Years 4-6

The aim of our Junior School is to provide every opportunity for each student to achieve excellence in their education, while encouraging and supporting them to discover their God-given gifts and realise that God has a purpose for each of their lives.

The curriculum is delivered by passionate teachers and trained teacher’s aides who find joy each day in the achievements and successes of every one of their students.

Each classroom is air-conditioned to ensure a comfortable learning environment for each student all year round.

The Years 5 and 6 students are included in the College’s Personal Device Program, in which they all receive an iPad (on loan) to assist with their work in the classroom and at home. This program is seen as an important part of developing the students’ ability to become active citizens in our ever-changing, modern world.

The College encourages all students to become life-long learners, with the ability to grow from each and every situation that they encounter throughout their lives. We support the notion that it takes a village to raise a child and take pride in having the opportunity to play a part in assisting every student to become a well-rounded, caring individual with integrity, self-confidence, respect and moral courage.

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