and talk with their kids
  • Understand the main issues for modern kids

Interested? Simply, complete the following Google docs form to find out more:

Faith in Home