A Word From our Principal

The new Principal of Bayside Christian College, Mr Brian Grimes, shares his thoughts and prayers and welcomes students, parents, families and staff to the new School Year 2022.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome all to another year at Bayside Christian College. The start of the year has brought a new range of challenges, and one that has divided people, caused much fear, confusion and concern. It is these times when we need to unite as Australians, to understand the challenges and respect everyone’s rights. Sadly, as we know, this is not always shown by our leaders, and as such we are called to pray for them, for wisdom, compassion, and for them to listen to the Word of God.

Every generation has faced their own challenges, fears and uncertainties, and what we know, is that God has always provided His help, whether it be directly from His Grace or through the hands of His people. This is a comforting and reassuring thought but not one that should allow us to become complacent or indeed not accept the knowledge we are given

The start of a new school year is a time when I reflect on why I chose to be a teacher, and right now, I am reflecting on this and my reasons for accepting the role of Principal at Bayside Christian College. I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the finest educators I believe we have in Australia, and schools which are truly dedicated to the very best opportunities for young people.

What I have missed however in my career and the thing I have been searching for is to work in an environment, in which we know God, one in which Christ is truly welcomed and alive in the community, and one in which staff, parents and students are open to God’s Word. Working in a Christian school is not only about teaching and being open to God’s Word, but also about working with people who feel truly called to educating and supporting young people, and those who have a common basis in faith – a genuine basis for their work and ministry.

One of the great failings in education, is the growing pressure, red-tape, compliance and demands on schools, which not only re-directs much needed funds to these purposes but also takes teachers away from what they do best – teaching. These administrative and compliance pressures are indeed important to a degree, but over compliance has the result of burdening staff, and this in turn can affect their motivation and ability to achieve all they are asked to do.

It is when such pressures challenge people’s thinking that we come to a pressure point and ask ourselves “why do I do this?” Over my 30+ year career, 15 of those as a Principal, I have heard staff ask that very question many times. Sadly, the response is more often than not, “I need to work … I need the job”. This is not a position based in the roots of an inner mission, purpose or calling, and is not one that enables us to remain focussed on what is truly important.

In a Christian school, we have come together because of the core beliefs we share, the values we have, and our communal faith in Christ. In my opinion, this brings an undeniable calling, mission and inner purpose that guides us, gives us strength, and sustains us. Our staff, are strengthened by these common values and our shared faith, and I hope this is the reason that has brought you to our College.

In all that we do, we are asked to be our very best self, to take the lead, to be ethical, and to keep God’s plan in mind. Our conviction is indeed tested during times of challenge and stress, and we are tempted to lash out, treat others poorly as a result of our issues and frustrations, or even threaten others to get our own way. Such behaviour is not helpful or constructive to solving issues and I truly hope that all in our community will accept that staff are here to support and help families, and they are to be respected for the tremendous job they do. Respect is something that should be afforded to every person whether we agree or disagree with their views.

Education is a genuine partnership between families and the College, and when we are not on the same page, working together, the only person that suffers is the child. As a College, as educators and as parents we all have a common goal, we all want the best for EVERY child, and when we accept this fact and come to a problem with this mindset, we have a solid foundation to build from.

I recognise that parents have many stresses and demands on them, and that time is often a luxury that is very limited. In saying that however, I ask that you please read the weekly College Newsletter so you may stay informed of important issues, be aware of the direction of the College, educational matters and issues that affect young people. I will try to address these many issues in my weekly writing to you and trust you will find these of interest.

I ask for your prayers for our community, for all members of staff and for every family. May we all commit to supporting and caring for each other, and may we be reminded of God’s message in Matthew 25: 40:

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

It is not about us, and this is so often forgotten. We are called to ‘welcome the stranger’ and ‘practice hospitality’, to be compassionate, merciful, and caring to all, not just those we are in agreement with or like.

Lord, help us to see the opportunities you give us to care for others. Make us generous in compassion and care as we live each moment today. Amen.

Brian Grimes
Principal/ CEO
Bayside Christian College

Consent2Go Parent App now Available

We are really excited to advise the Parent Consent2Go App is now available in both the Apple and Google stores. Please see the parent registration guide to get you started.

Some important points. 

  1. Parents must have completed their first profile update prior to registering for the App, (so new parents will need to do this – existing parents will be fine)
  2. Parents who share an email address will not be able to use the App (each parent must have a unique email address). The fix is to add a new email address for one of the parents.
prayer requests

Please send your prayer requests to wellbeing@bayside.qld.edu.au. A note to parents: these requests will be put on SEQTA notices for students and families to pray about.

Scripture week 4

Duke of Edinburgh International Award for Years 10-12

Duke of Edinburgh Award Logo 1080px

Bayside Christian College is pleased to announce our continued involvement in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (The Duke of Ed). The Duke of Ed is an exciting development program that provides young people the opportunity to accept challenges and explore their interests in a program tailored to suit personal circumstances and choices. The Award is both fun and challenging and helps participants’ aged 14-24 build confidence and resilience.

Successful completion of The Duke of Ed during years 10 to 12 will contribute credit towards a student’s Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and is increasingly being recognised by potential employers.

There are three levels of The Duke of Ed – Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve these Awards, participants will complete an Adventurous Journey and regularly commit to three ongoing sections: learning a Skill, participating in a community Voluntary Service and taking part in Physical Recreation.

We are strongly committed to assisting our young people to achieve success and grow as a person through these programs. As Award Leaders we are available to answer any questions or concerns about the program.

We are looking forward to guiding our young people towards achieving their potential through this highly reputable and internationally recognised Award program.

Further information, price and weekly club details to follow for students wishing to sign up for the award.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award Leaders:

Ms Trudy Webster trudy.webster@bayside.qld.edu.au

Mrs Shelley Baldwin shelley.baldwin@bayside.qld.edu.au

Futsal Champions

Futsal Champions Chosen to Play Overseas!

Our two Bayside Christain College Futsal champions, Malakai and Lucas are doing extremely well in their sport! Here’s an update:

Malakai was selected for and attended the National Club Futsal Tournament recently held in Brisbane. Five states (Qld, Vic, ACT, NSW & Tas) were represented in a number of teams playing.

Malakai was in the U9 Qld Country team, and played a few games for the U10s as well.

His team played extremely well against some very tough teams. Malakai and his U9 team made it to the quarter finals against an ACT team that took the win.

Malakai was selected as an ‘AllStar’ which is a huge achievement and honour. Coaches and officials can nominate up to 4 players from other teams and the top 10 players in each age group at the tournament (those with the most nominations) form the AllStar team. His AllStar team is made up of players from all across Australia – 2 goalies and 8 field players chosen out of approx 110 players for his age.

A few days after the tournament, Malakai received a letter saying his outstanding performance at the National titles was recognised by National selectors and he was offered a position on the team to be an Australian representative at the Sardina Futsal Cup in Italy! We are beyond proud of Malakai and these achievements and know that given time he will be heading off to play in these tournaments.

There is a Regional Futsal Titles tournament in April and Malakai has been asked by both Qld Country and SW Qld teams to play for them! So he is now being approached by other selectors to play for their teams, which is exciting for him!

In addition, Malakai was invited to attend a four day training camp for Soccer through Westham United. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed due to the Covid outbreaks in the Gold Coast but it is an ‘invitation only’ training camp with selectors and trainers from London looking for talented players. Selected players will be given an opportunity to go on tour to train and play in the UK.

Lucas was selected to play in the National Futsal Club Championships recently (mid January, U10s). Based upon his performance at these championships, he has been chosen by National selectors to represent Australia in the 11 year old boys team, which will be held in Hawaii in Nov/Dec 2022. We are extremely proud of Lucas and this achievement.

U12s Girls Touch Rep Team and Athletics

Yet another Champion from Bayside Christain College! Sophia has made the U12s Girls Touch Rep State Team the second year in a row and is very excited.

Sophia will also be competing in Gladstone mid-February for Little Athletics and this event is a state qualifier, she has qualified and competed in LAQ state for the last two years so we hope she has a successful outcome.

Well done Sophia!

Sport Dates Term 1 2022

Please contact Belinda France: belinda.france@bayside.qld.edu.au for more information.

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