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Vol. 3, Issue 4, 1 April 2021

A Message from our Deputy Principal

Bayside Rituals – ‘The Tree of Knowledge’ and Bayside Bus Duty!

Tree of Knowledge

As a latecomer to Bayside Christian College, barely 15 months into my tenure, I cannot recall who I first overheard referring to that lovely, large, probably eucalypt tree (help this Pom please, budding arborists and botanists – Aussies just seem to refer to everything larger than a shrub by the generic catch-all term, ‘a gum tree!’) at the front of our College as ‘The Tree of Knowledge’, but it totally fits.

Little did I know until now, preparing to write this opening to our Newsletter, that the original Tree of Knowledge, a 200-year-old ghost gum, occupied pride of place in the forecourt of Barcaldine Railway Station, until it was mysteriously poisoned, and died, in 2006. The venerable tree had provided a shady location for many meetings in the early days of the movement towards organised trade unions in Australia, in the mid- to late-1880s. In 1891, the leaders of the Shearers’ Strike met under its sturdy boughs and in 1892 a document was read that formed the manifesto for what was later to become the Australian Labor Party.

Our Tree of Knowledge has a lot to live up to, clearly, but it is still very much alive; and while Bayside Christian College has its own roots far less deeply-embedded than the Australian Labor Party, our tree is already a focus for a ritual that holds a special place in my heart.

Every afternoon, hundreds of youngsters and dozens of staff, students and parents meet and greet one another between about 3:00 and 3:30 pm as the journey home commences.

Whatever the uniform code that day, the scene is always punctuated by those scintillating hi-vis vests of pink, yellow and orange worn by not just the one or two duty staff but as many as, when I counted this Thursday, 10 other teachers and TAs.

The tableau could not be more symbolic of the devotion our staff display every day to our youngsters. Those 10, and sometimes more, ‘extras’ are not there because they are obliged to be, but because they choose to enjoy the company of their class and family representatives, to chat in a relaxed manner about the events of the day and yes, make sure the lambs of their Bayside flock are safely guided home. If the original Tree of Knowledge was famous as a focus for political activism, our tree witnesses, every school day, compassion, commitment and love. Who knows, perhaps one day, well into the future, the Bayside Tree of Knowledge will have its own special place in Australian history?

busy tree of knowledge 2

Ground-breaking Ceremony Newspaper Article

The Hervey Bay Advertiser newspaper ran a story on our recent Ground Breaking Ceremony in their 25 March 2021 edition. If you haven’t seen the printed edition, you can view it online here:

How to view our online Photo Albums

At Bayside Christian College our students are involved in all manner of events and activities. Their teachers are very passionate about photographing these important events, thus contributing to a pictorial history of the college for future generations to view. Our marketing team select and edit these photographs and post them online to the college Facebook page and/or external online image portfolio albums.

These online photo albums maybe viewed by navigating the Bayside Christian College website’s main menu. On our website, click News & Events/Event Photos/Photo Album 1 or 2.

Or simply click here: Photo Album 1 or Photo Album 2

Events Album

Easter Break

Teachers and staff at Bayside Christian College wish all of our parents, caregivers, students and families a blessed and joyous Easter.

“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.” – John 11:25-26

Easter message

Junior Rugby League

Early Thursday mornings the Prep to Year 6 rugby league students come down to the oval to learn football techniques from Mr Carter. They enjoy learning ball skills, passing, kicking and even the correct tackling technique. At the end of the day, they get to play a game and practise their new skills.

Junior Rugby League 3
Junior Rugby League 4up

Adventure Warriors

Some photos of the Adventure Warriors completing their task in making ornaments for the Prep Fairy garden.

Adventure Warriors 1
Adventure Warriors 3
Adventure Warriors 4 up

Touch Footy Team

The Gala Day Touch football team had a great day competing against schools from across the district. It was a warm day and the team played well together, offering each other support on and off the field. They gained a great confidence boost after winning their first game 13 to nil, and went on to win all four games. This was due to the efforts of all team members, with some proving to be star scorers and others being great taggers. What shone through at every game was their sportsmanship. Well done team!

touch footy

Bayside Division 2 Gala Day Netball

The Bayside Division 2 Gala Day Netball team visited the Fraser Coast Sports and Recreation Precinct to compete against Kawungan, Yarrilee, Pialba and Sandy Straight State Schools.

The team enhanced their Netball problem-solving and decision-making skills, demonstrated wonderful teamwork and camaraderie as well as great communication, while representing Bayside Christian College with pride.

The team also remained undefeated throughout the day! Amazing effort to all; Let’s go Bayside, let’s go!

BCC billboard
netball 2up
netball 3

Bayside Christian College Runners

Bayside Christian College runners group at Parkrun Saturday mornings at 7am. Everyone is welcome to join,  and just $10 to purchase a team singlet. Hope to see you there!

Park run

Food and Nutrition Excursion Year 11

Earlier this month, the Year 11 Food and Nutrition class went on an excursion to Kawungan Quality Meats. Dale (owner) showed us around their range of products and demonstrated breaking down a chicken into its prime cuts. He demonstrated how they make some of the value-added products like chicken mignon. We got to see pork and lamb being broken down and packaged. Students are required to develop a line-extension product for the butchery for their current assessment task.

chicken prep

4 Topaz Easter Activities

4 Topaz completed some Easter themed activities last Friday. We made some crosses explaining the Easter story and why we celebrate this special time. We also worked in teams to build catapults and then had a competition to see which group’s egg could travel the furthest.

4 Topaz Easter Activities

Developing Skills and Competencies

Positive Education involves intentionally and explicitly teaching young people how to develop the skills and competencies to grow their brain’s abilities, called the cognitive domain while at the same time teaching them how to acquire the skills of social-emotional resilience, called the non-cognitive domain so that they can live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

skill and competencies

Term 1 Awards Parade

Click on the photo below to view photos taken at the Term 1 Awards Parade.

Term 1 awards parade

Parenting ‘Faith in the Home’  Free Zoom Session

Run by Pastor Tracy Valentine, QB Kids & Families Ministry Leader:

  • Unpack why faith in the home is important
  • Explore the influence of modern parents
  • Empower parents to use their opportunities – without it being overwhelming
  • For parents from birth to teens
  • Equip parents to pray and talk with their kids
  • Understand the main issues for modern kids

Interested? Simply, complete the following Google docs form to find out more:

Faith in Home

Elders Swim Centre

Elders easter holidays