A Word From our Principal

Principal of Bayside Christian College, Mr Brian Grimes, has a conversation with the Pastor Tim Eyschen of Fraser Coast Baptist Church.

Why do we hurt each other?

It is impossible to go through life without hurting others, but for the vast majority of people, there is no personal agenda, nor any intention to cause pain. Sadly, this is not always the case. Leaving aside specific psychological disorders, that often manifest themselves in such behaviours, why do some people intentionally seek to hurt others?

There are times that I sit and reflect on why someone has behaved poorly against another, to try and get some sense of where they are coming from, and what motivates their behaviour. Like many of us, I have come across people who claim to be someone they are not, whether for reasons of desiring acceptance, manipulation to get their own way or to achieve personal gain, or on some occasions from a more devious pretence of intending to cause harm. There have been times at which I have been quick to anger at such conduct and times in which I have felt the pain they intended, but with age, experience and a deeper understanding of what is truly important in life, I now often feel sorry for these individuals who seem to think that this is the only way for them to receive or achieve whatever it is they are seeking.

So why do people try to hurt others? For some it stems from their own inability to display empathy, to see the pain and destruction they have caused, and to recognise their part in all of this. This behaviour has its roots in a lack of emotional intelligence and understanding, and not through maliciousness.

Others have a deep-seated dislike of themselves, they see themselves as lesser of a person and this self-hatred can lead them to project these destructive feelings on others. This behaviour tends to project their own past experiences and does requires counselling assistance to help them resolve their feelings and emotions.

For others, they may have a personal agenda and seek to hurt others quite intentionally and deliberately, because they feel that they have been hurt, or let down themselves. It is very sad, but some people even try to elevate their own position or feelings of self-worth by hurting others.

So how do we respond to these behaviours?

There are times in which we should have a difficult conversation with someone to tell them how their behaviour impacts us, and how they are being perceived. This may indeed be all it needs to effect change. There are times however in which we have to reflect on what is truly important and whether we need to concern ourselves with the ills of others. It is interesting to note that we cannot control what others do or say, but we have absolute control over our response.

It is also helpful to remember the relationship we have with God in these matters:

Ephesians 4:31-32
Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Psalm 55:22
Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

Matthew 5:44
But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Romans 12:17
Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

The Word is very clear in how we are to respond to such people, and to remember we called to God’s way in all we do. We can indeed cast our burdens on our Lord and seek His support, sustenance, and grace. Forgive those who try to hurt us and remember that we always have the ability to control our responses. It is important to note that forgiveness does not negate accountability.

While we do need to educate our young people to grow up caring for all others, we also need to help our children know that people do not always behave the way they should, and to encourage them to understand this, and to seek the support of parents and teachers when this does occur.

With respect to behaving not as we would expect, young people often have a very distinct and separate online set of behaviours that manifest themselves due in part to the lack of personal connection when engaging online. It is very important that we teach young people that if they would not say something or do something in front of an adult, they probably should not do or say it online either.

Our children are growing up in a very different world from that in which we grew up in, and this means that what we would expect may indeed be different to reality. Ensuring devices are used in public spaces and children are not given unsupervised access to technology until they can demonstrate appropriate responsibility is important, as is having frequent discussions about online safety, bullying and the way we communicate.

Technology provides many wonderful opportunities and we just need to help our children navigate this world and its many challenges. I encourage all parents to talk to their children about these issues, and if needed, please seek guidance from our staff.

God Bless,

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO
Bayside Christian College

Enrol for Prep

Do you have a child starting Prep in 2023?

Enrolments have now opened and we are taking applications. To apply, please collect an Enrolment Application from Administration or alternatively download one from our web site here: Enrolments Form

If you have any questions, email Enrolments on enrolments@bayside.qld.edu.au

bayside baldies logo 795px

Who Wants to Shave Mr Grimes' Head? (and others!)

Please donate to the Bayside Baldies! For every $5 donation, students are in for a chance to shave Principal Mr Grimes’, Deputy Principal Mr Priaulx, Marketing Officer Mr Taylder, Chappy Josh, Secondary Teacher Mrs Taylor and 3T Teacher Mr Tubbs’ heads as part of our fundraising for the World’s Greatest Shave. Donate $10, get two chances, donate $50 get 10 chances! Please donate using the button below, leaving your child’s name. Winners will be drawn and given charge of clippers to shave the heads of our team members! Good luck and thank you!

The big shave will be split up over two days: Day 1 Friday 18 March at the College Assembly with Mr Priaulx, Chappy Josh and Mrs Taylor under the clippers. Day 2 Saturday 19 March 9am – 12 noon at Stocklands Shopping Centre will see Mr Grimes, Mr Taylder and Mr Tubbs under the clippers. They will also be joined by Councillor David Lee.

We have already raised nearly $3,000 of our $10,000 goal. Please donate to this very worthy cause. A big thanks to all those who have already donated! Good luck!

Bayside Baldies Flyer
bullying no way

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Friday March 18 is going to be a big day!

Not only do we have our Bayside Baldies Shaving for a Cure, but we are also observing the National Day of Action Against Violence and Bullying.

The theme for this year is ‘The Kindness Culture’.

Not only is kindness a fruit of the spirit, but we are asked to:

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”
Ephesians 4:32

Everyone is asked to wear something orange to commemorate the day, and the important messages that the day presents. Teachers are also asked to include National Day of Action Against Violence and Bullying activities.

A competition will be held to see which student and class can create the most ‘Informative and Visual Appealing’ poster related to the day and its messages.

We will also invite your class to present their ‘Orange Representative’ (the student who has gone ‘above and beyond’ to dress up) at assembly to help share the important message.

Please embrace and engage well with this important day. If you would like any support , please let me know.

Marissa Francis
Director of Positive Education and Wellbeing

Bumper Sticker Competition Winner!

Katie of Eli Waters is our second winner of the Bumper Sticker Competition. The college will be in contact to handover your prize of a $100 dinner voucher at Café Balaena. Congratulations!

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Reminder to Register for the Bumper Sticker Competition

Please don’t forget to register for the Bumper Sticker Competition so if your vehicle is spotted with a bumper sticker attached, we know who to give the prize to!

prayer requests

Please send your prayer requests to wellbeing@bayside.qld.edu.au. A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

Psalm 23:3-4 NIV

Secondary Swimming Carnival

Our annual secondary swimming carnival held on Wednesday March 9 was a fun, competitive and enjoyable day for all students and staff. We battled the humid conditions to compete for house points. The competitive races demonstrated true sportsmanship and talent with some incredible wins. The novelty races allowed all students and staff to join in the fun and earn points for their house.

Congratulations to all the students who achieved age champion and runners up. The district swimming carnival will be held on Monday March 21 from 12:30pm. A consent to go email will be sent out soon and students notified what races they will be participating in. 

Swimming Carnival Champions 2022

13 years girls

Age Champion Lily Davis
Runner Up Amelia Tulk

13 years boys

Age Champion Hugo Lucas

14 years girls

Age Champion Izzy Martiensen 
Runner Up Andy-Lee Clyde

14 years boys

Age Champion Dyshart Morgan
Runner Up Rory Sloan

15 years girls

Age Champion Savannah Ernst

15 years boys

Age Champion Harper Dresens
Runner Up James Hartog

16 years girls

Age Champion Charlotte Knight
Runner Up Narrah Murphy

16 years boys

Age Champion Noah Corfe-Keller

17 years girls

Age Champion Sharni Regan
Runner Up Bella Ditton

17 years boys

Age Champion Brandon Greentree
Runner Up Joey Burke

18 years boys

Age Champion Joel Bracken


Place Points House
4th  456 Burrows
3rd  512 Stace
2nd  679 Johnson
1st  911 Chisholm


Congratulations to Chisholm for winning the secondary swimming carnival!

Here are a few photos, the complete photo album will be on our website next week.

Swimming Carnival
Swimming Carnival
Swimming Carnival
MSP logo

Revised date: One day only Tuesday 22 March 2022

School Photo Day is fast approaching! In the past, our College has set aside two days for photographs to occur. This year is a little different in that ALL student photographs will be taken on a single day, Tuesday 22 March. This week MSP Photography envelopes will be distributed to students for your consideration. Please ask your child if their envelope is in their school bag and note particularly both the return date on the envelope and payment process.

Remember: School Photographs are only scheduled for one day – Tuesday 22 March.

BCC Photographs Schedule FINAL v2

Year 2 Literacy

A group of Year 2 students worked with Mrs Carter to improve their sentence writing and how to edit their own work. They dressed up as mini writing doctors to perform a checkup on some sentence patients and were able to perform first aid. The students had lots of fun and are looking forward to extending their understanding.

Year 2 Literacy

Year 3 Verbs

3Q have been learning about Verbs and after grooving to their favourite verb song they created some Super Vicky Verbs and Super Victor Verbs. They were able to tell the difference between action and being verbs and could identify these in their writing.

Year 3 Verbs
Multisport winners


Students at multisport have been learning about the critical skills involved in transitioning between bike riding and running. They have practised controlling their bikes while weaving between cones and worked in teams to complete activities. We have students from prep to grade 10 attending and encourage any student interested in an afternoon of fun, exercise and team skills to come along Wednesday 3.15-4.15pm.  Congratulations to Joshua and Jessica for winning our weekly prizes.

Congratulations to Cooper Dale, Tyler Mulhall, Rory Sloan and Noah Corfe-Keller, who competed in the Queensland State School triathlon in Hervey Bay last week. A wonderful achievement and we are very proud of you. All students are currently involved in the school multisport squad training up to three times per week.

U12 Cooper Dale 1st

U16 Rory Sloan 1st

U10 Sophie France 2nd


Multisport Nutrition

Year 7 Multisport students had a guest speaker Rebecca from BMEE who is a qualified dietitian. She presented a lesson about the importance of healthy eating and the effects nutrition can have on the body during exercise and recovery. Nutrition education is a vital part of a comprehensive health education program and empowers children with knowledge and skills to make healthy food and beverage choices.

Multisport Nutrition


CONGRATULATIONS to Fletcher Cox for being selected to represent the Hervey Bay district in the Wide Bay trials for AFL. Unfortunately, he just missed out on being selected in the wide bay team but displayed an impressive effort during his trials. Well done, Fletcher. 

Fletcher Cox


Grade 4s are currently exploring Cricket and the finer details of the game in PE. We have a Queensland Junior Coach helping with this and everyone’s having a great time. Yesterday we continued perfecting the finer art of bowling as well as running between the wickets. It’s great to see all enjoying themselves.


Primary Athletics

Recently the Primary athletics afterschool activity had their third practice of the term. After working on the individual aspects of throwing for the past two weeks we put all of it together and threw Vortex. It was great to see improvement from all and that everyone enjoyed themselves. 


Handball House Competition for Staff

House competition week 6 was for staff. An incredible turn out with some intense competition for points. Burrows took the win followed by Chisholm, Stace and Johnson. Thank you to all the staff for participating and demonstrating great fun and sportsmanship.

Belinda France

Open Women’s Oztag State Cup

In October 2021, Belinda France, the College Head of Health and Physical Education, was selected to play in the Open Women’s Oztag State Cup Team to represent Hervey Bay on Friday the March 18 to Sunday March 20. We congratulate Mrs France and wish her the best for the tournament.


3Q Showcase Slippery Slope Work

3Q students learned how to identify conflict, to use The Slippery Slope to see how people respond, and produced their own rendition of the Slippery Slope. Importantly, students learn to slow down during conflict, to think things through, and how the way we chose to respond impacts others and the situation.

We’re excited to be taking our students on a Biblical journey to become life-long peace-makers.

For more information, please visit PeaceWiseKids or email Marissa.francis@bayside.qld.edu.au

slippery slop 3Q
Pizza day 2022
Learning Curve wk5 2022

Year 12 Food and Nutrition

Year 12 Food and Nutrition are studying the science of Carbohydrates, focusing on making pastry. They are becoming professional pie makers.


Years 9/10 Food Tech have been focusing on breakfast cookery this term. They have looked at all sorts of egg cookery as well as the nutrition of eggs and cereals.