Principal’s Message

Over the last few months, I have written on various topics in the hope that the articles may be of interest to you. I am always keen to know if there are topics of interest to you, that you would like me to write about, so please do not hesitate to let me know.

One of the challenges in raising children is helping them learn from their mistakes and to give them the opportunity to grow, to understand different ways to approach various situations, and sometimes to help them be accountable for the decisions they make. Like many schools, we too have had a number of students caught vaping on College grounds, and this is a great disappointment. In each of these situations, the parents were not even remotely aware of their child’s habit and were truly surprised. This only goes to show that young people can indeed hide things very well when they wish to do so. I know I did – and I suspect some parents may indeed have been equally as skilled!

In each of these situations, the parents were stunned that their child was vaping. I tell you this because if I had asked these parents the question ‘does your child use a vape?,’ I know the answer would be “No”, “Absolutely Not” and “Never”. These are not bad children, but truly lovely young people who are just making a number of poor decisions, and ones that can affect their health.

With this in front of mind, I ask all parents with children from Year 5-11 to please discuss this with their child. Vaping as a very dangerous practice for children, and sadly, these devices are marketed at children with their ‘youthful’ flavours. Young people can often just ‘give something a go’ because their friends do, and this is where some preparation may help them make better choices.

I ask you to please have this conversation with your child so that you are sure that they truly understand the dangers of vaping, and the very real consequences that can follow.

Our College must be a place of grace, one of understanding, and of forgiveness, but this does not translate to the acceptance or tolerance of poor behaviour. As parents, you rightfully expect a caring Christian environment for your children, one that maintains the highest of standards, and one in which children are kept safe, and we need your assistance in these matters.

Our College is stepping into tomorrow; we are walking a new path; one in which every child is known; one in which we all belong; and one in which you will never walk alone, but this must be through shared values and a commitment to engage as per our community’s expectations. I seek your help in helping us grow as a community, to serve each other and to ensure that in everything we do, we honour God.

Let our Praise to the Lord be louder than the unbelief; Let our Praise come from all of our being; Let our Praise be ever enduring.

Isiah 25: 1
Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.

Brian Grimes

Market Day Year 6

During Week 6 on Thursday 10th of November, the year 6 classes hosted a Market Day for the whole school. We discussed the idea at the end of term 3 and started planning for it from the beginning of this term. Lots of great thinking and learning went into coming up with ideas and meeting with groups to making sure it was viable. We sold popcorn, sushi, pizzas, lollies, drinks, fried rice, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and more. With donations from parents and support form the whole school community and of course great advertising by the students, it was a success! We were very humbled by the response and extremely proud of the children and thank all who made it possible.

Remembrance Day 11 November 2022

4 Topaz students made red poppies to wear to commemorate Remembrance Day. We discussed that the red poppy is a symbol of respect and camaraderie between the soldiers of all Allied nations.

Students wearing red poppies
Remembrance Day in front of flagpole
Weekly Scripture

3Q Cooking Show

In Literacy, 3Q have been learning how to write procedures. The students practiced writing many different types of procedures before creating their own recipe. Once they wrote their recipe, the students created a PowerPoint and prepared themselves to present their procedure in the 3Q Cooking Show. The students excitedly brought ingredients in to school and presented their episode of the cooking show. They had an awesome time and were excited to see all the marvellous creations.

Spinnaker Year 1-2

The Year 1 and 2 Spinnaker students have been learning about coding and giving directions through a maze. This week they used their LEGO mazes to code a mini figure through the maze with sequential steps. It was very tricky and sometimes the person ran into walls or became lost, but after fixing their code they managed to travel through the maze. The students had an awesome time and learnt valuable problem solving skills.

Spinnaker Year 3-4

The Year 3 and 4 Spinnaker students were introduced to an app called Tinkercad. This app was excellent for designing and creating 3D models. After completing several tutorials the students were given the task of designing a new playground that could be included into Bayside Christian College. There were lots of wonderful designs and at the end of the lesson they took an iPad out to behind G Block to AR the design into the school. It was very interesting to see how 3D shapes can be used to create everyday objects and next week the students will extend and develop their playgrounds further.

Spinnaker Year 5-6

The Year 5 and 6 Spinnaker students were introduced to an app called Tinkercad and were excited to explore the different functions of the app. They enjoyed completing the tutorials, although they discovered that reading instructions is very important as it is easy to get stuck. After learning how to use the 3D designer, the students were tasked with designing a marble roller coaster out of paper straws. They were asked to measure the length and width of a straw and to determine the width between two straws for the roller coast rails. Once the information was gathered they started to develop their designs on the app. This was incredibly challenging as each piece was measured and then needed to be positioned correctly. The students worked collaboratively to help each other improve their strategies for building. Next week, they will continue with their designs and then build a model using straws.

Science and Technology News

Year 7 STEAM

Year 7 STEAM students have been busy creating the candy dispensers and vending machines that they have designed this term. Students have gotten very creative with their designs and we have had some innovative prototypes being made.

Year 7 Science

Year 7 science students have been learning about simple machines. Their goal this term is to utilise these simple machines in the construction of a marble run. It has been great seeing all the unique and complex designs students have come up with.

Food and Nutrition

Senior Food and Nutrition students have been busy completing their first units as year 12 students. An important component of this subject is the hands-on cooking. This week the students have made cinnamon scrolls and banana bread.

PeaceWise 4 Quartz

A few weeks ago, students planted “seeds of peace” in 3 jars in 4 Quartz. Since then, we have watched our seeds of peace grow and develop into beautiful, thriving plants. We learned that if we plant seeds of peace in all aspects of our lives, that those seeds will grow and develop into gardens of peace where conflict is managed through Peace-Making strategies.

Maths 4 Quartz

This week in Maths, Four Quartz has been exploring the properties of Three-Dimensional shapes. The students used play-dough to create a series of 3D shapes and record the number of faces, edges, and vertices on each one. It was both a fun and sensory learning experience to further extend their understanding of 3D shapes.

Woodwork Students Collect Cans

Our year 9 Woodwork students have been collecting cans which they purchased at the Hervey Bay Woodcrafts Club workshop at 187 Bideford St Torquay, which we access on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We support the Woodwork shop by purchasing drinks they provide. Students learn about sustainability in the timber industry and want to carry that through with saving drink cans.We donated 100 cans to the School recycling hub. Students care about the environment we all live in.

Woodcrafts Club Christmas sale poster

Year 2 in the Garden

Over the last two weeks the Year Two students have been planting and watering a number of different fruits and vegetables. We have planted lettuce, strawberries, beans, tomatoes and beetroot. They are all growing as we continue to water them every single day now that the warm weather is coming. The children are enjoying seeing the plants grow! We are hoping that by the end of the school year that we will start seeing them fruit.

Movember – Bayside Beards

Six members of staff (Mr Glover, Mr Meyers, Mr Robinson, Mr Taylder, Mr DeWaard and Mr Menard) are participating in Movember this month. Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.

Bayside’s Motivation: We’re raising funds and awareness this Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives. We need your help. Please donate to the Movember fund raising page via the button below and support men’s health or send in a gold coin donation to the office where there will be 6 jars for your child to choose from. Many thanks, Mr Glover.


Movember Bayside Beards

Soccer is strong at Bayside

Since the last Newsletter it has come to light that we have not one, not two but 6 boys that have been chosen to go to West Ham United training camps in the United Kingdom next year. Our congratulations must go to Malakai Yeatman, Bo Hanley, Dorian Viljoen, Logan Sparks, Jake Hewitt and Lucas Mills for receiving call up letters recently. What an incredible achievement to have made it so far and what a great advert for Soccer at Bayside.

West Ham boys

Athletes in our midst…

Over the weekend, four of Bayside’s athletes travelled to Bundaberg to compete. Congratulation must go to them for doing Bayside proud. The results are as follows;

  • Dylan Mitchell placed 2nd overall in his Quadtathlon event (with a 2nd in the 100m, 800m, long jump and 4th in discus).
  • Jack Mitchell placed 1st overall in his Pentathlon event (with a 1st in the 100m, 800m, discus, 100m hurdles and 2nd in high jump).
  • Sophia Carza placed 4th overall in her Pentathlon event (with a 3rd in 800m, 5th in High Jump, 2nd in 80m Hurdles, 3rd in 100m and 5th in Shotput)
  • Ava Carza placed 1st overall in her Quadrathon event (3rd  in 800m and 1st in High Jump, 100m and Discus)
Jack and Mitchell Athletics

Year 1T Science

In Science, the Year 1T class is exploring the properties of materials.

They were given a task to create a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. They had to demonstrate why the properties of cooked spaghetti would not be suitable.

Students were placed into groups and all groups were given the same amount of spaghetti and marshmallows. Students were reminded that for safety and hygiene reasons, they were not to eat spaghetti or marshmallows. Their resilience was tested!

Students worked together in groups to design their tower. They incorporated a cooperative learning strategy and students completed a placemat with their ideas beforehand.

After constructing their spaghetti towers, students participated in a gallery walk where they moved silently around the room and observed other groups’ creations.