About our College

What We Stand For

  • The delivery of student-centred, creative and engaging education of the highest standard, founded in a Christian worldview.
  • Nurturing the future, through the holistic development of our young people.
  • The development of 21st century learners through the utilisation of Internet Communications Technology.
  • The utilisation of current best-practice teaching methods and strategies, which are data-driven and empirically proven.
  • Education founded in positive supportive partnerships between College staff, students, families and the community.
  • All students have the right to learn, free of interference or harassment.
  • All teachers have the right to teach, free of interference or harassment.
  • All students have the ability to succeed, given the appropriate learning resources and conditions.
  • All students can become active, informed and effective 21st Century citizens through their learning experiences.
  • Holistic education seeks to understand the individual student to facilitate academic learning within the school community.

We are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Small enough to care, yet big enough to excel. We are providing an environment that is rigorous, authentic, inclusive and collaborative.

Our teachers identify a students critical needs in order to help them grow and succeed. We are committed to ensuring that our students develop into confident, articulate and happy learners.

Importantly while we continue to grow and enhance our current College site, we will see the addition of arguably one of the country’s most innovative, state of the art Senior Colleges commencing as a 21st Century addition from 2021.

We hope you and your children will become part of our Bayside family and experience all our community and it’s amazing facilities have to offer.


Teaching the Professionals of Tomorrow

Bayside Christian College families cherish the caring, safe and nurturing environment of the Kindergarten. When children and their families join the our School community they feel valued, respected and cared for, both by dedicated staff and also other families.

A successful start to a child’s education is critical in establishing strong foundations for learning.

The desire of Bayside Christian College is to equip students for a lifetime of purpose and engagement. We want our students to recognise and develop a passion for life and utilise the gifts and abilities that God has given them.

YEAR 7 — 12
The Senior School is dedicated to creating an environment that prepares our graduates to be respected leaders of the future. We value diversity and recognise that leadership is not reserved for students with tertiary academic aspirations. Our senior students are prepared for the workforce through a range of opportunities, including our growing Vocational Education prospectus, our personalised academic programs, community service and volunteer programmes as well as extra curricular and mission opportunities.

Young Prep students
Bayside girls