Bayside Buddies Website Competition — WIN PIZZA!

Where are our Bayside Buddies hiding?

Our Bayside Buddies will be available for our students to borrow from Wednesday 26 October. What are Bayside Buddies? Our Bayside Buddies consist of seven stuffed toys that can borrowed from our Library and taken with our students on holidays or to special events. Our Buddies will come with a Passport where students can share photos and information on some of the special moments they have shared with their special friend.

Scroll down for competition information.

Say hello to:

Bubbles the wombat
Daisy the crocodile
Flippy the turtle
Fraser the dingo
Lovey the cockatoo
Mimi the platypus
Snuffle the echidna

To be in the draw for the prize, all you need do is look through our new website and find all seven of our Bayside Buddies (this page not counted!). Once you have found the individual pages our Buddies are on, list the pages and fill out your name and email address on the entry form:

This competition is open to residents of the Hervey Bay and Maryborough areas.

Closing date: Thursday 3 November 2022

Winner drawn at random from correct entries: Friday 4 November 2022

Prize: $50 worth of pizza delivered by one of our staff members