From our Principal

There was Jesus … Always is,  Always was.

We never walk alone

Recently, I found a beautiful song written by Zac Williams and Dolly Parton, called There was Jesus. I think my wife might be tired of hearing it over and over every day, but I find it so uplifting and when I am feeling troubled or sitting working through work challenges. It is a constant reminder that Jesus is there, always has been, always will be.

The lyrics are truly special and if you have not heard this song, I can truly recommend it to you. There are a few lines which have special meaning to me, and I would like to take a few minutes to discuss these. In the song Williams sings:

When the life I built came crashing to the ground

When the friends I had were nowhere to be found

I could not see it then but I can see it now

There was Jesus.

Without detailing too much of my personal story, I have been there. I have had times when I felt the life I knew came crashing to the ground, times when everything seemed to fall apart, and life unraveled all too quickly. Sadly, the time I needed my friends the most, they were nowhere to be found. One may say that maybe they had no idea what to say or how to help and so stayed away, but all I needed at the time was their support, their understanding, and an ear to listen. The reality is probably that I did not have the relationship with them that I thought I had.

Whatever the reason, the many people I counted as dear friends were nowhere to be found. To this day, their absence has caused much pain and disappointment. Thankfully, two close work colleagues and a parent I knew from my last school were there for me and they helped me as true friends, and I needed them.

Looking back on this time, I can see that Jesus was there with me. In the midst of the anxiety, frustration, disappointment and pain, I could not see it, but Jesus was there. In time, I felt His hand in my life in a way I never had before. The reality is that I probably had to fall to be truly open to Him and to listen to what He wanted from me. Jesus was there … Always is … Always was!

It is interesting that in times of great celebration, achievement, or fortune we often fail to thank God for our Blessings (and probably pat ourselves on the back for our wisdom or ability), and in times of despair, we feel alone, we sometimes turn away from Jesus, and we wonder why do you let this happen to me. I believe this is indeed human nature, but what would it be like if we thanked God for all we have each and every day, and in moments of despair, turn to Him, and say “Lord, I know you are with me, and I really need you now”. It is a very different position from which to talk to God.

For a great many years, I have felt that I have journeyed without feeling God’s presence, but when I needed him most, when I was in a state in which I was ready to listen, He was there. The reality is Jesus was there … Always is … Always was!

I pray that we all can keep our hearts and mind open to our Lord, and that we do not need to have our world crash to listen to Jesus.

God Bless you all.

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO
Bayside Christian College

Executive Summary Parent Surveys 2022

The following represents a summary of the major findings of the MYP Corporation Staff Culture Survey conducted in Term 1, 2022. Please click the button below to download the Executive Summary.

Bayside Bedtimes logo 795

Bayside Bedtimes now on School Website

Bayside Bedtimes is a series of bedtime stories read by many of our wonderful staff, students and even some celebrities! Since the launch, Bayside Bedtimes has proven to be very popular. You can now view all of the Bayside Betimes stories released so far, on our website via the button below.

A new bedtime story will be released every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, so grab your blanket, a pillow, a comfortable place, family and friends and tune in with your streaming device. Videos may also be downloaded for later viewing.

Alpha Poster 2022

Poetry Competition

For centuries the story of human civilisation has been told through song, literature and poetry. It shapes the way we view contemporary social, political, technological developments and human ingenuity have influenced our lives. It describes our folly, our weaknesses and our strengths. It provokes deep thought on our history, our current lives and our futures.

Bayside Christian College is calling all budding poets to write a poem about our College ……

A range of wonderful prizes will be on offer and the winning poems will be published in our annual year book.

Winners will be announced in August!

To enter, please click the button below (entries close 30 June).

Poetry Competition Poster
John 143 NIV
Prep Sneak Peek

Year 11 Biology

Year 11 Biology have recently been learning about transport systems in plants. To investigate how xylem work, students placed celery in food colouring, created their own slides and observed them under the microscope. Well done Year 11.

Year 11 Bio

A Tribute to Mums from Sunshine Kindy


Thank you to all our mums, grandmothers and special female carers who attended our informal Mother’s Breakfast and Play Mornings this week at Sunshine Kindy. Thank you for accomodating us into your busy schedules, and for sharing precious time with your children.

kindy mums

Spinnaker Year 1 and 2

We counted in two’s and learned about even and odd numbers. Counting with a partner.

We had counters and worked in groups to divide them between more and more people just like in the movie we watched about a knock on the door.

spinnaker yr1 2

Spinnaker Year 3 and 4

We played a game called Cat and Mouse. It is a game of chance and you must roll the dice and decide if it is odd or even. Next you move your counter to the arrow that says odd or even until you reach the cat or the cheese. We played 10 times and looked at the chance of winning and then we played another 10 games to see if it was still the same chance.

spinnaker yr3 4

Spinnaker Year 5 and 6

In Spinnaker, we recently did adding numbers to find pairs to make a certain number. There is different formulas for odd and even numbers. So for odd numbers, you would have a number than take away 1 to make it even. Then you would half the even number. Then add 1 more to have your final answer. For even numbers, you would have your number the half it and then add 1 more to create your final answer. That final answer would be how many pairs you could make in that number.

spinnaker yr5 6

Spinnaker Senior

In Spinnaker on Wednesday, we learnt about arithmagons and circle numbers. We learnt how to set up an arithmagon and how to solve missing numbers. After working with a few examples we created our own and challenged others to solve them.

spinnaker senior

3Q Science

Students in 3Q are learning about Space in Science and looking at the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon. Each night a student brings home the Moon Diary to record their observations of the moon and research what moon phase they can see. It is great fun sharing their scientific findings each day and they can’t for their turn to bring the diary home.

science 3q

Year 4 Science

Year 4 have been learning about forces through some fun games! We learnt about friction and gravity through Twister, gravity and momentum through dominoes, and momentum and energy transfer through marbles.

Science Forces 4Q
Science Forces 4Q 2

Year 11 and 2 Fashion

Year 11 and 12 Fashion students are studying environmentally friendly textiles this term. As part of their studies, they experimented with natural dyes made from plant matter. They tried red cabbage, saffron, berries, beetroot and celery leaves on both natural and synthetic fabrics. The saffron and berries on natural fabric (cotton) gave the best results, although not as vibrant as synthetic dyes.

fashion yr 11 12

Fraser Coast Careers Expo

On Wednesday 11 May the Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students visited the Fraser Coast Careers Expo at the Brolga Theatre and Convention Centre in Maryborough. The students explored and engaged directly with a wide range of exhibitors including employment, education and training industries who showcased opportunities regarding various career pathways on offer. This gave students an opportunity of what their future could hold for their senior schooling and post graduate pathways.

careers day
careers day 2

School Assembly Friday 6 May

Here are some photos of award recipients at last weeks asembly. Congratulations to all concerned!

assembly 6 may 2
assembly 6 may 1

Dance Eisteddfod 2022

What an incredible experience for Bayside Dance students.

Last week on May 5 and 6, we had two dance teams travel down to the Sunshine Coast and compete in the Dance Eisteddfod.

The year 9 team performed an upbeat Jazz routine that they have been preparing for in their dance elective class. They received 82/100 for their final score!

The auditioned dance team had only a few rehearsals before school on a Wednesday morning and they competed against some incredible teams in their contemporary section. They received 85/100 for their routine!

Please congratulate our dancers on the amazing work they achieved in such a short amount of time. Thank you to Miss Wendland for all her hard work choreographing the routines and thank you to Mr Glover and Miss Lawler for their involvement and support.

If you would like to see the performances, please click on the button below.

dance eisteddfod 2022 2
dance eisteddfod 2022 2

Bumper Sticker Competition Winner!

Alicia of Eli Waters is our Bumper Sticker Competition winner for this fortnight. The college will be in contact to present your prize of a $100 dinner voucher at Café Balaena. Congratulations!

Bumper Sticker Promo
prayer requests

Please send your prayer requests to A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

Year 5/6 Camp to QCCC Mapleton 26 – 29 April

Grades 5 and 6 went to Mapleton for school camp in week 2. School camp is a great way to meet new people, experience adventures and have lots of fun. It helps with independence and decision making. Camp was so much fun and was very enjoyable.

We did a lot of activities such as Giant Swing, Archery, Canoeing, Leap of Faith and much more. One of the best parts were being outside for most activities. Everyone worked as a team and it was a wonderful experience. It helped everybody with their confidence, team skills and resilience.

We are all very grateful for the new memories. Now we can use these skills everyday. Thank you to all the staff involved. Emily 6T

Camp was one of the best times of the year for me personally!! One of the most important and enjoyable parts was the opportunity to get to know others that you may not have spent much time with. We abseiled, rock climbed, canoed, worked as a team, sped down a flying fox, crate climbed, did orienteering and of course the leap of faith. This was where we climbed a telegraph pole high enough to give you vertigo and then actually jumped off by choice!!

It was an awesome experience to push everyone beyond their comfort zone, learn what we are capable of and overall have a tonne of fun together. It was of course challenging to do the activities, but to face your fear, believe in yourself and trust in other is a whole new level of achievement.

Now, lets not forget about the most important thing… THE FOOD!! From scrambled eggs, sausages and hash browns, to the amazing sausage rolls, spaghetti and fish and chips! The chefs made sure our bellies were always full. While it rained and rained and our clothes smelt like a swamp, we still had an awesome time, mud and all! Bring on camp 2023!! Lilly 6T



Last weekend Malakai and Cassius travelled to Mackay and played Soccer. They had an awesome time and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Credit must be given to them as before going to Mackay they were in Mappleton at the Grade 5/6 Camp. I’m sure they would have had a good sleep on the way back from Mackay.



Congratulations to Charlotte Knight for representing Hervey Bay in the senior 16s netball team at the Nissan Senior State Age carnival on the weekend.

netball charlotte

District Cross Country

Congratulations to the following students who achieved top three at the district cross country carnival held on Tuesday. Ben Barkely third place (10 years), Cale Sneath first place (13 years) and Cooper Dale first place (12 years). We wish these students the best of luck as they compete at the Wide Bay Regional Carnival in Gympie on 31 May.

cross country winners

PUFFS at Z-PAC Theatre

Noah Byrne in grade 9 has landed one of the lead roles in the up and coming Zpac Theatre production – Puffs. Well done Noah! Please support this local production and Noah. Get your tickets below.

PUFFS. For seven years a certain boy wizard went to Wizard School. This, however, is not his story. This is the story of The Puffs who just happened to be there too. PUFFS – a play for anyone who has never been destined to save the world.


4T PeaceWise Activity

As students had already grown plants at the end of Term 1 in Science, we looked back at photos of these and discussed the plant growth instead of growing seeds again – due to time. We then made up these 2 posters as a class.

Students in 4 Topaz investigated Topic 4 of PeaceWise Kids, learning that conflict can sometimes be not so bad after all! Conflict can give us 3 opportunities; to put God first, to be kind to others and to be more like Jesus. This week, 4 Topaz students reflected on how plants grow compared to how they (as unique human beings) have grown this year. Students growth included; being kinder to others, putting God first and learning how they can be a peacemaker when conflict arises.

For more information, please visit or email

Peacewise Activity 4T
Peacewise Activity 4T